Download of game file interrupted

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Download of game file interrupted

Recently, I was unable to find NEO Scavenger on my HDD. 'No biggie', I thought and proceeded to the closed beta page to download the game again. Here's the issue - despite about 15 attempts made over a span of few hours, the download of windows offline version was interrupted after few MB. I do believe that at that time my connection was working well as I was able to do other things in the background and even load online version of the game at the same time without problem - all while maintaining roughly constant download speed till the very moment that my browser regarded the file as downloaded (just with it being, say, 13 MB of corrupted archive).

Given that, as mentioned above, I can still play the game upon accessing the page it's nothing serious but as sometimes I'd like to do so during times I have no net access - it is still a bother. Using managers like FlashGet which would resume download after interruptions is also impossible as - login and password provided or not - apparently the site blocks such as not even 1 kB gets downloaded and soon the whole sessions is marked as failed.

Tried to re-download, just to check. First download stopped at 23.5 MB, non-openable of course, while second try downloaded full file. Problem here is, the same exact thing happened to me when I first downloaded this build two days ago - it did stop at 23.5 MB back then on first try as well.

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Hm, I'm actually seeing the same behavior. I don't remember that happening before, so I wonder if this might've been a change to the server config. I've put in a ticket with my webhost, to see if they can advise.

In the meantime, feel free to use the Desura request link alongside the downloads. It should allow you to download the game from Desura rather than here, which should sidestep the issue. The process is manual, so I tend to check for new requests each evening.

Sorry for the download issues, and hopefully we'll have them resolved soon!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if the situation seems improved to you today or not? Part of the issue may have been related to slow downloads, which caused the connection to close before the file finished downloading. Last night, I was lucky to get 70KB/s while downloading the game from the site, which is unusually slow.

This morning, it's closer to 300KB/s, and I was able to get the file in the first try.

I'm not sure if it's related, but I fixed a few bugs in the website last night that caused extra connections every time a page was loaded, so perhaps that optimization helped alleviate server strain. I may need to do more, though.

In any case, it's something I need to keep an eye on. Let me know if it gives you any more grief!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Unfortunately, my situation remains unchanged - everything loads fine, online version of the game can be turned on relatively quickly and without any issues but download of the zip file abruptly stops after a bit, almost like if there would be some time limit of few minutes per download.

I tried to download NS couple of times today and that's what I've got:

Only two landed complete and all were around 70-90 Kb/s.

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I just came here because i thought neo scavenger looked like a fun game. However, i've tried thrice to download only to have the file download interrupted. I also see that there's a several business day delay for downloading via desura, so here i am down several bucks with nothing to show for it :(

Download is only at 32 KB/s

The web version of the game doesn't load as well.

Crap. I was hoping I found a fix for it, too. I'm speaking with my webhost again, to see if there is anything else we can tweak. They say that the server has lots of room to breathe, so it doesn't seem like it's an overload problem. But I'm not sure what else could be throttling the download speeds like that.

Thanks for trying, guys. Having these data points will hopefully help me track down what's going on.

@Pwntheon, I apologize for the issues today. This isn't normal, obviously, and I'm trying to find a fix. I'll run the Desura key batch right after this, so your request gets handled asap.

Again, sorry folks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Just wanted to share some info.

I ran some tests downloading from the site, and downloading to my local computer is showing slow speeds like you guys. ~30-70KB/s. However, if I have Desura download the file from, the download happens quickly. ~1.5MB/s.

So slow downloads appear to be an issue with our ISPs, not the server.

That said, there's another problem which is causing the broken file downloads: socket timeouts. As my webhost described it:

"There is a cleanup script where if a socket appears to be dead, then it's closes the socket. If it's an active connection then when it hits the socket timeout, then it re-spawns and starts the counter over."

Since the beta downloads are protected files, requiring an authorized user, I think the respawned connection may be lacking credentials, so the download just stops. Or at least, that's my going theory.

So at the moment, slow internet connections are running into this problem, but it becomes invisible with faster internet connections (like when I tested in the early morning today).

I'm currently looking into ways to either increase that socket timeout, or make sure the respawned connection can still access the protected file.

I'll post more info here if I find anything.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for replying quickly. My network speed at home is very fast, so that can't be the problem. However, i tried downloading at work now and it worked just fine.

Gonna try at home later.

Thanks for your patience :)

It could be a case of your ISP bandwidth throttling during certain hours. Ostensibly, I have a fast internet connection too (2.5MB/s), but it seemed to get really slow (30KB/s) last night at 6pm-12am, local time. Downloading from to a remote site (Desura) remained fast, though, so I know the server was delivering faster than my local downloads suggested.

At any rate, I'm still looking into ways to ensure the download completes for slow connections. More than a few folks have run into this, as evidenced by this thread, so I need to come up with something that works for those cases.

Thanks again for your patience!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I think I've found a different way to serve the files for download, which might bypass the timeout. And if not, it should theoretically support pause/resume, and possibly even multi-part downloads.

In plain English, I'm hoping this new link format will avoid the corrupted download issues.

If you visit the beta page now, you should see "Alternate Link" below each of the platform download buttons. These link to the same files, but using a different method. If the download button for your desired platform doesn't work, give the "Alternate Link" a shot.

Also, please let me know here if it worked or not. Either way, that'll tell me useful info. If it works, maybe I'll just change the main links to use this new format. If not, I can remove the alternates and look for something else.


Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Works. Thanks.

Didn't try Desura yet (need to get over my dislike of making an account at the thing just for one game), but I report that I felt no difference between alternate and regular zip file downloads on this site, unfortunately, no matter if at lower speed of day or double that during the night - the download of the file is still interrupted - though in the latter cases it's closer to the end then in former so maybe with a couple (dozen) of more tries, I'd manage to get it downloaded.

I think I'll just either settle for online version and after few days I'll try again.

Thanks for following up, guys. I ran into the same issues last night during my nightly bad internet connection, so my alternate links are falling into the same trap.

There's one other solution I think I've found, so I'm going to try to get that running today. I'll post back here if I can get that working.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Ok, I've just made a change to the way the "Alternate" download links work, if anyone wants to give them a shot. So far, my downloads are working @100KB/s, but the real test is when the 6pm congestion hits and my connection drops to 30KB/s.

Dare I say it? I'm hopeful :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

OK, downloaded win's alternate file six times in a row without a fail (still around 80-90Kb/s). Seems to be working right now :D

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YES! Thanks for testing that out, and posting the results. I'm getting similar success here at about 50KB/s, even with the 38MB Mac Yukon edition, so that's a good sign.

I'm going to leave the "Alternate" links as-is overnight, and if nothing blows up, I'll probably just make those alternates the main links.

If anyone runs into issues using the "Alternate" links, be sure to let me know.

Thanks again for your patience and help, everyone!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Can confirm, alternate download works at last. Thank you.

Excellent, thanks for letting me know. It took a few days, but hopefully that should make the service better for everyone. I appreciate your patience as I figured things out!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games