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AXE me a question

What if there were a axe? it could be used both as a weapon, and as part of a reciepe (woods+axe). It could also be used when scavenging woods.

The reciepe could result in the regular wood crafting stuff but add a large branch as well. 4 of these largebranches could make a huge fire that could last the whole day/night.

And i got another idea now! Craft a vehicle out of wood. You could first create a wheel out of wood, then use a carved stick to connect them, then put planks on them to create a crappy vehicle that you could use to transport stuff. The reciepe would be
(4 wheels + 2 carved sticks + X amount planks)

Im cool

For the sake of argument, an axe would be stronger than both a crowbar and a butcher knife in combat. But wooden wheels would take a lot more than an axe to make, you'd need a lot of carpentry tools. The best you could do with carved wood is a crude sled for dragging your items behind you. Since you can gather wood without an axe, I guess it's ever been a necessity in the game.

An Axe is on my Neoscavenger weapon/item wishlist too! :)

It'd be big and cumbersome like a Crowbar, so you'd have to decide if it was worth carrying about. As a weapon, I see it as pretty inaccurate but heavily damaging when it does hit.

I thought the same thing as the OP too: "crafting" a forest hex resource with an Axe (or other hypothetical "lumber chopping" tool... a Saw?) could yield one or two "Logs" in addition to the usual resources. A campfire crafted with a Log would last a lot longer than one made from a Branch (maybe even the current campfire could be reduced in lifespan to balance this). You could still make fires with branches as you can now, but the advantage of better campfires would make carrying an Axe a tempting prospect.

Of course, Logs could also be used in later crafting ideas with other tools (Log + Saw = x4 Planks) but that wouldn't need to be added right away, if ever.

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