Combining items?

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Combining items?

I realize this is a pretty early build, so maybe the game doesn't have full functionality yet, but I can't seem to figure out how items combine. For example, I have the gun, the scope and the shoulder strap, and I put them in the combine area yet I can't seem to figure out to actually put them together. Am I missing something or is this just not in the game yet?

Solaris32 had a similar comment, so you're not alone in trying to figure it out. I wanted to provide more hints in-game about crafting (like the random newspaper headlines, only for crafting), it just fell down the priority list during launch.You've got the right idea, just missing a couple ingredients. Here are a few examples:

  • Rifle + scope + strap + multitool + 2 small parts = scoped, strapped rifle
  • Rifle + scope + multitool + 1 small part = scoped rifle
  • Water purification pills + water = purified water
  • Twig + branch + lighter = campfire (can also use newspaper instead of twig)
  • Mushroom + botany skill = identified mushroom (some poison, some edible)

Like I said, it's my fault for not getting around to the hints yet. But hopefully that should get you started!(Oh, and I'm open to suggestions if the recipes seem too rigorous. E.g. if the scope + rifle shouldn't need small parts and tools to assemble)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I don't have a problem with the complexity of the crafting recipes, I think it's cool! The problem is that needing said small part is not intuitive at all. I would never have guessed that. I go in depth about explaining stuff in one of my threads.

Actually, I did end up figuring out the campfire (even if I was unsure how it was "used". Just resting at the hex you're at?), but I don't know if I would have figured out the gun without your "recipe". Most games I've played have a far simpler weapon mod or crafting system wherein you just combine the two items, i.e. scope + rifle, without the need for tools.Anyway, knowing now that you can just dump things in the crafting area and see if you get something, it really opens it up for experimentation, rather than just assuming you need scope + rifle to make a scoped rifle.I mostly like how the game functions now, even though there are a few things that are a bit unintuitive and maybe some things are a bit too click-y. If you want extra feedback, I'd be happy to play a few more times and lay my thoughts out in a separate post when I get home this evening or tomorrow afternoon on my day off.

I have to respond to this, being something of a firearms enthusiast.Zeroing a scope on a rifle (making sure the bullet lands where you aim it) usually requires between 20-30 rounds fired at a stable target, from a stable bench rest.Mounting a scope to a rifle requires that the rifle have a pre-existing rail interface of some kind, and the scope have both a scope mount and scope rings. The Scope Graphic seems to have both of these, and considering this is a Hunting Rifle, it should have a rail interface already. With the explosion of MIL-STD 1913 rail accessories in recent years, I would be shocked to see a .308 Rifle in the "future" that didn't have a pre-existing scope rail, and if it didn't have one, you're simply not going to machine one in without a machine shop. Most rifles - especially hunting rifles - have sling attachment points built in. This is an especially popular feature on AR-15-type rifles, but most hunting rifles - if they don't already have sling loops, then they have sling loop attachment points. It should NOT take a scrap part to attach either of these accessories - if you have to resort to scrap parts to mount a scope, the scope just plain isn't going to hold any kind of Zero. If you need scrap parts to make some kind of attachment to MacGuyver the sling on there, the sling will fall off just from marching around.

Canned soup and a bottle of hootch.

Sounds like the crafting system is salvageable, then. Or maybe "scavengable"? Eh? Sorry :PBut yeah, needs some UI or workflow love to be more intuitive. I've had some good suggestions for improvements so far, and I'm always open to more!Plus, somebody unloaded a bunch of votes on the crafting system feature this morning, so maybe I'll make that my afternoon task. I may not get it all done, but hopefully I can get some useful tweaks finished and uploaded tonight!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I managed to figure out the rifle mods by myself, but it never occured to me to drag the "skills" into the crafting area, because they were on a different screen.  It seemed like you should be able to identify plants with Botany, but I never would have figured it out on my own.  I like the idea of having to identify things, but there needs to be something telling the player that draging skills to the crafting window is possible.  Better yet, have small versions of the craftable skills show up directly in the crafting area so you don't have to go to another window to grab them.

I figured out you could drag abilities to the crafting window for the purposes of identifying mushrooms and berries, which is neat, but there's two things that are a bit clunky about it.1. As you say, having the abilities available on the same screen as the crafting window would save a lot of needless clicks. Now you have to go to abilities, click on the ability, go back to items and then put the ability into the crafting window. That's four clicks for something that should take one. There should be a sidebar in the crafting area that shows valid skills when placing items in the crafting box.2. As far as I can tell you can only do one item at a time and then you need to repeat the process. I was IDing mushrooms the other day and I put a stack of 5 in the crafting window and I had to go through the same steps 5 times to ID each mushroom in the stack. That's the type of UI issue that will keep people from playing the game. Tedious, unnecessary clicking is the surest way to turn off a lot of gamers.

Perhaps a relevant skill could display a hint when you have most of the components, for example:

  • Rifle + scope + multitool

*The scoped rifle wont hold together, one small part would be enough.* Wasn't exactly a hint but at least the player isn't resorting to a wiki.

I haStill not sure which combo makes the Lockpick despite having the skill and recipe and trying several attempts with different things.