Need Help With Starting a Game (of my own! :D )

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Need Help With Starting a Game (of my own! :D )

Hi everyone.

I've been thinking a while now about making a 2D game. I don't think i will be making it too graphically intense, but I do think I will require a lot of scripting/coding. You see, my problem is, I would probably call myself 'nearly code illiterate'. I know next to none in coding but would love to get into it. I actually remember emailing Dan about what Neo-Scavenger ran on. I don't know if I should use Flash/ActionScript. I have a Mac, which probably limits me a fair bit (yep, the school I'm at gave us Macs...). So, I was wondering - where exactly should I start? Considering i've never done something like this before, I think it will be something small - maybe not even a game. I hear Python is good, but Unity is a no (because it has limited 2D capabilities). I'm unsure if I will be learning anything in extensive detail in my Information Software and Technology class, I doubt I will, seeing as I have only been doing things like webpage design. I'm sorry that I'm writing so much, but I'm really excited that it is possible for me to get into this kind of thing. I hope you guys can come up with something, it seems me Googling hasn't really gone anywhere. Thanks in advance for any help. I would GREATLY appreciate anything.

Thanks once again,

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Maybe you should try an existing "game-making platform" that does not need you to learn to code. Just to test your ideas and resolve first. Try something like Stencyl - looks like it's easy and fast to learn and can give visible effects quickly but is as far as I know simplistic. It is free and works on Mac.

And if you don't need to be too modern, you can try RPG Maker XP - it's a bit old and default graphics set is jRPG style, but it can do miracles if you want to make an adventure/RPG game without spending couple of years learning how to code - couple of weeks doing tutorials will get you going (and there's a big amount of tutorials and all sorts of additional stuff to be found). It is however a Windows only as far as I know - but you might try a win emulator or something.

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Thanks for the reply Kaaven, will do.

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if you need a starting platform for a shooter game you should use Raycasting Game Maker,if i re-call it has a script ready for you.


so hows the game coming?


I'm interested in this too. I'm sure Dan is working very hard in doing it alone, so it's no walk in the park. But the fact that someone CAN go it alone is encouraging.

I've search a little on the internet, but apart from lengthy and expensive courses I've not been able to find information on how to make a 2D game similar to FTL or NEO Scavenger.

What experience do I have? None. But everyone starts somewhere.

What package/platform would I have to obtain? Is it something to do with Flash? What must I learn, and what path of education would must suit the goal of making a game (that is, ideally self taught using online resources)?

These are the questions I need answers to. Anyone know, and is there a website or link that would be helpful?

To make my own game, or to join with other developers would be quite interesting I'd say, and the potential of receiving crowd-funding once a presentable-enough product can be shown means you can actually work full-time on the game and still eat.

first of all it depends on how you want the game to be(design,AI based,that sort of stuff)
second.start small(no need to rush,in most scenarios rushing only leads to bad development)
third.start basic(starting with something high like high design can be good but leads to bugs in development)'s up to you to choose a platform but I suggest writing and drawing it out first(this way you can get better feedback from others without having them download).


Hey Guys!

I don't haunt this neck of the forums often, but I happened to stumble across this thread. Since I was due for a new post on my blog about indie game development, I figured I'd talk a bit about the questions asked here:

I try to avoid prescribing hard rules, as there's no right answer when choosing a development platform, language, etc. Instead, I try to point out some of the same sources other indies use for tutorials and tools. That, and the most important ingredient: persistence :)

Hope it helps!

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i was reading that posted link and one thing came to my mind when i saw *Pixelprospector*,i played some of the prospector games and that brought me to a game called SS13,popular and not so popular game,it's fun but addicting if played enough(i played enough),but that brought me to a youtube channel that was show casing NS(N.E.O scavenger).
It's actually a long story(you got the short version)


try game maker studio or construct 2
a lot of successful indie games have been made with game maker..

i myself am using construct 2 because i just hate coding (and u don't need to code anything in c2, but have some basic understanding of logic and a bit of math might help).. gets u results fast and has a great community.. if u dig into it it can do pretty much anything u want..

So, I've been away for a bit, been going through a bit of a rough patch in my life at the moment.

Anyway, so hi! I've come up with a few early concepts and sketchups of the gameplay and storytelling methods. So, I've decided to use Adobe AIR SDK (After reading a recent news post on the mainpage) but still need to pick what my game will run on (An engine - I think it is called - when speaking about flash) e.g. Flixel, Citrus etc.

It's pretty much just going to be a top-down RPG, with some detailed storytelling (story that molds around every little thing you do) and some detailed miscellaneous stuff (hopefully like Dwarf Fortress, Darkwood and NeoScavenger, all from which I am taking much inspiration from). Combat wise I'm looking for an engine that supports mouse-controls (Most do I think) and one that will be able to support a detailed damage model (limbs, organs etc.). I would also like to add some physics (flying limbs maybe? Yes... flying limbs). It's turned out to be less of a 'small' test and more of (perhaps time-consuming way of making life feel more purposeful for myself) a long-term project.

Some pretty much it's down to:
Any other suggestions would be much appreciated!

Keep up the good work Dan.
Sorry for my poor organisation of my words in this post, I'm fairly tired.
(Thanks for all the suggestions by the way :) )

As I always say, thanks in advance to any who reply

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