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it would be awesome if i could befriend a bandit,looter,raider,or a dog man
can hold stuff in there inventory,can talk to you,help you scavenge/loot,have skills/perks of there own,and help you in fights.
need food,have health problems(example is insomniac),can die,can only carry so much,will betray you if not looked after,need to rest/heal,need water,need clothes if they don't have any(dog man won't need cloths).
permanent companions,
will stay a companion forever if you saved there life,or if you helped the in extreme ways
non-permanent companions,
non-permanent if you payed them in money,food,water,resources
Bandit:has a gun skill of 5/12,looting skill of 3/12,melee skill of 4/12,medic skill of 0/12,an over all good fighter
Looter:has a looting skill of 6/12,gun skill of 3/12,melee skill of 3/12,medic skill of 0/12,an over all good scavenger
Raider:has a gun skill of 4/12,looting skill of 3/12,melee skill of 2/12,medic skill of 3/12,an good field medic
dog man:has a gun skill of 0/12,looting skill of 3/12,melee skill of 6/12,medic skill of 3/12,an over all good bruiser(melee fighter)
melon head:has a gun skill of 2/12,looting skill of 4/12,melee skill of 1/12,medic skill of 5/12,an over all good medic
all can level up these are just first stats,so they all have a total amount of 12 points after a level up they go up 1 point in whatever they did the most
companion idea if you also have an idea post it
and another thing,it seems odd that you can't take some one out of cryo stasis and have them help you.

Ways to get companions:
dog man:give food,find as pup or use mind tricks,help in fight
looter:help,give food,help in fight,give money
Raider:help in fight,give food,help,give money
Bandit:give food,help in fight,help,give money


For the dogman im just going to say it now hell no. No tame dogmen, Looter i could see happening, same with bandit. But a raider is more then likely to rape and plage then help you so no. Plus dan is planing to add many more friendly/hostile npc, but right now he is working on the DMC

Official Trained Dogman

Sorry but i will have to disagree with you, at the dogman part.
We could have tamed dogman, but it wouldnt be just giving him a bone and treat him like a dog, no...
Maybe showing him who's strongest, maybe when dmc or dc we would have a scientist with a helmet thingy that lets you control people, or maybe just face one by looking it in the eye and it may go way...

Sorry john maybe as a reward for a really hard quest they tame a dogman but outside of that I cant see it happening

Official Trained Dogman

you have a point but think about it if i save his life he will be friendly but i can't really speak for the dog man but this is what he is most likely thinking "yay turn around so i can rip you head off"


Lol I know what you mean but when you said the save his life thing I just thought "hey I know I just beat the crap out of you but let me heal you and be my friend now"

Also there is an encounter that has a slave woman if dan changes that around then maybe,

Official Trained Dogman

yay doesn't seem logical i mean if i got beat up in battle by some one then they heal me i wold most likely just walk away and wonder what just happened but what i meant was you find them on the ground dieing and you had no part in his/her beating.


Friendly human companions would be great.

It would also be cool to have a pet cat, but the downside would be it gets eaten by a Dogman.

I would like a pet cat.

That way I can throw it at a Dogman and run.