Curing Squirrel meat bug?

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Curing Squirrel meat bug?

it seems that whenever I try to cure squirrel meat it doesn't work? I use the recipe of

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lit campfire, squirrel meat, handful of ash, branch, and trapping skill

but it just doesn't work? has the recipe been removed or changed? Or is there a bug preventing the making of cured squirrel meat?

Hey mate, I just made a fast test run with the on-site version of the game and curing meat works as it should.

Are you sure you did moved Trapping skill into crafting area with other ingredients? Maybe that's it?

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Was it a large or small fire because a small cant do it

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I'm using the downloaded client. And I didn't think it was working, but I tried it again just to double check and it seems to be working... maybe there's something I didn't do the past few times? But whatever it is, it seems to be working now. I'm sorry to waste your time.

Trying to help is never a waste of time :D

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