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Known Bugs (old)

Edit - I've unstickied this thread as it was getting quite old, long, and triggering tons of notification emails. I'll start up a new thread for known issues as of the current build.

Many of you suggested a list of known bugs someplace, to help reduce redundant bug reporting. Good idea!

The following is a list of known bugs that have not yet been fixed in NEO Scavenger. If you're encountering a bug in the game that isn't listed here, please post about it in the forums!

Known Bugs:

  • Fullscreen on Linux - Using fullscreen on Linux causes the keyboard to be ignored, unless playing the game in Chrome. Unfortunately, this is because Adobe is only updating Flash for Chrome on Linux moving forward. I'll have to see if there's a workaround for downloaded versions.
  • Crafting Allows Identification Cheat - It's possible to identify berries, mushrooms, and other items without actually crafting them by using the crafting ingredients area.
  • Esc Key Exits Fullscreen - The "Esc" key will exit fullscreen. If you wish to access the main menu, "F1" will also work without exiting.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

A bug when sleeping .

When sleeping and the getting in to a battel, you do an action (sprint), and the you escape and imediutle fall a sleep and die!

Actually that depends on what to sleep bar was saying if it was near empty when you tried to sprint (lowers sleep significantly) then you will pass out and die (more often then not)

Official Trained Dogman

Nope. Im preaty sure it was 65% from full.

Found a bug, when i try to craft with my lighter, in my inventory it's full of charges, but in the crafting menu, all my lighters are empty.. so i can't make any fire right now.. And also, sometimes, the grid of the crafting menu just disappear.. but i didn't find exactly what action cause it...

You have to use both Lighter and Lighter Fluid to craft fire now (fluid is separately in crafting menu).

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Awesome new build! When using the smallest resolution 8**-whatever, the "scavenge" button is hidden behind the "Open/close item screen"-button. You can access it via pressing E though.

I found 2 craftin exploits and 1 craftin bug

Infinitly use hospital gorn for rags and strings.
Infinitly make rifles by modyfying and de-moding the rifle while having it in hand.

A bug when you craft a tarp shelter you lose extra tarps if dont you have any turns!

Is the crafting exploit still happening in the latest build? (The latest build has the date 2013/02/23 on the title screen, under the logo) I thought I had fixed that yesterday, but if not, looks like I have work to do!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

yep, exploit is gone!

now you can sleep. ;)

Just started playing tonight (I caught the Surviving NeoScavenger videos on youtube by ringod123), but I think I found a bug.

On my third character I opted for insomnia. Later, after I realized what a pain it was, I tried taking sleeping pills before sleeping. The text window said "Player has taken antibiotics" and I didn't fall asleep and my sleep ended prematurely like always. At first I thought maybe the bottle was mislabeled (which would be pretty cool) but I've found a dozen sleeping pill bottles and they all had painkillers in them.

Impressive game, I'm hoping it continues to expand and that you give the people what they want (apparently more plot encounters and weapons).

Its really a bug but technically not a bug he incorrectly set the interor item tables as the antibiotics instead of the sleeping pills

Official Trained Dogman

After catching cholera I immediately headed to the DMC medical center to get the nanobot suspension or whatever treatment. It removed my Cholera 3, but left the diarrhea and vomiting (not sure if that's normal), so I rested. Over time they disappeared, but I am now experiencing permanent heavy hydration drain.

Bug 2: My shopping cart disappeared on a reload. :(

Bug 3: Camps that are created can't be destroyed even if nothing exists in the camp.

Bug 4: Clean rags consistently disappear on reload.

Bug 5: My mummy bag turned into a k-mart bag. WHAT?

Found a bug, if you have k-mart sleeping-bag (the big red one) in a camp in a forest then log-out and log-in the sleeping bag will be gone (disapere)!

Yeah, it sounds like I mixed up my loot IDs when I did the sleeping pills. I'll fix that in the next update. Meanwhile, you can still purchase sleeping pills at the DMC medical center, and those should be safe.

Re: cholera curing and hydration, that seems odd. I'll check it out!

Re: items disappearing, a lot of folks are talking about this bug, so it sounds bigger than I realized. Save/reload seems to be a common theme, but not always. And jeans pocket gets mentioned a lot. In any case, I'll take a look!

Re: camps being indestructable, I actually never thought players would need to destroy them. Is there a reason you want to destroy it?

Re: mummy bag turning into Shop-Mart bag, did it actually convert? Or was the mummy bag a victim of the save/load items disappearing? This is the first reporting of an item changing type that I've heard. Of course, maybe it's related to the items disappearing? Maybe they're all converting to another type, and it causes them not to fit into their slots on reload?

Thanks for the bug alerts!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yeah, I like to keep my maps organized. I only want to see camps where a camp actually exists (sleeping bag, tent). If I have a long range camp I might not memorize exactly which tile it would be except for the fact it has a camp symbol. I'd hate to waste time checking each "camp" trying to find the actual camp.

I am not 100% on the sleeping bag but I am at least 70% sure I replaced the k-mart bag in my camp with the mummy bag. From what I believe I experienced it outright replaced it with the k-mart bag on a reload. I thought it was pretty odd but I would like to experience it again to be sure.

Noise trap unable to be placed: v.961b
1. Crafted noise trap, switched to camp screen immediately after crafting, could not place in camp (grayed out)
2. Switch to inventory, noise trap was duplicated, stack noise traps
3. pick noise traps up to move them, unable to place back on ground or in inventory

Saved & Reloaded game, noise traps are gone (in addition to the materials used to craft it)

Encountered the bug again with a different item (squirrel pelt), seems that it goes for any item taken directly from the crafting results area, and the screen that is switched to does not make a difference. I believe that this time the item did not disappear.

Yes, I've noticed this bug as well and I think these are the steps to reproduce it:

1) Craft anything;
2) "Take" your newly crafted item with the cursor;
3) Go to the items screen (press 'Q');
4) You're unable to put it anywhere (containers/on the ground/etc.);
5) Return to the crafting screen (press 'X');
6) The item either disappears instantly from your cursor or it can be put in "available items" and is then gone by the time you return to the items screen.

I think it's because the items you craft and use in crafting are duplicates and not "real" items (this was mentioned in some recent update changelog).

Yeah, it sounds like I need to clear the dragged item when leaving the crafting page, as it's just a crafting-only copy. The real version should already be on the items/camp screen before you get there.

It might be possible to swap out the crafting fake copy for the real thing during the transition. I'll check.

And as for camp icons, I'll see if there's a way to remove the icons when the camp is empty.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Just to note about the camp icons, the issue of their permenance is only a recent development. The previous build removed the camp icon when there was no camp which made it easy to know where a camp actually was.

I notice'd that sleeping bag leave the camp-site onto the ground inventory if you fail to sleep. Is that a bug or what?

1. When combining two 3x stacks of Gelli Bears, they combined into the normal stack of five, however the remaining one glitched elsewhere in the inventory and is not properly in a grid. It's static across all screens (travel, inventory, battle, etc.,) and does not go away until the game is reloaded.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

2. When crafting an item through clicking a recipe on the second recipe page, it instead selects the recipe and ingredients from the same spot on the first recipe page.

Some great bug info in here, everyone. I managed to knock off quite a few over the day using the info in this thread!

Re: sleeping bag moving to the ground when failing to sleep, I had trouble making this happen. I took insomniac, and tried playing for a while, sleeping occasionally, but even when it failed, the sleeping bag stayed put. Any tips?

Re: missing multitool, FMJ, shopping cart, etc., I wasn't able to get any items to disappear after about 1.5 hours of play. I tried a few save/loads for good measure, but no dice. I did fix a handful of bugs before this, though, so I'm not sure if they were related. If anyone knows of a reliable way to make it happen, let me know!

Re: gelli bear stack glitching, I had trouble with this one too. I tried placing a stack of 3 onto a stack of 3 manually, both in a backpack and a jeans pocket. I also tried using take/drop instead of manually dragging the item, but I always ended up with either a stack of 5 and 1 leftover (manual process) or two stacks of 3 (take/drop process). The stuck graphics usually means that the item was added to the display when it shouldn't have been (like it was in a sub-container, but was added to a higher container's draw list). Any thoughts on what steps led to the glitch?

Otherwise, I think I managed to find fixes for most of the stuff mentioned in here today (apart from the OP bugs at the top). So again, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that I used click + drop from one pile to another, in the backpack. It may have been trying to send the extra gelli into one of the pill containers I had inside the medkit?

That might be the thing, as during one of my previous game plays (former version) I was dropping found pills strait onto med-kit and later found they have been piling over clean rags pile (were placed on it's graphic) so I had to move rags first to pick up the pills.

<--Mighty (mini)Mod of Doom-->
DeviantArt Gallery of MoD Sprites

I've had that happen to me a couple times in current versions. I'm not sure of what causes the glitch, and everything still works fine after things have been moved around a bit. With this, however, the pills were completely unable to be picked up from where they were.

I also just noticed another odd thing, in the text box it says that I ate 6 Gelli Bears, however I only had 6 to begin with, and still have two left over that I was still able to interact with. I hadn't noticed that before.

Re:Re: sleeping bag moving to the ground when failing to sleep, it happened when I put more than one k-mart sleeping bag on to a camp invetory.

Something weird. Got cut, used clean rags (as a stack) on wound. Put rest in backpack. Rag "fell apart" took it off, dropped it. A move or two later, the rags in my backpack got dirty too. lol

1. Decaying shopping bag with secondary container made my Left hand weapon slot unusable.

Had a Medkit + Screws & Bolts + String & Twine in a low durability shopping bag in my left hand. (it was all i had then)
At some point soon after the bag fell apart, i got a message about my screws/twine falling to the floor and I was now holding the medkit in my left hand. Awesome ninja catch as the bag fell apart I assume.
Later when I needed to bandage a cut I noticed I could not place the clean rags back into the medkit inventory.
When I clicked on the drop area the item just stayed on the cursor, like I never clicked.
Infact nothing I removed could go back once it was out of the Medkit inventory.
I could place the items in my backpack fine. (backpack was a high dura shopping bag)
At this point I picked up the medkit, and blank inventory spaces for a medkit remained next to my left hand. Uh-oh.
I placed the medkit in my other hand and was able to use it and put my items back.
However now that left weapon slot will not accept anything. There is no medkit icon in my hand, but the inv. background slots for it are still there.
Edit: reload didn't help, I abandoned the game.

game ver 0.961b, dated feb 23rd. I know you have updated once since.

Registered just to post this. awesome game BTW :D

Coughing Blood

@UltimaVirus, I think that might be normal. Clean rags have a pretty short shelf life before turning into dirty rags (e.g. germs get on them quickly). So it seems reasonable that the used clean rag went quickly, and the unused clean rags went a little bit later.

@ih8registration, I was able to reproduce that bug, and fix it. Thanks for the tip!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It's intentional? Then I guess it works fine, LOL. Is there any way to prevent the decomposision of clean rags? Special containers, perhaps? This might explain why rags disappear from med kits? Although you'd think you wouldnt find any clean rags in med kits very often if they expire as quickly as you say .ie the very start of the game. Those rags mustve been in that kit for decades.

PS. I dont see how a boiled, clean rag could get so dirty in a relatively clean container that it would provide a good possibility of wound infection. Maybe if you were getting it literally dirty. I would imagine a rag would need to be visibly filthy or in some unusual conditions to really provide that kind of hazard. If I were carrying clean rags in a backpack I could see it as a long term possibility (dirty items go in and make the inside of the bag dirty), but otherwise I don't know. I'm not a doctor, though...

Another bug, not sure if addressed in new patch.

Wanted to start a fire at camp. Had two stacks of 2 wood branches and had other ingredients. In the list of available ingredients it only showed ONE branch in one stack. I had to combine the stacks (4 total) for the available ingredients screen to register I actually had enough.

Bug with new version, unable to reproduce on demand, but what happens is that during crafting the object you craft will get stuck in your hand and it wont let you let it go anywhere but you hands or the crafting input menu (the top right one on the main crafting menu) and from there it outright disappears from the game. Very interesting.

- I too have ran into this bug multiple times now. (At least 10 or 20 times in various reincarnations).
It's not always during crafting, in fact most of the time I encounter this problem seems to be after I've crafted something when I have multiple stacks of items missing one or two before filling the stack, so I pick up a third stack and combine it with the first two partial stacks. When I combine with the second stack after combining with the first, the stack will get 'stuck' to my cursor and it will not let me place it any where except in the crafting box. Where upon it disappears entirely when you exit the crafting menu.

It's not always branches (although this is most common). I've had this happen with clean cloths and twigs also.

- In addition I've ran into a strange bug a few times where after I've used a recipe to 'quick' craft something, when I attempt to manually craft something else the crafting box will auto eject the first item I've put in the box when I try to place a second.

- Also one time when I crafted a tarp lean-to, it simply ate the parts required and produced no lean-to (remained gray).

Edit: I figure I should mention the game version (v0.963b).

That's some handy info, thanks! It sounds like I may have a bug in the partial stack filling code, so I'll check that out.

I'll also check out the quick recipe and tarp lean-to. Thanks again for the info, and the version number!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Okay, scratch that. It doesn't have to be the second stack fill. I just had the bug happen after I crafted a Tarp Lean-to then tried to pick up my remaining string in the Items screen (Not the crafting screen). String got stuck in my hand, could only put it in crafting box, disappears when I exit crafting etc etc.

This is just a layperson speaking, but I suspect it has something to do with the items not being ejected from the crafting combination box properly when you are done crafting. But that's just a clueless guesstimation, I guess you would probably have a more accurate guess. =P

I think you're close. I posted some more info about it in last night's news, and it seems to be related to stacked items becoming corrupt when they appear in crafting yield. I think the bug actually occurs earlier than most realize, and it's not until the next recipe that they try with bugged ingredients that it starts to show symptoms. Which is confusing!

Anyway, I think I've got it sorted out, and I'll be uploading the patch asap. Thanks again for the tips!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Re: clean rags, it's sort of intentional. I wanted to show that sterile rags don't stay sterile forever. But the simulation can't distinguish rags inside a clean container vs. lying on the ground, so all get dirty equally fast. The one exception is when they're installed on a wound, in which case they get dirty faster.

I could probably dial down the clean rag degrading rate. Off-hand, I can't think of too many drawbacks to game balance. If anything, it would make crafting them in advance a bit more appealing.

I wasn't able to reproduce the 2 stacks of 2 branches bug you mentioned. Although, it occurred to me that it could be a case of the remaining branches being on the next page. Do you remember if the available crafting ingredients area was pretty full? If so, the remainder may have spilled onto the next page (accessed via the arrow buttons at the top of the ingredients, next to the "quick recipe" and "available ingredients" tabs.

Otherwise, I was able to see and use the 2 stacks of 2 branches when crafting. However, I was using a fresh game and immediately jumped out the cryo window and headed for a forest to start crafting. So maybe there's a step in between that triggered the bug?

I also couldn't force the crafting bug where the item gets stuck in your hand. Which recipe was it? And which item got stuck to your hand? And by "hand" do you mean the cursor, or the hand slot on the items page? If I can make the bug happen, I'll definitely work on some fixes.

Thanks for the info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

You can't differentiate? Bummer! I think that would really add a bunch of realism to the game especially if refrigeration ever comes into play (to affect degradation rates of fresh/perishable goods, but also the long-term storage of weather-sensitive items).

Yes, now that you mention it it may have just spread the branches across the ingredients window but it's still odd that it wouldn’t craft the fire without manual construction despite the recipe.

I mean the ACTUAL hand, like left and right hand. It has happened to me over 3 times just last night and it's pretty annoying. It doesn’t just annoy you, it can also result in the items being obliterated. Pretty crazy stuff. I'll take screens next time.

I've foud a bug. Game no longer cares whether shoe is for left or right foot. Also, I don't know if it actually is a bug, but my sleeping bag was stolen while I was sleeping in it... Feels like Skyrim ;D

In more than one recent playthrough, I've tried crafting tarp shelters, only to have them (and the input ingredients) disappear. They're not on the ground, in my inventory, or in the camp. I've had this happen both in the cryo facility and in basic camp sites out in the wild.

Playing on v0.963b

Re: shoes, they're actually wearable on either foot now. There was a brief period where left and right feet mattered, but it tended to be more annoying than fun, so I made them generic.

Re: sleeping bags being stolen during the night, that is technically possible if an NPC visited the hex and decided to loot rather than kill. It's a bit unrealistic that you didn't notice, but the NPC may have been really sneaky :)

Re: tarp shelter, do you remember if there was enough space for the shelter? I wonder if this is a case of the ground and camp not having enough space, and the tarp never gets placed anywhere. I'll check it out, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

You know, I'm not sure: I just tried it now with the ground mostly empty, and I was able to craft it without a hitch.

On at least one of the occasions over the weekend, though, I had a failure on the first or second night, and I can't imagine my site was so cluttered that early that a shelter couldn't fit. They may have been poorly arranged, however. Would it be possible to code crafting so it automatically tries to sort a space if the product doesn't fit, or if that fails, to disassemble the item and return the components?

Re: tarp shelters disappearing, I think this may be related to the bug I mention in yesterday night's news item. I was able to make tarp shelters normally, but when I tried to build one using stacks of branches/string that came from a recent crafting yield, things started breaking (ingredients disappearing, tarp shelter not being created, etc.). I think I've got this working again in my test build.

I really like the idea of crafting being smart enough not to create items if they can't fit on the ground/camp. It might be tricky to implement (especially for yields with more than one item), but it definitely seems like a useful feature. E.g. button says "no room for crafted items" like it already does for situations like "cannot craft in combat" or "not enough turns left to craft."

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Version v0.964b - Floating Sleeping bag.

Encountered a weird sleeping bag that is carrying over from the Camp Screen over to the Item Screen.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

I will attempt to outline what happen previous to this happening as well as I'm able.

Made a Tarp Shelter. Moved it from ground to Campsite. Moved Sleeping bag from Backpack in hand to ground, then moved sleeping bag from ground to Campsite.

Went to sleep. Was attacked in middle of night by unknown, which promptly fled.

Looked at Items Screen and noticed that the assailant had taken everything not nailed down.

Oddly, the Tarp Shelter and Sleeping Bag had been auto ejected from the campsite onto the ground tab.

Moved both of them back into camp tab on Camp Screen. Switched over to Items Screen and Viola! Floating sleeping bag. (That's the position it was in on the camp screen. It just carried over into the items screen. I couldn't click on it.)

Hope this helps.

v964: Don't know if it's bug per se or a matter of changed interface, but I cannot take a single object from a whole pile.

Also SOMETIMES (appearantly not now when I'm checking it) next pages of recipes still refer to the first page, i.e. I click the first recipe from second page and it still gets objects for first recipe from the first page.

EDIT: Now in the crafting screen I can only see one handful of string while I possess 16 of them.

Re: sleeping bag, I wonder if the NPC handling it somehow messed up it's parent container or similar reference. It almost sounds like it thinks it's part of the ground slot, and drawing on every page the ground slot appears. Does it disappear when looking at skills, for example?

I'll try some tests to see if I can get an NPC to trigger that bug here.

Oh, and re: the tarp and sleeping bag being ejected to the ground, that was probably the NPC rummaging through your stuff, and since he was unable to carry those items, just tossed them on the ground. NPCs aren't just dangerous, they're jerks, too :)

@Stelcio, are you able to take a single item from a stack by holding the shift key? If not, that's a bug.

Re: the recipe page and missing string, I'm not sure I can guess what's happening there. But I'll mess around on the crafting screen a bit to see if I can replicate your results.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Shift helped, thanks!

I'm positive on the other bug though. Now it happened with dirty rags which I couldn't cook as I only saw one while having nine in a backpack. Putting them on the ground helped though, so its not a big deal anymore.

Still crafting is a bit problematic. Sometimes clicking on a recipe results in nothing despite having all the components. And problem with more than one page is still present.

Seconding the crafting problems.

Twice this morning I've lost a small stack of squirrel pelts because the one I just freshly peeled deleted the pile it was thrown on

Edit: I seem to be losing large branches when cooking cured squirrel meat as well. Seems there's something going on with stacking inventory items in general

If I'm in a tile with a campsite which I've left items in, the graphics for those items will bleed into my inventory screen.

For example, my left shoulder is a first aid kit today:

I can't interact with it, mind you. If I try to click on it, I'll just grab the shirt I'm wearing. Taking it out of the camp site makes the problem go away, but it returns if I put it back.


XD on the bright side you can have meds at any time just reach up.

Official Trained Dogman