Combat factoring in experience

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Combat factoring in experience

This is a suggestion that I feel would probably be implemented later on in the game, but it would be really nice to see and would probably stop the complaining about 'unfair fights' and whatnot :P

Anyway my suggestion: Have the fights factor in experience.
What I mean by this is factor in how many successful fights the player has had. I think it would be pretty great fun, and even NPCs could have their own fighting experience so they have a chance of having a really low combat experience making them easier to kill than NPCs of their type or if it's high they could be above average fighting skill for their grouping.

This could also be potentially used in other things, such as scavenging, hunting, gathering (botany), and anything else you may think of.
Anyway, this is just a suggestion :P Thanks for taking the time to read this! ^^

I believe combat will already be highly modified with the addition of cybernetics, as announced by the developer, the addition of new weapons, new items and the possible addition of new protective gear. I don't see why there wouldn't someday be a helmet or a bullet-proof vest in the game, especially considering you'll eventually have highly-advanced technology to play with. There will even be new combat options in future updates.

But, personally, I like that this isn't a typical RPG in which experience allows you to increase defense and offense stats. Instead, you have skills that modify chances of things happening in combat. Later in the game, you'll be able to add to these Skills or exchange them for new Skills. I'm really excited to see where the developer takes this game, either way.

I didn't think about all of that at the time :P And I think, now that I've heard that, I may have to agree with you :3