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Sleepy Killer

Had the Insominiac penality, and the perks Strong, Tough, Melee, Eagle Eye, and Trapping. Had made my way to the DMZ, got myself a nice new monkey wrench, and went off to raise some funds. About 20 hexes to the northwest, found some town hexes to loot, and a whole bunch of frail and barefoot looters running around. I introduced a few of them to my monkey wrench, but mostly ignored them in favor of looting.

Night fell, and I was quite Weary. Moved a couple hexes away to a forrest hex with nothing in it, set up some alarms for safety, took a sleeping pill to rest through the night, hid myself, and went to sleep. About halfway through the night, I wake up to find four humanoid corpse in my hex, along with a bunch of boots, t-shirts, jeans, and other minor junk.

I like to think I beat them all to death without even waking up.

I guess the 4 people argued who should searched your sleeping yet defenseless body for loot....guess they all wanted to. But never did. lol

They laugh as they cracked my head wide open...but now...who's laughing now? Just me, cuz they have no head to laugh with.
*Meat Cleaver fells apart...*

You problably fart a lot while you sleep. Which such hefty flatulences you should perhaps visit a clinic.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

My guess is that your sleeping pill prevented you from hearing your traps going off.
They even had a fight-to-death party in your square.