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Yes, i'm aware about Autosave issue - it plagues vanilla all the same, and i sure have it off for years. Thanks for mentioning it though.

And since you have fun adding things to the game - here's a little something hopefully super-easy to add: a new usage for one of most iconic items in the game, which is the sauce pan (which we can use to boil things in and to bash things with): it must also be a wearable "hat" item.

And if you wonder why i say "must" - see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77nEkcwIoos . It's just... a must-have thing in a game taking place in Michigan, i recon.

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Ah, i also have a suggestion, Chiko!

Reduce Botany cost from 4 to 3 skill points at character creation.

It would be good for multiple reasons all reinforcing each other. Namely:

- 6 skills with a cost of 4 points, but only 3 skills with a cost of 3 points. This change will allow more useful combinations;

- the 3 "live off the land skills", which are Botany, Trapping and Fishing, are 4, 4 and 2 skill points cost, in particular. Having one at 3 points would add variety in this regard;

- Trapping at 4 points is overall much more versatile a skill than Botany, due to scavenging safety bonus Trapping provides, plus Trapping usage in a number of vanilla encounters, plus very useful combat move Trapping also gives. Makes sense to have much more specialized Botany to cost 1 point less than Trapping;

- the mod adds a number of alternatives to Tannin Tea and Bear Root, i read, like Medic's pure alcohol which, i suppose, should work better for wound disinfection than Tannin Tea, thus reducing overall usefulness of Botany as a skill.

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Botany makes it so the player never get hungry or thirsty again, though. Most of these skills will be learnable in later updates so I'll have to rebalance the costs of all of the skills and flaws, eventually.

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Started the game, survived about a week, went to DMC, earned well over 2k cash, geared up quite nicely.

One thing keeps bugging me: wooden planks and occasionally furniture ("dressers") in some camps. What those planks are for? Do i need them? Should i bother collecting them? Leaving them be where they are leaves either "camp" or "loot" icon on the hex, and i prefer not to have such icons on tiles i left no useful loot in.

Otherwise, NSE is fantastic, so far! :)

edit: also, question about Ranged skill. I read it can be learned from practice. How much practice does it take, and is this practice anyhow related to ranged attack icon in combat at times turning red (instead of usual green)?

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

based off my playthroughs

Wooden planks: can be turned into weapons, storage crates, or burned into campfires
Dressers: are extra compact storage space, and movable to other tiles but very heavy

and based off what I've read here

Ranged Skill: when on a character, now has a hidden experience stat that makes ranged weapon types more effective the more they are used

Dreaming of Neo Scavenger but make it Waterworld

Storage crates sounds interesting! Thanks. :)

About ranged skill: interesting too, but not what i meant. Here's the post i've read which made me think one can _obtain_ Ranged skill by practice (i.e. shooting weapons): https://bluebottlegames.com/comment/29018#comment-29018 . Quoting Chiko from there, "Added the ability to learn the melee and ranged skills by fighting. Each combat action related with each skill adds a point towards learning them".

And this is why i seek to know how many points it'd take to learn Ranged skill. Since i go for a very long game, i'll figure out eventually, but it'd be nice to have a general idea what is it. Dozens points? Probably not. Hundreds? Or thousands? =)

One other thing i so far didn't figure out - fire extinguishers. Big, heavy, and seemingly useless. What do i use those for? Hitting a feral dog in melee with? :D

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

I think 2k attacks that land on the target if I remember correctly. Misses don't count.
It takes around an ingame month of constant fighting to learn a combat skill.

Fire Extinguishers deal a lot of damage but also tire you a lot. They are used to craft makeshift guns. Might be useable in specific encounters, later in development, maybe.

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Hope pebbles count when shot with a sling. I know Ranged affects sling's range so it should be. It better be... :D

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

I think slung pebbles do count towards the ranged skill learning. Not so sure about hand-thrown pebbles or similar, like spears. Maybe they count too... I added this feature a while ago now. xD

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New issue - Tailoring recipes. I've read somewhere picking a skill at character creation provides basic "profession" recipes to the player, but in case of tailoring, it seems to be missing some. For example, Rawhide Waterskin requires 2 Rawhide Patches to make; then there's a recipe for Rawhide Patches which requires Rawhide Sheet to make 'em; but no recipe for Rawhide Sheet i can see. I googled around and such, and it looks like some Tanning Rack is involved - no recipe for this one neither.

Or am i missing some cruicial part of it? I check known recipes via "Open / Close crafting screen" button, then "Known Recipes" tab in there. Maybe there's some other crafting interface / mechanic in NSE i don't know about?

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Bug report: with Medic skill, after identifying 'em, all sorts of pills stack into single item. Hence it's possible to have, for example, 1 prescription and 4 non-prescription painkiller pills with the former being "on top", giving the impression one has 5 prescription pain-killers there, while in fact 4 of 'em are non-prescription ones. Even different colored pills stack.

P.S. later edit for further detail

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

What's with all the helmets and such? I tried to figure out whether Hard Hat or Deer Skull give any protection against headshots, and which would be better at it - but i can't find anything about it anywhere.

Any advice where do i look for it?..

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Found a typo: on 1st visit to Lakeview Arbor, last paragraph of screen which introduces Philip to the place: "It's were you can find me, ". Should be "where", not "were".

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Got a bunch of questions!

To save time i'll ask 'em in "yes/no" format and number 'em. Eager to learn if it's "yes or no" for those, but i would sure be happy to learn further details if someone can teach me more about those things.

Thanks in advance!

1. does makeshift shield protect all body parts, including head?

2. does makeshift shield protect against all sorts of "hits", both melee and projectiles (bullets, arrows, nails, etc)?

3. is there a way to repair a "crazy-looking" gun which shoots nails (i.e. without having Ranged skill)?

4. is there a way to reduce condition loss of said gun, so it'll last for greater number of nails fired?

5. is it possible to somehow figure out, in-game, how many training sessions is required to learn Electrician and Mechanic skills in Detroit training center?

6. do "non-identified" items still work for recipes which require them, e.g. some unidentified "brown liquid" (instead of Tannin Tea) for a smell remover recipe?

7. is there a way to find out _exactly_ how powerful a certain attack / shot is for all the NSE weapons, e.g. how big a difference is between unpowered and powered Chainsaw attacks - other way than digging into mod's files / code, i mean?

8. are all NPCs who trigger combat mode which does not have the option to "talk" with 'em - considered hostile (e.g. no "good deeder" reputation hit if we kill them)?

9. did NSE change anything about how Blue Rot transmits and/or being cured, in compare to vanilla?

10. am i correct to assume lung replacement in the health clinic reduces fatique suffered in _both_ combat and out-of-combat activities (like walking around the map)?

11. am i correct to assume that some food in Lakeview Arbor's fine establishment can potentially cause certain digestive tract problems? :D

12. there ain't no trader in NSE who'd do "bulk" selling (unlimited supply) for any sort of ammunition (bullets, arrows, metal balls, etc), correct?

13. can it be fatal for a fragile Philip (i mean trait opposite to Tough) to use a single E-shot (norepinephrine injector), just by itself? Don't wanna "test" this one... :D

14. are there no ways to increase carrying capacity other than Strong skill, using a vehicle, and health clinic's synthetic muscle upgrades?

15. can one pick up a specific items out of a dresser (instead of just unloading everything in it)?

16. same question for wooden crate?

17. is there any way to increase a particular camp site's "concealment" stat?

18. can i somehow figure out which ranged weapons benefit from "kneel down" option in combat (which says that _some_ ranged weapons benefit from it), and which one do not?

19. when in-combat it says that best cover is "none" for the encounter - does it still anyhow help to do "take cover" move?

20. when wearing any items which cover Philip's face and cause the message about his reputations being non-affectable because of his actions - does it also prevent any good reputations forming up, such as, for example, helping an ATN warrior to fight off a feral dog (which i recently did)?

21. hacking skill works the same it does in vanilla in terms of becoming able to unlock, and the process of unlocking, all the locked devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) - right?

Phew, it was a big one! Again - thanks in advice for any advice, to any single / number of 'em. And have fun playin'! :)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

1 Nope. Also, shield protection depends on the hand slot they are currently in.

2 Yep. There's only 2 damage types in the game and bullets do a mix of both.

3 I don't remember if I've even added repair recipes for these. If I did, they probably require both mechanic and ranged.

4 Nope.

5 It's not said ingame but it requires almost a month of training classes.

6 They should.

7 Nope.

8 Not really. If they are neutral, they will just start to attack on sight or actively avoid/hunt you in the future.

9 Nope.

10 Yep.

11 Nope. Everything there is completely safe.

12 Correct.

13 Tough/Fragile have no effect on E-shot effects so it will be the same for all characters.

14 Chest Rigs slightly push the encumbrance limit in a character. This includes SCBA rigs.

15 Nope.

16 Same.

17 Guille Suits can be turned into Camo Nets for campsites. The more you have, the bigger the concealment.

18 I think it even affects thrown weapons like spears. The best way to know if it does is to look at the attack icon. If it shows a red crosshair instead of a green one, then it means it's effecting the attack.

19 I have no idea since that's hardcoded. Taking cover sometimes allows players to access their inventory so there's that.

20 Yes.

21 Yes. There's more late content for that skills, though.

Pew pew pew!

Aight, lads. New update. It's mostly a bugfix patch but here's the changelog:

-Added Bonfires. They are large campfires that last twice as long than medium campfires. They offer more warmth but make characters easier to be spotted. They degrade into medium campfires.
-Added the missing recipe to repair bike carts.
-The 'Loot Target' combat move cannot be used on targets with the 'Looted' condition.
-Latest stages of Smallpox appear in the combat screen conditions.
-Crawlers now spawn with Severe Burns already.
-Characters with a crippled arm cannot use two handed weapons or attack if they have a cumbersome item in the other hand slot.
-Edited the weight of o2 tanks. They general weight more now and an empty tanks no longer weight the same as full ones.
-Wearable items made of leather now sell for a bit more money.
-Hide tunic, gloves and boots now sell for a slightly higher price than before.
-Hide tunic, gloves and boots have very little chance to give squirrel hides when disassembled. They will instead have greater chances to give the least valuable ones instead.
-Increased the effects and duration of the "Scared Awake" condition characters get when woken up by Shadows.
-Edited the recipe to make charcoal lumps. It no longer requires a knife or similar, uses the food can as a tool instead of destroying it but requires six sticks instead of two.
-Edited the conditions used in vehicles. Instead of massively affecting encumbrance, some of them affect movement cost instead and the rest don't affect encumbrance as much.
-Fixed gas masks and hazmat suits not working when also wearing crude or clean air filters.
-Fixed firefighter jackets and pants being useable as fire fuel. This should not be the case anymore.
-Fixed wrenches and other tools being unable to be put in bike carts. They were missing the format in the list of allowed items.
-Fixed Crawlers being able to surrender, demand surrender or offer cease fire to enemies and eachother.
-Fixed the conditions that give Melee, Mechanic, Trapping and Botany recipes from skills. They had outdated recipe IDs.
-Fixed a typo in the mass purify water recipe for the still. The recipe requires 16 units of water but it gives 14 completely purified water.
-Fixed DSL Hazmat suit parts degrading way too fast.
-Fixed Huntsman WindShield balaclava being unable to be repaired due to a typo.
-Fixed the Aiming condition staying active after combat.

Pew pew pew!

It's update time, lads! Here's the changolog:

-The HH clinic in the DMC now sells a pack of 10 medical masks.
-Edited the condition in DSL forms that allow you to check your DSL account so it stops the passive spamming. Players now need to 'use' the document to remember the serial number.
-Edited some of the recipes to install or uninstall mods. Some require small mechanical parts, some don't. Strapping a long gun only requires small mechanical parts if they are makeshift.
-Rifles and shotguns can now be assembled and disassembled. Parts now need to be repaired individually, just like with handguns.
-All gun part repair recipes are under the same main recipe to decrease the amount of clutter in the recipe list.
-Sawoff rifles are no longer pipeguns so they don't degrade as fast and can use ammo clips now. They use slightly different sprites.
-The long air gun now requires any 12-gauge gun barrel to craft instead of shotgun frame parts.
-Added a craftable fishing rod. It's a crude option and it requires the fishing skill to be crafted and used properly. Works just like the brand one but degrades faster.
-Edited the Huntsman brand fishing rod so it's a telescopic one. It now uses less room when not in a hand slot.
-Edited the greenwood bow so it cannot be reversed. The recipe now requires a thread rope instead of a medium string and it's now called crude bow.
-Edited handfuls of sinew. They are no longer easy to ignite to start a fire on their own. A medium length of string made from them still is.
-Edited the "barefoot" condition so it affects movement cost instead of removing an action point.
-Edited the recipes to cook meat/fish on sticks and over campfires. They now require "crude or basic cooking implement" which can be a pot, fork, knives, branch stick, etc.
-Most recipes that required a medium fire source now also work with large fire sources. Recipes that also require chemistry equipment are not affected.
-Fixed King Eli and Queen Liza being unable to pick up and carry the cart with chemicals from Clearbone Valley.
-Fixed the price difference between handgun parts and the assembled guns. Gun parts generally sell for more now.
-Fixed stacks of planks in the hand slots causing the "cannot attack" condition to get stuck on players if these were used in crafting while on these slots. Planks no longer stack.
-Fixed clipboards having an 'use' button in them that did nothing.
-Fixed typos in one of the encounter tables for Lakeview and in some of the text for the new HH Clinic entries.

Pew pew pew!

Seems like there's a conflict between NSE and the Training Skill Plus mod; Lakeview Arbor has no interactable buttons for me when they're loaded together. They talked about it a little in that mod's comment thread but the provided "temp solution" doesn't seem to fix it

Not asking Chiko to do more than he already has, but I'm hoping someone here might know how to get them playing nice? (especially since that mod seems to no longer be actively developing)

New update, lads! Here's the changelog:

-Added a repeatable electrician job for the DSL workforce center.
-If the player has both the mechanic and electrician skills, the available work will be randomly choosen.
-Added a brand Pin Punch tool as its own separated tool.
-Added missing repair recipes to repair bicycle parts other than wheels.
-Made changes to rifle and shotgun parts to reduce the chances for them to dissasemble into parts with 0 condition.
-Increased the passive hiding stats of Wendigos so they are slightly harder to spot.
-Whetstones are now considered thin objects rather than big ones so they can be put inside laptop bags and medkits.
-Increased the inventory size of the leather knife sheaths so players can fit a tactical knife in them.
-Kitchen Stoves can now be put in vehicles to be moved to different hexes. They can also be placed outside campsites.
-Edited the recipe to repair Kitchen Stoves. They now require a car battery as extra ingredient.
-Edited AA batteries to be disposable ones. They can no longer hold electric charges and devices that use them will use item condition instead.
-Edited the dreamcatcher so it can be folded and easier to be carried. No effects apply when not deployed. Deployed dreamcatchers cannot be moved out of campsites.
-Edited some conditions so they do not appear in the death screen to avoid unnecessary clutter there.
-Edited DMC drone specific moves so they are less likely to just run away.
-Edited the Take Aim move so NPCs are more likely to use it when available.
-Edited the vanilla EMF reader. Can be dissasembled for parts. Requires batteries to work and it will no longer be acepted by the DSL prospector office.
-The Junk Market has high chances to have an EMF reader for sale each day.
-Scrap metal sheets no longer stack to prevent the 'cannot attack' condition bug.
-Replaced the St. James Parkade sprawl hex with an urban hex. The two urban hexes between the Junk Market and the parkade are now sprawl hexes.
-Fixed an issue with the St. James Parkade triggering the DSL mechanic job and kicking the player out of the hex, preventing players from getting paid.
-Fixed DMC drones trying to take cover in combat non-stop in some cases.
-Fixed maggots not being able to be put in a number of containers and vehicles.
-Fixed baseball bats counting as spears in the crafting recipe to make broad spears.
-Fixed power taps counting as high capacitors for the makeshift gauss rifle recipe.
-Fixed repairing iSlabs setting them to be locked again.
-Fixed the Black Cowboy Hat repair recipe also taking Ushankas and/or Plaid Caps as ingredients.
-Fixed the Chill Touched condition caused by the merga wraith to be permanent. It now lasts 16 hours.
-Fixed NPCs trying to empty their hands when both their arms are crippled to get rid of the unable to attack condition despite not having weapons.

Pew pew pew!

Update time, kids! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new container, Egg Box. It's one of those basic egg containers with room for 12 eggs. Can be turned into paper scraps. Stores sell eggs in these now.
-The C-Store sells eggs in boxes now. Considerably cheaper than the eggs sold at the ATN.
-Added a new food recipe, scrambled eggs. It requires a fire source, a sauce pan or similar, a cooking implement which can also be the same sauce pan, rendered fat and three eggs.
-Reverted some of the changes made to canned food. The food inside them can be interacted with again once the can has been unsealed.
-Added a new bottle type, Pearson "Wanderer" titanium bottle. It's basically a tin can that can hold liquids. Weights more than plastic bottles and less than glass ones. Takes a long time to degrade.
-Shovels can now be used to scavenge farming plots and ruined buildings. They increase loot chance but also the chances for accident and drawing attention.
-Completely changed the HH Clinic diagnostic service since it was mostly hardcoded. Conditions are now shown in separated screens or in 'combo' ones if they are related.
-Added more conditions to be shown in the HH Clinic diagnostic service. These not only include conditions added by the mod but some vanilla ones.
-Bloodlust now shows in combat and it makes the user scarier. It also stops tiredness instead but it now has wearing off effects. Wearing off effects double tiredness and cause pain.
-Nails shot from Nailers and Nailguns can now stick to wounds. These can be removed for minimal damage and pain and have a chance to cause wound infection.
-Adjusted the color of knives stuck in wounds. They should be easier to spot now.
-Slightly reduced the Encumbrance penalties given by hunger, thirst, tiredness and blood loss. This will help dying players not being able to move even when naked.
-Bad muthas now have small chances to spawn with balaclavas. This item would only spawn on scavenge accident bandits and butcher boys, making them a bit too rare.
-Edited the ATN medical treatment and nanokit effects so they also cure foot blisters and hand injuries after 7 hours.
-Reduced the weight of ration stamps and parkade passes from 0.08 to 0.02 each.
-Exiting the Saginaw approach screen will put the player one hex down instead of in the same hex Saginaw is to prevent the player from accessing loot there until they deal with the church first.
-Added some countermeasures and map changes to the sprawl to deal with NPCs getting stuck around forbidden hexes and dying.
-Fixed previous map changes reverting to vanilla due to a mistake made when editing the map.
-Fixed the Pin Punch tool missing its sprites.

Pew pew pew!

What exactly triggers DMC ambushes at the Junk Market?