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QoL Changes Suggestions

Really, I only have one at the moment, but I think it would increase gameplay quality with the defaulting of combat, scavenging, and dialogue options to be "take" instead of click & drop.

This way, combat could be much speedier, and less frustrating when accidentally moving combat options and switching them with each other when trying to scavenge or participate in dialogue.

Feel free to add to it!

Edit: Also, maybe changing forest and river tiles to scavenge/loot instead of crafting objects.

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mcfroogle: re-implement "tast bar" in a much smaller size to toggle different approaches to inventory management (move/consume/take/destroy/etc)
UltimaVirus: Support drag-and-drop movement instead of click-and-drop
orbitneo: Sort crafting menu by item type; remove auto-organization after crafting; stack water on ground
Kaaven: remove inclusion of clothing and worn/equipped items from crafting materials

Yeah that could be pretty useful and speed up fights quite alot.

I was thinking also alot of people are complaining about the lack of a task bar, how about if they added a little bar (the size of the (missing)scavenge button maybe) where you can select the type instead of them using the hotkeys, that way there are both in the game. And this bar could just be in one of the corners or something.

Whoa, that's a good idea. I never even thought about that! Then if you need to drag something you should maybe HOLD a button to do it? THAT would be amazing!!

Good thinking!

It would appear your using sarcasm on the internet? don't. it doesn't work. and I think you seem to be missing my point I KNOW there are hotkeys and I KNOW it used to be a task bar. what I'm saying is HAVE BOTH although instead of a bar the width of the screen have a small button split into 4 so some people (who prefured the taskbar) can click the buttons (to toggle the effect) instead of using the available hotkeys.

I wasn't being sarcastic... but not only that I wasnt even replying to your post.

Apologies new to this forum style (the position of replies and such) :-)

No big deal.

Good suggestion. There are lots of little changes I would make to inventory and menus.

- I wish the crafting menu sorted items by type. In the ingredients tab, my Skills are jumbled in an endless sea of water drops and junk from my pack. Maybe there is a way to force skills at the top? Or maybe a separate tab for only for item "on the ground" + skills so I can choose whether I want to craft from my pack or from only things I take out of my pack.

- Please don't auto drag/organize any items after crafting. Instead, let me decide where my items go, most likely they are going right back into the crafting window (I don't want them lost in my massive two-page inventory nightmare).

- Please stack water while it's on the ground (but not when it's on a bottle). This would help organize the window.

And maybe don't add clothes player wear/items equipped to crafting materials. Last time I played, I accidentally went Hulk Hogan on shirt I was wearing, when making some additional rags from items on the ground (cause they all look the same and are by no means sorted). Just assume that if I want to craft something from my equipment I have to put it down/take off first.

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There is also a bug where if you have an item in your pants or jacket, but accidentally break it down into rags, the item will be lost forever. I found this out the really, really hard way and do not recommend it. I'll have to check the bugs forum later to see if it's been written up.

It has been repaired in build from yesterday, crafting with container does not destroy it's contents - it was most visible when adding scopes/slings to rifle and loosing ammo inside.

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Good to know, thanks!

A Destroy All button (with some way to confirm the choice) would be nice to have. Having to clear space, item by tiny item, in frequently visited loot sites gets really tedious after a while

I'd prefer a trash-can where you can drag item stacks, because you'd still have a chance to change your mind.

Plus, there could be a chance to find more loot thrown away by bandits. An old banana peels.

Another idea
In right-click menu for items that can contain anything, "Empty" option should be added
That would move any item out of container into location inventory
This would streamline inventory management a bit

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

This already is in the game...

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