[v0.976b] Removing loaded shopping cart ADDS weight?

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[v0.976b] Removing loaded shopping cart ADDS weight?

My character's almost ready to faint, and my shopping cart's loaded with bags that are loaded with boxes that are loaded with junk (4-layer container chain). I let go of the cart so that I can get an extra turn next round, and I observe myself feeling HEAVIER. I'm reasonably sure that I should feel lighter...

The download below is my save file:

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This is actually a flaw/limitation in the way vehicles work. When equipped, they increase the weight limit that you can carry. When you unequip them later, your carry limit returns to it's original (lower) limit.

Since the stat bar only shows you your carried load vs. your carry limit, increasing the limit makes your apparent load go down, while decreasing the limit does the opposite.

Ideally, the vehicle would just reduce the weight/impact of items put inside it, rather than making you superhuman. However, that's a bit outside what the current system is capable of.

Let me know if that helps!

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That gives me an idea: a hidden "Vehicle Load" stat? Part of its value is then calculated into the player's Load stat, with reductions dependent on the vehicle type (e.g., travois/awkward sled reduction < strung sled < box cart/shopping cart).

With vehicles limited by weight instead of slots, this would also allow the player to carry guns in shopping carts?

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I think being burdened should increase movement costs instead of reducing the number of moves. For example, a 25% increase instead of a 1 move penalty. The movement cost for a specific hex tile should be displayed when moving the cursor on it.

The current system is useless anyway, just put down all heavy stuff before ending a turn and you start the next turn without penalty and can pick up the stuff again.

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How about making the shopping cart it's own entity, and give it a carrying capacity, and an it's own inventory.
This could remove the need for a complicated increase/decrease in stats.

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