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Aight, lads. Scheduled update for today. Here's the changelog:

-Replaced Cleaners with Shadow People. Shadow people are similar to Cleaners but their main objective is not to clean hexes from loot but to be spooky.
-Added a new move, Awaken. A shadow move that can only be used on sleeping targets. It will move the shadow to 0 range and wake the target, making them unable to move for two turns.
-Added a new condition, Dread. Shadow people and the Merga Wraith will cause this condition on nearby characters. It prevents charging and will lower morale in some NPCs.
-Added a new container, Milk Jug. They have space in them but to store liquid in them, players must use crafting and put the jug + 1 gallon of liquid to craft a filled jug.
-Edited the mass water purification recipe to work with 16 units of water now.
-Added a new piece of clothing, Grey-colored Hoodie. It's the same one that looters would use in the early versions of the game. Looter specific item.
-Added a new piece of clothing, Blackjeans. Just a black-colored version of the bluejeans. It's not faction specific so anyone can spawn with a pair of these.
-Added a new piece of clothing, Black-colored Cowboy Hat. An alternate version of the cowboy hat used by Bad Muthas and Butcher Boys.
-Added a new piece of clothing, Orange-colored sleeveless padded vest. It's a torso garment that uses the hoodie/jacket slot.
-Made it so the Tarp Cloak is a Looter specific item now that cleaners are not a thing anymore.
-Added missing repair recipes for the camo jacket and the camo pants.
-Edited the mulligan stew recipe so it only require one meat and one veggie instead of two of each and four extra ingredients instead of two.
-Edited the extra cooking ingredient in crafting so it also includes meats and veggies.
-Edited the 'Caffeine High' condition to make it so the player actions are less tiring until it turns into the 'Caffeine Crash' condition.
-Water purification tablets can be identified using the medical skill now.
-Edited the scrap metal vest so it doesn't degrade as fast as it did before.
-Edited the ATN trading post. It has been split into two options. A small hut where they sell overpriced goods in bulk, mostly food. ANd they now sell the usual goods outside the hut.
-Edited ATN warriors and Sprawlers natual ability to resist cold. They were dying a lot and piling up in specific hexes.
-DMC Guards and Operatives now have synthetic lungs installed in them for better combat performance.
-Fixed the recipe to craft the Corn Mutt mixed drink.
-Fixed Kitchen Stoves not having the 'rigid' item property, making them useables in recipes are not supposed to be used for.
-Fixed the 'medium flexible tying object' ingredient allowing foil or items made of foil.
-Fixed feral dogs being able to use the 'Throw Down' grappling moves.
-Fixed characters being able to grapple ethereal creatures such as the Merga Wraith. Ethereal creatures cannot be fallen either.
-Fixed headgear emcumbrance not working. Wearing a bike helmet, a welding mask or a similar headgear with googles or similar will obstuct vision.
-Removed the Wolverine Coffee mixed drink since Muddy Amber is exactly the same thing.

IMPORTANT: Remember to only update if you are starting a new since new updates usually corrupt saved games from previous versions.

Pew pew pew!

Unsure if this is a bug but medium thread gets converted into sinew when you reverse the crafting recipe. It is a bit weird to craft medium thread using small string and then end up with sinew from clothing fiber. Not sure if this is intended feature or not but I figure I would let you know.

This would only happen if the medium thread was made with sinew. There's no way for even found medium string to revert to that since it's still using the vanilla tables. automatic recipes will sometimes pick up any item that fit the conditions so it might have used sinew at some point without you noticing.

Pew pew pew!

Ah you are right. I am an idiot. Thank you anyways for this. By the way, cant seem to find it in the code, but does this mod also add the laser rifle?

only in the testing tools for now. I'll eventually add it so it spawns normally. Same with the laser pistol and the active camo coat.

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New update, lads! Here's the changelog:

-Added a new interactable enclave, Lakeview Arbor. It's a coastal settlement situated norwest in the map. It has its own trading post. Will have more amenities in later updates.
-Added a new hex, abandoned port. These are coastal ruins hexes in specific parts of the map. They have a set of scavenge locations, one of them unique to this hex.
-Added a number of scavenging locations related to fishing. Fishing spots in rivers, lakes, marshes, beaches and docks in abandoned ports.
-Added a new skill, Fishing. It costs 2 point and greatly increases the chances to find loot when scavenging fishing spots.
-Added a couple of tools for fishing, Fishing Rod and Fishing Lures. Both require the Fishing Skill to be used properly.
-Maggots can now be used as bait by skilled fishermen. They increase the chance to get fish to 100% but are completely consumed when used.
-Added a new food item, Fish. Fish is obtained by fishing-only for now. It rots faster than meat. Can be cooked, cured and used to make stew.
-The ATN trading post now offers mushrooms in bulk instead of potatoes since potatoes are now sold by Lakeview.
-The ATN trading post no longer offers carrots in bulk since that's a Lakeview Arbor thing now.
-The ATN trading post now sells planks inside the trading tent. Having a cart of some kind recommended.
-Edited hills with water and made it so rivers have a 100% chance to spawn in those instead of 50%. Now a lake in them has a 50% chance to spawn instead.
-Edited plains with water and made it so lakes have a 100% chance to spawn in those instead of 50%. Now a river in them has a 50% chance to spawn instead.
-Edited the name and description of a number of items so some of them are from a different brand and others now have one.
-Added a new variant for the balaclava. Both variants are sometimes used by Butcher Boys and Bandits.
-Added a new color variant for a piece of clothing, Blue Dress Shirt. These are only used by DMC guards but it's not yet designated as a forbidden item in the Junk Market.
-Psychos have chances to spawn with a hockey mask now.
-Characters can now drink from hydration packs by carrying it in lower hand slot. Using the pack like this depletes it faster.
-Reworked the inebriation conditions. They no longer stack so instead, it goes from Inebriated 1 to 5, the last one being alcohol poisoning.
-Alvin's Butchers are their own faction now. They also have an unique battle move to prevent them from being unable to tell friend from foe.
-Made an alternate loadout for Butcher Boys. These are less equipped, only wielding melee weapons.
-Added 3 dangerous looting accidents. One involving bandits and the other two involving butcher boys.
-Butcher Boys have a finisher move that enlaves the player, if they are beaten down and unable to continue fighting in combat.
-The Wendigo finisher move now has different prerequisites so Wendigos are more likely to finish off the player using the move.
-The Threaten move now requires a weapon equipped in a hand slot and has been renamed Threaten with Weapon. Can also be used without having spotted the target yet.
-Added a Threaten with Smudge Stick move. It works on animals and ethereal creatures, lowering morale and making the later easier to spot.
-The Threaten with a Torch and Flare moves work more efficiently now and will prevent creatures fearful of fire from charging at you.
-The Strangler's Hood now uses the very first face slot instead of the mask/googles one. It also works as a face covering.
-The Silence the Rasping Thing attack mode is a battle move instead now so it does special damage.
-The Silence the Rasping Thing now suffocates the target as if using the strangling move. It gives a stamina boost and stops asthma attacks when killing someone with this move.
-The ethereal Grasp attack is now a battle move instead of an attack mode. It now causes pain and cold with each hit.
-Characters affected by dread cannot use the Threaten or Taunt moves.
-Edited the leave icon in scavenge to always appear first in the list of actions.
-Fixed working lights in urban hexes not affecting characters in a hex.
-Fixed metal pots counting as milk jugs in crafting recipes.
-Fixed scavenged bindles degrading or deconstructing into rags and string.

Pew pew pew!

This mod is great. Thank you for all this. Though I have a question. Its been a while since I have played so.. Is there a way to open those wooden crates so I can organize what is placed inside? Since I cant hold it or place in in the vehicle slot to alter its contents, I am unsure what else to do with it.

There is no way yet. I could allow them to be put in the hand slots or vehicle slot so players can access them but I would need to add an encumbrance penalty to players can't just take them without a vehicle. If I do that, then NPCs would get stuck by the encumbrance and die. This is why they are working like that for now.

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Ah I was afraid of that. Sounds like a hard coding limitation. Thank you.

How do I get the DMC guard to spawn snipers and the like? They dont seem to want to spawn them and when they do spawn anything its the drone.

The chance for them to call different reinforcements is random but it also depends on terrain. Snipers are only called in Plains, for instance.

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New update, lads! Here's the changelog:

-Added a basic Inn in Lakeview Arbor. Only the bar in it is working for now, which offers drinks and food options.
-Added a couple of new head wearables, Woodland Camo Hat and Cap. They look different but share the same stats. They give a small concealment bonus. Mostly used by Martha's Army.
-Added a new torso wearable, Woodland Camo Poncho. It's a hooded garment with protection against rain and concealment bonus. Mostly used by Martha's Army.
-Increased the chances for camo pieces in the loadout of Martha's Army units.
-Edited the sprites and some dialog regarding Martha's Army anti-surveillance facepaint, which now replaces orange with green.
-Added a new item, stone tool. It works as both a crude axe and hammer. Can also be used in combat.
-Added a new combat move, Return Fire. It's similar to Shoot Blindly but with slightly more chances to hit. Will only appear if a hidden target is using ranged attacks.
-Added a new food item, Chocolate. In addition to feed a bit, it also adds a tiny amount of energy.
-Added a new consumable, Teabag. Prepared tea quenches thirst and gives a tiny amount of energy.
-Added new pills, Caffeine Tablets. They contain twice the amount of caffeine than prepared coffee.
-Reworked the caffeine high and crash conditions. Caffeine high will go from one to five, the last one being an overdose effect.
-Coffee and Corn-a-Cola have different stacks for Caffeine high, the energy drink being the one that stacks the most.
-Added new canned food options; Baked Beans, Tomato Soup, Seafood Mix and Peach Halves.
-Edited how canned food works. A tool is needed to open them now. If the contents are liquid or jelly-like, they will be part of the can. Consuming them will empty the can.
-Some of the opened canned food can be cooked/heated for an extra bonus. Opened canned food can also be emptied of its contents to keep the can.
-Updated the C-Store in the DMC so it offers the new food options.
-Waterskins can now be placed on the belt slot.
-The player vs dogman fight footage is now a video file in a memory stick instead.
-Edited the recipe to make charcoal lumps so it also requires something to poke a hole in the can.
-Made small modifications to the inventory paperdoll. The belt slot is a bit bigger and the wrist slots also include an extra section of the forearm.
-Reverted the scrap knives and scrap machete recipes to how they were before. This also means they won't be crafted at 100% but they will be available much earlier.
-The temporary bans from the Junk Market and Lakeview are now displayed in the message tab for those who skip dialog and don't know why they can't access them anymore.
-Fixed a type in the price of the lung augmentation. It was displaying $6800 instead of $7500.
-Fixed a typo in the ingredient for milk jugs ignoring the 'metallic' item property in the forbidden properties, allowing pressure cookers to still be useable as jugs.
-Fixed spears w/straps not having the item property needed for them to work as fishing tools.
-Fixed still being able to enter Lakeview Arbor even when temporarily banned for selling human meat.
-Fixed the communal fire barrel in the Lakeview Market giving the carrying an hydration pack condition.

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Ouch, new update just a few days after I started a new playthrough ;)

Couple of questions please:
1. Tanning leather/rawhide produces green poison water (sterilised). That water can still be used to sterilise dirty rags into clean rags by boiling. Not sure if that is intended?
2. Any hints on the carpentry recipes? What's implemented so far? What tools are needed for them? I have found a nail gun, but have no idea what "cartridge" it uses.
3. What's the latest on hammering? IIRC in earlier versions many tools could work as a hammer, was that changed to just the claw hammer and similar?
4. One of the Scatter gun recipes (repair, perhaps? Can't remember now, it was another save) overflows its text row in crafting recipes list, causing problems with viewing the ingredients of the recipe immediately below. Perhaps rename it to be shorter?
5. What are the spent shell casings for?
6. Any chance for an up-to-date recipe list? It's pretty hard to search the comments here as many are out of date - perhaps some automated Perl string parser to keep it up-to-date from the mod XML? With spoiler tags of course :)

1- thanks for pointing that one out. I'll adit it so it doesn't work with chemically contaminated water.
2/3- the makeshift weapons like the nail plank and shield require either a hammer or a blunt weapon while the crates and carts require a nail driving tool, which are either a proper hammer or a loaded non-makeshift nailgun.
4- I'll take a look at the scatter gun recipes and shorten the names in them.
5- They currently have no uses yet. I think their item properties would allow them to work in noise traps.
6- Not really. There's an outdated one someone made a while ago in the discord server but yeah. It's really outdated.

Pew pew pew!

Hi, thanks for the reply and your work on the mod!

Re: 4 - after I added almost all the recipes manually by editing files (see my post below), it seems almost all the weapons with long names and attachments have this problem - not sure it's possible to edit them all and still be readable. Although it's possible all these are not normally found in the game, could be just adding each manually. See a screenshot

Re: 5 - interestingly, spent shell casings work as "metal pin-shaped fasteners" in carpentry recipes, aka "nails". I guess you could perhaps use them as such, the brass is pretty strong, ok by me :)

BTW, if anybody (even Chiko) ain't sure what all the newly added crafting recipes are and how they changed over the years in the Neoscav Extended mod, it's pretty easy to just brute-force all the recipes by adding the relevant code to some consumable TestTools item conditions. I just used the TestTools magic canteen, since it's already there.

Simply put "AddRecipe," 256x times into the aFieldNames under Conditions with the exactly corresponding number of "aModifiers" items like 1-256, NSE:1-256, NSEf:1-256 and so on. The game just ignores the non-existing recipes & shows all the defined ones in your crafting screen. One possible issue could be mods overriding existing recipes and the order the game loads files and mods. That might bungle things up, perhaps.

I don't think there are any recipe numbers over 256, although I could be wrong of course. I wouldn't be surprised if it breaks something, but it does seem to show all the recipes so far...

I wouldn't suggest playing on with such brute-force modified files, as the game code might take an exception at non-existing recipe numbers being called with AddRecipe (the game code is just a big mess anyway already - I guess that goes with having a really great game idea, but basically no idea of proper programming, having to bungle it all together in Flash or whatever, sad story of game development).

Much better to backup the mod TestTools, modify the code (I inserted all the possible recipe numbers in the TestTools usable canteen code), write up all the recipes manually on paper, revert back to previous TestTools & play normally as before.

I am pretty sure a programmer could write a script to extract any recipe changes for their change log from any updated mod files automatically, just from the ingredient numbers (it's all XML text, after all), but unless somebody does exactly that (it's not like the game's totally stupid programming helps with any modding at all, on the contrary), brute-forcing it is just the easiest way. Unfortunately, due to the way the game data & mod data are structured, automating the task is somewhat less than trivial, as it's spread over several folders overriding each other unless in a proper sequence.

BTW, Chiko, did I miss any recipes not defined as "1-256", "0:1-256", "NSE:1-256" or "NSEf:1-256" ? I am sure it's a possibility as I didn't really mess with it that much, I just did a short bash loop & printf to output a bunch of AddRecipe & a corresponding number of aFieldNames recipe items to paste into your TestTools canteen's conditions. Might have yet missed some...

The main module might have had that number of recipes before but I've been moving them to other modules coz the file was starting to get a bit too big. The main module is full of holes for this reason.

Pew pew pew!

Hey there,
just noticed that the recipes for wooden cart w/caster wheels and w/bicycle wheels don't consume the respective wheels. Their ingredient "numbers" should be 0:56 and 52 respectively.

Thanks for the mod btw, without it I probably wouldn't be playing this game anymore! :)

Found another bug,

the "Shrike" tactical knife doesn't have the property metallic (NSE:4) so you couldn't repair it with a whetstone. Don't know if the other knives have it, the anishinaabe knife seems to at least. Cheers!

Thanks for reporting these ones! Will add the fix in this upcoming patch

Pew pew pew!

The fact your still working on a mod you created almost 7 years ago is incredible, thanks for ensuring Neo Scavenger remains engaging and interesting to play. Since updates require new saves, do you have an ETA when you plan to release a final stable version?

I currently have my internet access severed so as soon as the provider decides to fix it. :V

Pew pew pew!

Aight, lads. My internet connection has been severed for almost two weeks now so development has been slow. Also, update tiem! Here's the changelog:

-Moved the Haggerty Health Clinic to another location in the DMC map.
-Added a new DMC organization, The Department of Skill & Labor, or DSL for short.
-Added a new location in the DMC map, Workforce Center. It's one of many DSL centers that can offer temporary work to Sprawlers and other non-citizens.
-Players are required to fill a DSL Form to be added to the system and be able to purchase a Work Permit. If the player learns a required skill, they should fill a new DSL Form.
-A Work Permit needs to be renewed after a week for half the initial price. Most servives won't be available until the Work Permit is up to date.
-There's information terminals in the center to check your DSL status. Using a terminal will allow the player to learn the website address and be able to check the info from any device with access to internet.
-The Workforce Center also offers skill training for the Mechanic and Electrician skills but only to those with a Work Permit and the money to pay for each session. Several sessions are required before learning a skill.
-The DSL will 'pay' workers by issuing ration stamps as compensation, which can only be used in the Center itself. These are issued to specified individuals to discourage exchanges outside of the Center.
-Added a DSL 'Prospector' job for the Workforce Center. No skill needed. Players will be given compensation for rare, medical or military electronic devices or stacks of electronic scrap.
-Added a new glove type, Rubber Gloves. These offer less warmth than most but increased insulation.
-Added a new type of boot, Rubber Boots. Similar to the gloves so less warmth but increased insulation.
-Added a new wearable, Hazmat Suit. The suit consists of a hood, a torso piece and pants. When paired with rubber gloves and boots, the suit becomes airtight. An airtight hazmat suit requires a working SCBA gear to be useable.
-Utility belts are now 3x4 instead of 3x3 in inventory size.
-Workwear vests now have 2x5 inventory space instead of 2x4 like the jacket version.
-Sprawlers now have chances to spawn with rubber equipment and clipboards with documents.
-Hanging out in the great swamp also irritates the eyes. Some headgear and suits protect against this.
-Shadow people will no longer steal vehicles.
-Teabags and less rare now. It's also possible to find a tea box with some teabags inside.
-Shortened the names of some recipes to avoid a GUI issue with the list when a name is too big.
-Some knives and tableware now degrade faster when used.
-Added yet a new fix to stop DMC guards from attacking eachother. They would still do in rare or specific events.
-Fixed the tactical knife missing an item property, preventing it from being repairable.
-Fixed cured meat not being useable in stew recipes.
-Fixed fish meat not being useable in mulligan stew recipes.
-Fixed the soft birch bag repair recipe not requiring the bag itself.
-Fixed the wooden cart recipes to add wheels not actually requiring the wheels.
-Fixed shell casings working as nails in crafting.
-Fixed compound bows with quiver counting as a container to boil water.
-Fixed the recipes to make clean rags by boiling them with any water, including chemically contaminated water.

Pew pew pew!

question: how do you assemble the bicycle cart?
i managed to get the disassembled bicycle cart but now i can't figure out how to assemble it ....

what tools are you using? a bike cart is made by welding it, rather than assembling it.

Pew pew pew!

I'm not sure if it's just a display bug or something on my end, but the left shoe slot is for some reason located in my hoodie pocket slot and it's flickering being accessible and not, so it's troublesome to install a shoe there, I have no idea why this happens and why only the left shoe, but I don't think this has happened before in vanilla.

I wonder what this is

I found the issue. The x2 sprite for that slot is in x1 so it's only happening with the x2 resolution.

Sprite 'x2_btn_inv_body_shoel_on' is the one with this issue. The next patch will have this fixed.

Pew pew pew!

i'm using all the tools i have
the cart part on the right is the disassembled bicycle cart that i already welded once
what am i missing? or do i have to have a 2nd bicycle disassemble it and reassemble it with the cart part?

i also noticed that the makeshift power tap (the one you need 3 batteries to make) can't be used to generate more electrical charges ...

If it's been welded then right click on the bike as if you were keeping a bag open or putting up a hood. This folded state is so it fits in the crafting menu but also so it can be carried for storage

Power tap only needs a single battery electrician skill, soldering iron,parts multitool and a outlet and can be used like a standard power tap in the sprawl. The power source your talking about is used for powering the welder and as a needlessly heavy batterypack and I think was meant to be the precursor to some things which have yet to be implemented like the makeshift welder or a couple other things i forgot about. Think it was my suggestion as I had seen improvised welders around here (because apparent the boys in west ireland are the rednecks of western europe in improvisation and jury rigging) made out of batteries connected in series but could be wrong it was 5-6 years ago


" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

ok thx for the reply
will try it out when i get one again .... unfortunately a pack of dogmen got me at night ^^"

Early update lads. There were a couple of pretty noticeable bugs reported and I just can't leave them there. Here's the changelog:

-Added more encounter screens for activities in the Workforce Center.
-The DSL now offers their own variants of the workwear jacket, vest and cargo pants instead of the Highsmith brand ones in the Depot of the Workforce Center.
-Added a new DSL t-shirt and cap. These can be obtained from the DSL workforce center.
-Some sprawlers have chances to spawn with DSL-issued workgear. The Highsmith workwear is still more common in them.
-The black swamp can now cause severe burns. The hazmat suit offers full protection against this.
-Ration stamps issued to the player will no longer stack with expired stamps or stamps obtained from sprawlers to avoid an exploit.
-Replaced the hockey mask with a slightly bigger one provided by mod user Lyca0n.
-Fixed a mistake with one of the x2 sprites for a highlighted foot using a wrong resolution size.
-Fixed a mistake with skill learning programs, not clearing the condition that forces the player to wait until they can take another training session.

Pew pew pew!

Hi, thank you for the update and for fixing the bugs this fast, but now I have some questions about the DMC units, like in terms of which gear are considered DMC gear, while some things like the helmet, chest rig, holster, and probably Dogtags are obviously DMC equipment, what about their MRE, shirts, boots, and pistol are there anything special with them that will trigger the DMC raid event. Also, where would you get the Tactical Armor Vest now since all the pistol carrying guard I see now doesn't seem to have it only the rhino storage chest rig is there, and does the other DMC unit like the snipers ever appear outside of the raid event, since once again only the pistol carrying guard seems to be around every time I encounter them.

I wonder what this is

The MREs are safe, same with the boots and pistols. Some of these items are even sold at the junk market sometimes. The armor vest is now carried by one of the reinforcement types the blue shirts call.

The type of reinforcement called depends on the terrain. Drones will never be called in forest hexes, snipers will only be called in plains or similar, and rangers will only be called in ruins, forests and other close quarters hex.

Pew pew pew!

Hi,I really love your mod, but i wanted to ask is it possible to make dmc scout job? Because i would love to do some scouting missions for these yummy mre.Oh and could you make plate carrier armor? you know, cheap stuff for cheap personnel?

There will be more jobs but they will be mechanic and electrician related, at least in the DSL. I'll add this job system in the other settlements so there will be other things to do, like creature hunting or courier.

There will be a cheap armor vest but it will be a lootable police vest.

Pew pew pew!

Thanks for answering.I asked about vest because it seems impossible to get it without killing DMC Soldiers and it would nice to get it without killing them.

I FINALLY figured out the recipe for ball bearings. This one has been bothering me for years! The secret was: FOIL!
Here's the recipe, for any other confused and lost souls out there:
claw hammer
large fireproof container (metal sauce pan)
medium flame heat source (campfire)
medium non-rigid em-reflective container (foil pot, made out of 16 scraps of foil)
ranged or mechanic skill
6x tiny malleable metal source (assorted small metal parts and scraps of foil both work)

New update, lads. Still having internet issues but I managed to upload it today. Here's the changelog:

-Added a new campsite item, Anishinaabe Dreamcatcher. It makes it easier to fall asleep and adds a bit of sleep alertness. It also prevents the wake up move from Shadow People.
-Fire Axes can now be used as crowbars in scavenging and in certain text encounters.
-Added a repair recipe for digital watches. They were one of the few items missing a repair recipe until now.
-Added a new set of clothes, Blue-colored Tracksuit. It's just a color variant of the black one. Most NPCs can spawn with these but Bad Muthas favor them.
-Added a new hat, red-colored cap. It's a red cap with the back part made of black mesh. Commonly used by Bad Muthas.
-The DSL now has their own backpack. It's the same size of the child's backpack and it can be obtained from the Depot in the workforce center.
-Added the first job for mechanics in the workforce center. It's a water pipe repair. You are pretty much a helper in this one. It pays three ration stamps.
-The St. James Parkade now gives a physical pass instead of using conditions. It degrades at the speed of the renting hours so it can be used to calculate how much time is left until your access expires.
-Added a webpage for St. James Parkade so players can check the expiration of their parkade access online using any unlocked device with access to internet.
-Edited the color of shotgun breaching shells. They are yellow colored. The previous color is being considered for a potential new ammo type.
-Gauss rifle ammo doesn't stack anymore and homemade gauss rifles have increased inventory space now. They can hold less ammo than in vanilla.
-Edited the ammo round sprites so they are represented as a singular item since they don't stack anymore.
-The clothing shipment offered by the Junk Market is now used by Lakeview. The Junk Market now sells clothing, highsmith workgear and raincoats.
-The Junk Market no longer sells guns and ammo. The shipment box has been given to Lakeview.
-The Junk Market might now offer memory sticks with only device apps. ZZ's might sell them with hacking or spoofer software and Lakeview memory sticks with any software.
-The Junk Market no longer sell night or thermal vision googles but ZZ's and lakeview willhave chances to sell these.
-Lakeview now has their own shipment of electronics to sell now. Edited the Junk Market and ZZ's ones to rebalance things.
-Lakeview now has chances to either sell from the machanic shipment box from either the Junk Market or ZZ's each day.
-Added a 'Known Issues' screen at game start that will let players know of issues present in the game that have no way to be fixed via modding.
-Fixed a typo with the redeem t-shirt and cap encounter table in the workforce center.
-Fixed a typo in one of the answers to access Lakeview Arbor. The 'I am a Hunter' one was asking for botany instead of trapping.
-Fixed an issue caused by the hazmat suit. Wearing it would stop the protection itself, and other breathing equipment, offered.
-Fixed documents not fitting in most containers or pieces of clothing with inventory space.

Pew pew pew!

Yo Chiko first want to tell you that I am very happy that you still seem to be working on the EXTENDED mod. I would have a little question for you are you planning to update DEVKIT to work with Extended ? or if no update is needed redo the tutorial on how to merge the 2 into a single safe file (like it worked before)

If non of that is on the soon to be done plan, you mind telling if you happen to know where the players money file is located so the main need for Devkit would not be needed. (that being giving oneself money.) if nothing like that exists maybe tell if there is a possibility for users to change the value of some items (I tried changing the value of rocks or berry's to no success.)
Thanks for making a great mod and my thanks for reading,
good wishes from germany.

There is a new game on Steam very similar to Neo Scavenger but bigger, deeper, has better graphics and different storyline not related to Neo Scavenger. It is called Lost Scavenger. It's an early access, just bought it myself and will start to play now. I thought that this game might be very interesting for the great community we have here so I've decided to share it with all of you :)

Aight, lads. This is a bugfix update so there's nothing new. Here's the changelog:

-Added a new entry to the Known Issues encounter screen at game start.
-Added a combat move to allow butcher boys to identify each other.
-Edited leather vests so they protect more against blunt damage.
-Scrap metal vests give decent protection and are lighter than leather vests so they prevent the roll dodge and roll back up combat moves.
-Attacks from bows have less penetration in general depending on the bow being used.
-Compound bows with the quiver mod can no longer be used to boil water.
-Reduced the price of MREs from 36 to 26 since ration stamps are really easy to get.
-Edited the weight of leather and rawhide sheets/patches, small hides, dirty rags and patchwork hide tunic.
-Severe Burns now stack and will reset the timer for them to go away if you get them again.
-Increased the chances for Sewing Kits to be sold at the Junk Market.
-Reduced the chances to get charcoal from campfires from 25% to 15% since it was still a bit too common.
-Fixed metal containers like sauce pans counting as milk jugs.
-Fixed a typo that was preventing woodland camo jackets and pants from being repairable.
-Fixed paper scraps and roadmaps not fitting inside empty food cans and cardboard boxes.
-Fixed the recipe to attach a strap to fire axes turning the axes into crowbars with strap.
-Fixed a missing tag in pistol parts preventing the recipe to assemble standard pistols.
-Fixed the DSL work pants, jacket and vest not showing in the Workforce center depot.
-Fixed ration stamps and St. James Parkade passes being considered as rags in crafting.
-Fixed the mechanic repeatable work being available when not having the Mechanic Skill.
-Fixed human NPCs with schedules using the wrong despawning method and flying away like drones instead.
-Fixed a bug that would spawn an extra electronics shipment in ZZ's instead of memory sticks with hacking software.
-Fixed wooden crates, wooden carts and bike carts working as bottles to mix liquids or boil water in crafting.
-Fixed pills stacking with epinephrine syrettes.

Pew pew pew!

first off: thanks for all the work over the years

just as a notification I wanted to add that "recent" updates to the ATN Enclave encounter seemingly broke compatability with the training mod, which had its encounter at ATN disappear. If therefor someone wants to play extended with a "to be trained build" as it happened to me, this needs to be taken into account.

New update, lads! This is mostly a bugfix patch since there's no new content. Well, the only new thing is the main menu now sports the mod's name and some other small changes to the main menu sprites. Here's the changelog:

-Edited the vanilla game logo and main menu sprites so players can immediately tell if the mod loaded or not.
-Being grappled prevents the use of the 'Demand target to surrender' move, and being the grappler prevents the use of the 'Surrender to Target'move.
-Removed the inability to take cover in plains or similar terrain. The feature was preventing players from being able to access their inventory.
-Edited all spawnpoints. This was done mostly to help suppress instances of characters that are not suppose to spawn.
-Fixed a couple of spawnpoints for pilgrims that were using the same ID, which means one of them was replacing the other.
-Fixed blind attacks not being affected by the 'cannot attack' condition.
-Fixed martha's army soldiers attacking eachother. They now have a combat move to ID themselves.
-Fixed the firefighter helmet having the wrong format and fitting inside containers they shouldn't.
-Fixed the lure moves being able to be used on unconscious targets.

Pew pew pew!

Just got into this mod a week ago, thank you for this!

I found a small exploit, I think:
rawhide gloves and boots bought at the ATN sell for about 15 dollars but if you unravel them into 3 squirrel skins, the skins now resell for like 45 dollars together

A fix might be to make those specific gloves and boots unravel into dog skins instead which seem to be the intended material

Dreaming of Neo Scavenger but make it Waterworld

Thanks for reporting this one! Will have a fix in next update.

Pew pew pew!

Greetings everyone!

Chiko, my huge respect for dedication and effort you did. It amazes!

I am one of old New Scavenger proud owners, and long time player. Till now, i did not look into mods, but the time has come to. So here i am, and i need a bit of help using the mod. Unusual style.

So if anyone here - preferably a long-time player of this mod - can help me, please?


- it is said "endgame" crafting in this mod, due to many new recipes, makes crafting window to load slower than in vanilla. How much slower? 10% slower? 100%? 1000%? I will play a VERY long game of NSE, you see. Perhaps playing it for real-world YEARS. Is it still doable?

- related: how much problem are all the items spawned in a VERY LONG NSE game? I speak about after YEARS of game time passed. Is it still playable? Do savegame files break after that long a game at some point, or maybe flash player slows to a crawl, etc? Anyone tried?

- does NSE mod remove any vanilla "encounter content" or parts of such? I mean, for example, if i go ZomZoms and fight the robot using Trapping skill - can i be sure it's still a safe move (meaning, i won't die) plus it adds points towards Elusive reputation? Same thing for all the other "scripted" stuff, i mean. It's all still there, or was some of it removed/altered by the mod?

Thank you for any advice you'd have for me, guys. And Chiko, best of luck with ISPs and further work on this mod and with everything else in your life. Stay safe!

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Thanks for the kind words!

-The slowdown in the crafting screen happens depending on the amount of items in the crafting screen. There items with possible recipes, the greater the wait. It'll will never be more than a minute since the ground and the current campsite have limited inventory space. The game will ignore items in other campsites.

-The longest I've maintained a session has been for about 2 ingame months and I've seen no issues regarding items so far. Most human NPCs have a 'working shift' now, and they will head back home and despawn from the game, taking with them all the items they looted as a way to prevent mountains of items from stacking on the map.

-Encounters are mostly untouched by this mod. So far I've only added new options and edited some of the text so they take the new changes to the world into consideration. The legendary skills are currently completely untouched, same with their encounter options.

Pew pew pew!

That was a fast reply! :)

Sounds promising, too. So, Chiko, i intend to get back in touch after i live for significantly more than couple in-game months, report on how things develop that far. Using latest stable game release, downloaded directly from this website, with your current mod released as downloadable from 1st post in this topic today, no other mods, so my results should be quite reliable.

Obviously it'll take a while, i play rather slowly paying attention to all kinds of details. But perhaps in a (real world) month or two, i'll have some news, per above.

One more thing: i read savegame files from earlier mod releases are usually not OK to use in newer mod releases. I'm OK with it, and ready to keep using mod version i got today for a long, long game. But say, any plans to change that? And also, seeing the mod is WIP - can you tell us how far is the mod from "completed", and whether you intend to ever actually have it "completed"? Most curious! :)

... our lifestyles, mores, institutions, patterns of interaction, values, and expectations are shaped by a cultural heritage that was formed in a time when carrying capacity exceeded the human load. (c) William R. Catton, Jr

Yeah, savegames usually get corrupted when loaded using a new version of the mod, and a number of things can happen. I can't really do anything about that but to suggest to only update once you want to start a new game. I also suggest deactivating Autosave in the game as it's known to corrupt saves. When you start a new game and get into the map, an encounter screen with the 'Known Issues' will explain more about save file corruption. There's also a way to backup saves but I have no idea how since I haven't got a corrupted save in years.

About the WIP status of the mod. The mod was finished years ago but the game has so much potential I keep coming back to add new stuff to the mod. I guess I will only stop adding to it when I either get bored of it or a Neo Scavenger 2 game gets released. :p

Pew pew pew!