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Diner suggestion thread

I just wanted to make this because the diner only has 3 meals at this point, but Dan has the ability to make my mouth water by describing the food. So just put what foods you would like to see added to the diner.

I want to see Chicken pot pie add because a side from the chicken its mostly vegetables hell most of the time the chicken is barely noticeable. The pie should be a heavy meal with good nutrition.

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Depends on whether meals have effects besides simply filling the hunger bar.

If nutrients ever give additional bonuses, I'd like a healthy option:

- Fruit smoothy and bowl of oatmeal with fruit topping.

The way Dan describes food makes it sound like it's the most amazing thing in the world. (But since it's like a post apocalypse food really IS a amazing thing...)

So food I would like!
Peaches, pies, pancakes, bacon and eggs, noodles (like ramen or something), steak, cheese (because cheese is freaking amazing)

I agree with all the above points. Dan really outdoes himself with food descriptions. I don't know what kind of priority the diner has but at some point I'd like to see:

1. Additional post-meal food options aka desserts.
2. Additional main course options that restore more hunger and thirst. I understand that you can just buy another meal but what a pain in the butt! The Cadillac burger just doesn't restore enough on it's own sometimes. A corresponding price increase would be appropriate. One thing I don't want to distract from is the great medical options over at the clinic. $183 for a full nutritional restoration is, in my opinion, completely fair.
3. Some kind of special temporary bonus for eating a well-cooked, delicious meal. Maybe a "Well-Cooked Meal" 'trait' that gives a slight reduction in the hunger deterioration rate? Something to differentiate an injection with actual meals.
4. Obviously, plots.
5. Different kinds of restaurants. In my opinion a diner is the BEST kind of eatery you could have picked from, but long term down the road I'd like to see more places to eat. The unfortunate thing about eating in this game is that it's such a simple matter that it's not about what you're eating as much as it is how filling it is and how much it costs. I wish I could think of a way to provide each type of food with some kind of unique impact on the player.

The Cadillac burger just doesn't restore enough on it's own sometimes.

It is related to discussion about balancing food values and subsequent balancing of it by Dan. Consider sending him a note to look at balance of dinner's menu and it's effects too! Having a decent meal with a bit more upped 'filling value' would also practically result in the same thing that your point 3 leads to, without the need of adding another trait.

The only three things I'd like expanded about diner are development in case of not paying, allowing one to settle debt with time or through some alternative tasks and to turn it into more generic stereotype bar where one can get some info, check out rumours on the street, find some job or someone skilled to tackle some job for the player.. and just order something to drink/eat (drinks and food being separate and coming in sets).

The third one is kind of connected to Ultima's fifth point. I would like some alternative place to eat, though I actually consider diner to be middle-tier of eatery (decent but very common and for common people - in real, high-class restaurants you have to reserve a seat, the decor is usually a bit more luxurious and no 4 or 5 star restaurant will offer fast food like the burger in their menu, even if it is great, quality food the way they could make one). Making it a bar and offering alternative, posh, even if not overly practical place where one for exorbitant prices could get the best stuff (in overtly modest portions) and catch a glance/be able to meet with higher corporate executives and other important people would be good.

Enriched Cake. Perfect, lovely, sweet and moist.

LOL Now I want this added XD

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=O !

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