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General Suggestions

- Add crafting of improvised weapons such as bows, crossbows, homemade blades and melee weapons using branches, wood,scrap metal, broken glass, iron bars, pipes, nails, tape, and several other resources.
- Little animations in some actions and moves in combat.
- Option of choose how to enter in one place with options like: breach, lockpick, break window, climb roof.(skills help in choices)
- More tools and objects for the crafting and interaction with the environment.
- And more creatures, animals to hunt and even wild animals to fight. (wolves, rats, snakes, deer, cows)


I like the improvised weapons idea, and more creatures are already planned, and i'm sure other hunt-able animals are planned to but Dan needs times to get these things implemented into the game. I can't say for the other features, but i'm sure he's going to add more tools and ways to craft and interact with the environment, you just have to keep in mind that this game is still in development and is currently unfinished :P

Good suggestions, all logical extensions of the game.

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