FYI About 0.975t beta download windows (and others?)

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FYI About 0.975t beta download windows (and others?)

The image link for the windows download is for an older version of the beta. The text link is the correct version though.

One would assume they should be the same version. Just letting you know.

Hey greenmikey,

Thanks for the tip! That was actually intentional, but maybe not clear. I wanted players to be able to get the 0.974b versions as well as the 0.975t, in case the 0.975t version turned out to have any critical bugs. Usually, once the test version is proven safe, I remove the text links and just update the buttons to point to the test build (or a newer build).

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Maybe those should get their own button with a label 'Bleeding edge of development test version' or something like that? It could prevent confusion.