[v0.972t] Bugs and issues

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[v0.972t] Bugs and issues

Recipes bugs:
- (mentioned elsewhere) some quick recipes don't work (but some do)
- can craft 1x medium string by using 3x medium string
- can craft Shiv from Glass Shard and: Dead Squirrel or (!) Medium Campfire

- can re-use tool that dropped to 0% condition while crafting by manually moving it from crafting products back to components - allows multiple uses of a single broken Glass Shard/Shiv

- all items held in hand drop on the ground while sleeping - is it intended or side effect of adding Surrender options?
- as mentioned elsewhere, only left shoes can be found
- water purifies 3 droplets at a time now (which is a good thing) but now the Empty Can is way better than a Sauce Pan - does the same thing but weights way less, takes less space and does not degrade in time (also can store small parts or such item inside, making it reality take only two grids of space)
- Binoculars and Scope (with string) go over the Amulet, in the neck slot - two items in same slot might be a bit confusing to some people
- cannot just smash the Glass Bottle to get Shards (by using the bottle alone in crafting for example)
- maybe it was only my luck, but there seem to be a awful many pairs of jeans lying around nowadays
- Stones are a bit small :D - could be 1x2 or 2x2 to make them stand out from Pebbles more
- cannot put items into Plastic Shopping Bag by dropping them on it (like with Backpack or clothing pockets), have to take in in your hand and put them into grid manually

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Should've posted this here rather than the news comments; I don't know if this is a bug, but I've been noticing that a lot of raiders and bandits seem to charge right at me from a range of ~15, then as soon as they get into melee range they offer surrender.

And I hope that being able to wear multiple items on the neck slot isn't a bug, I do it all the time wearing sunglasses + camera/binoculars when I go hiking.

Another thing, when I crafted a broad spear using my pocket knife the reverse craft only gave me a shard back and no pocket knife.

Thanks for gathering the bug info here, guys! I'll start working on these, and hopefully, I can get 0.972b stable enough for a full update.

Some comments and questions:
-can craft shiv from dead squirrel or campfire: I'll definitely fix the campfire. The dead squirrel, though an accident, I might leave as-is. It's not ideal, but for a weapon that's going to break in 1-2 hits anyway, maybe it's ok? I got a chuckle from the mental image, at any rate :)

- items in hands drop to ground when sleeping. This is an accident, though maybe worth leaving. One benefit of leaving it is that sleeping creatures will be unarmed if ambushed, unless awakened outside of melee range.

- neck slot stacking. I originally had multiple neck slots, but UI space was getting tight. I'm hoping that the stacking on the torso serves as a tutorial for slots like the neck/ring (if ring ever gets used).

- lots of jeans loot. My early tests yielded a fair number of jeans as well. I'll definitely look into this.

- AI charging then surrendering. I'll have to look into this.

I'll look into those others. Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The quickrecipe for noise trap didn't work for me given standard string/parts/soup can ingredients. Adding the ingredients manually worked.

In the same recipe, I found the ordering of results a bit unintuitive. I added a can, a stack of string, and a stack of parts to the crafting screen. The first recipe to come up was medium string. Not sure that much can be done with this, but it might be good if the output box can shoot for recipes that use the most distinct components first (since the user probably didn't just add extra items into the box for the fun of it).

A couple quirks I found with loot tables:
- Lighters seem to be very scarce. Could be intentional, but as an example my game that lasted 6 days didn't see a single lighter.
- Nano medkits on the other hand seemed to be plentiful. I think I found 3 in one day once.
- I generally had a hard time getting initial loot from near the cryo center. Most of my characters died within the first day or so due to hypothermia because I couldn't find a shirt.

Good build - I like it. I'll try to find more bugs.

Recipes bugs:
- crowbar with string cant be separeted on crowbar and string
- binocular + string = crowbar with string! (amazing)
- cant make bark tea
- cant make binoculars with string
- cant make halves of binoculars

- crowbar with string didnt work in scavenging.
- sometimes my charecter moves on the next hex without movement (picture moved, but the game think that player is on previous hex)
- Raider with rifle and four round in it charged to me... I was very surprised to see the bullets in his rifle.

- too many big branches is geathering from the wood source (three every time is way too many)
- Make some meat from humans poisonous sometimes (they eat poisonous berries and mushrooms) and let the medic see the real condition of the meat (is it safe to eat or not). It will prevent canibalism (with it game is too easy) and will make players haunt on animals.

P.S Found many rightfoot boots during my gameplay. And it is not hard to survive in the first day - just make noise when you scavenge, summon dogman, kill it wit a rock and make a good coat - it is simple =).

- after saving and exiting, upon load a previously unknown recipes are showing on "Known recipes" list (crude arrows of both types and a shopping cart showed after my last save/load)

Two more little crafting bugs:
- making small campfire by friction as a trapper uses two medium shafts as a tools but gives back three as a result
- reverse crafting a strapped plastic sled (sled + 2x medium string) gives 6 small string and no sled at all

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Every time I offered surrendered to a group of bandits, a Merga Wraith would spawn. There also seems to be a lot of bandits. Every time I encounter one, two more would appear, and they would all usually surrender.

~The Pirate

The Wraith spawning is not a bug actually,

Spoiler: Highlight to view
as he always shows up first time you take off your amulet

And surrendering means that they are taking away your stuff, so you have one additional problem to worry about...

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Wow, I just realized that I've never

Spoiler: Highlight to view
taken off the amulet before

I guess if bandits think they can sell it for a nice price at the junk shop, then they'll take it.

~The Pirate

I think this is a bug but cabins in the woods seem to give forest tile loot instead of cabin in the woods loot :/

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Not sure if bug, but I managed to survive for 24 days without finding a single bullet from scavenging.

@Dan, dropping the weapons while sleeping causes the attackers to pick them up before combat starts, leaving you unarmed, even though they're far from your position. This seems unrealistic, unfair, and I found it rather annoying that both my weapons would be tossed on the ground when I went to sleep.

Perhaps items carried by hands could be dropped to the campsite instead of the ground. Assuming that NPCs can't loot from the campsite.

~The Pirate

I'm almost 100% positive that they can grab stuff from the camp as well. But if that weren't the case, it would be a better alternative, even though if one chooses to sleep in the cryo facility there isn't much room for weapons.

Happened to me yesterday...

Went to sleep in a campsite of a burned out office building. Placed a noise trap and a sleeping bag 'inside' the camp area and saw the benefit these 2 items gave me. I went to sleep... and awoke to find a corpse on the ground, my sleeping bag gone, and a raider attacking me. (The raider had no shoes or weapons, and surrendered when he got in range)

The sleeping bag and noise trap vanished. Dead body was also perplexing.

Lots of issues here! Sounds like I have my work cut out for me :)

@N1z0ku, that's an interesting observation about the dropped items while sleeping. It's possible that it might be slightly better if they're dropped in camp (in cases where the camp has some concealment). However, maybe I need to rethink this.

@Stopple, I had to chuckle when I read this. It sounds like an episode of a crime scene show. If I had to guess, you were probably being looted by one or more creatures during your sleep before the raider showed up, who then engaged the would-be looters in combat. One of said looters (e.g. melonheads, or literally "looters") was killed, and his buddies decided to run, carrying off one or more of your items. The raider decides to stick around to loot stuff/murder you, and you wake up from the noise.

I'd cue David Caruso and The Who, but I can't think of an appropriate witticism.

Thanks for taking the time to list bugs and feedback as you go!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

so you are implying they stole my sleeping bag.. while i was in it? ... these thieves are good :-)

Not a bad thing, but I just noticed that reverse crafting a noise trap will sometimes refill the can with soup.

Prescription drugs seem to have a really low value compared to their non-prescription counterparts, shouldn't this be the other way around?

That drug price difference is a result of a identification system incorporated some time ago: most characters don't know what those drugs exactly are so the price is lower. Character with Medic skill can identify them correctly and get a better price (with non-prescription drugs we assume that its something very common and well known).

Same goes with firearms - players with Ranged skill can identify if the rounds are FMJ or SP and what is the model of a gun, while non-specialist will get only "some bullets" and "a rifle" instead, worth less because of that.

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Ah right, well I guess passive identification had to have some kind of downside.

When scavenging you can't use crowbar with string

Is anyone else able to craft arrows of any kind? Ammo of all kinds seems to be next to non-existent in my game, and only seems to spawn on bandits and the like, lol...

Also, we're not supposed to be able to put a filled sled inside a shopping cart, are we?

I Played a few games to see if I could help out.

-Each play through I could not ignite a "Quality Torch" on fire, untested with "Crude Torch". Anyone else having this issue?

-I noticed a high amount of sleds and box carts. This made my games very easy as I could put sleds in my cart for backup. Maybe they should degrade faster? I haven't found the need to make my own, they are EVERYWHERE!

I'm pretty sure I was able to use night vision goggles for scavenging even with a dead battery.

Confirmed, I had a pair of nearly broken NV-goggles in my vehicle inventory, with no battery in it, and I could still use them just fine for scavenging.

I cant seem to craft any type of arrow and also, the auto crafting is almost always broken.



Can't seem to figure out how to make a flexible stick, may be doing something wrong on my part though.

A tree branch has a flexible stick property. However it was reported as a bug and acknowledged by dcfedor that all arrows recipes are bugged. For now, we have to wait for a new build to fix that.

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Ah I see. Well thanks for the reply, I can't wait until it's fixed. I have a compound bow but now arrows! :P

Is it supposed to be possible to craft a crude bow? I tried all the combinations of items+skills that I could think of, but it never appeared in the list of craftables.

I have encountered two possible bugs:

  • If i throw a makeshift spear ( sharpened spear ) the combat log says i "hit x with a punch"
  • Lighting an unlit quality torch with a lighter turns it into a lit crude torch


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Shacks in forests seems worthless to loot, mostly containing no loot at all (A few pebbles, a t-shirt, worthless junk really at most). I know these were giving a big amount of items before, but they're simply a waste of moves to search now.
Only ranged weapons I find is off of NPCs, same goes for ammo, be it arrow or bullet.
Many scavenge points seems to yield no loot at all, even with loot bar fully green.
Also, there's too few scavenge points it seems, now that drops are adjusted, too many green useless fields designed to kill me at day 1, because I can't find a town/shack/whatever in time and freeze to death (I play with Myopia, always), and sometimes even if I do I can't find anything in them.
My opinion is that drop rates are horrible right now, and forces you to fight for survival (literally), which of course is impossible if you're not strong/tough/melee, or have a bow with the ranged skill and lots of space between you and your target(s) (+Tough, of course, otherwise you'll die at first flurry landed on you.)
Which reminds me, could some adjustment be made to melee/ranged? Without the melee or ranged skill combat seems to be impossible, simply because you'll end up missing 50 - 70% of the time, which seems a bit unrealistic, especially if your target is prone and vulnerable. I don't mean for non-combat characters to be able to fight like a veteran, but this is ridiculous.

I might just be spewing hate here, but it kinda pisses me off that everything seems so luck-based at the moment.

- Isotope Mine encounter: A nanorobot medical kit and a refill appear as options to "Tell Bob You Can't Help" (had these items in with me).
- Only left shoes (yes, triple checked it), except next to a human corpse, but I can wear two left shoes.
- Can't find any cigarette lighters

Edit: Found my first lighter.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

- Combining a binocular with a medium thread yields a crowbar with strap.
- Using the Hiding skill at the beginning of the isotope mine encounter terminates or resets it ( same goes for the "greeting" option ).


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I have the following conditions withput a reason:
-Warmed by campfire
-Minor pain (-1 move)
-Using sleeping bag
-Artificial light
Not even prescription painkillers help against the pain. Getting these conditions worked as intended, but I can't get rid of them anymore.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Could that be a known bug I heard about some time ago which stacked conditions like those you mentioned when saving/loading in a camp?


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Yes, but I thought it was fixed.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

-Recipe for shotgun with sling is named ".308 rifle with sling"

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

- Recipe for cured medium meat over campfire is named cured small meat over campfire.
- My character forgets recipes, for example pure water x3 (boiled) and noise trap, which I definitely used already. They were probably replaced by new ones.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Ok, I think I've got most of these fixed now (a few survived the 0.973 batch of fixes).

@Malacodor, looks like this was a mistake on my part. I fixed only part of the bug, which made it work sometimes. I was able to repro this bug today, and managed to get it working. Turns out there was not only a bug in the save/load, but also in the way crafting gets ingredients when a camp was recently added (e.g. the cryo exam room), resulting in some weird situations.

Anyway, I think I'll head over to the 0.973 bug list now. Thanks again, guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games