Weight distribution frame for backpacks

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Weight distribution frame for backpacks

Well, I saw my dad's ALICE pack, and it had a metal frame. So, I figured Why could Phillip make/loot one?

it would obviously increase the amount of weight He can carry (not the inventory space), and the recipe would probably go something like this

x1 mechanic skill
x1 Yukon backpack
x2 Long, stiff rods(long branch/crowbar)(to form the outer supports)
x2 medium stiff rods (to connect those two)
x4 medium string /x8 small string /x8 cloth (clean or dirty) (to keep the supportive frame together)

It would obviously be very VERY flimsy, as string isn't exactly the best bonding agent, unless there is some other thing like duct tape/something else.

A metal version could be looted, which could possibly allow you to carry slightly more weight, and be much more durable (professionally made and designed anything is usually better than some POS some guy made with duct tape and bailing wire.)

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Why not, it seems to be useful and interesting idea, without negatively affectig the balance. I would keep the basic, improvised version made with strings, cloth etc as a mechanic-less recipe, while proper, metal frame would require certain expertise.

A mechanic version wouldn't be metal; making a metal frame would require Welding materials, which would be damn near impossible to get outside of the DMC. (and let's not even mention maintaining it) A mechanic version would probably be threaded through some holes in the wood, and some "screws" (small parts) Could be used to attach it.
Of course, with just a multi-tool and some screws it'd take forever, probably a whole day. and you can't really do it at night, so you'd need lighting if you're doing it outside somewhere with light.
You would probably craft it like

support element with one hole, and that would take a move.
Then support element with two holes, another move.
Do that with the other one.
then thread the two smaller, adjoining elements, and that would be a move
Then you start screwing them in. With actual tools the whole process would be just like a regular craft. with just a multi-tool and some screws you would have to make a hole just large enough to fit the screw, then screw it in A move for each screw (four)., this would obviously be a very time consuming, and laborious project, and you would be very focused on what you are doing, leaving you vulnerable (of course, noise traps can help.)

The mechanic version would be more durable, but less than the metal one, and help you carry as much as the makeshift one does.

The metal one would be it's own lootable/buyable backpack, like the yukon, and it would be 9x9 instead of 10x10.

It could be the Norton "Fox" Metal framed backpack (see what I did there)

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I did a quick Google research on how those things could/should actually look like and if they are hard to make. And it seems it's not as problematic as I imagined.

Improvised frame - should be not a big problem for anyone to make:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

More "permanent" frames (both wooden and metal) - still look pretty simple: an old chair + some straps and screws:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

So adding "improvised" and "mechanic-made" variants could make sense and would not break balance I guess. And if we want to roll with the idea, a professional trekking backpack already with light-weight aluminum frame could be a rare treasure as well.

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Huh. Didn't know that.
I really just made it up on the spot.

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A larger hiking backpack and/or vests with pouches sounds nice.