More guns?

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More guns?

I find the lack of guns in this game to be disturbing, even though the Extended mod and the MMoD mod both add some really cool guns and melee weapons. I thought maybe they or someone else could add more guns/makeshift ones?. I myself have zero experience when it comes to coding, but I do have some ideas.

1- Sten-Gun
Found in gun stores, shacks and storage rooms. This weapon has a weight of 3.2kg (irl weight) so it wouldn't be that heavy to take in a shopping cart or put it in hands, it will also come with a thin 3 pixels high clip that can stack up to 10 bullets (since it's a submachine gun) and the player will have a total of 30 bullets to fire if he has a maxed out clip. It can also be carried by DMC guards and by looters (super rarely)

1.5- Makeshift Sten Gun

Alright, I'm not a gun expert or an actual mechanic by any means. But if anyone saw a Sten Gun in real life or even just pictures of it will know that it looks fairly easy to make, all what the player needs is a Sten Gun parts, 10 duct tapes, 5 nails, 5 small mechanical parts, pillers, screwdriver, mechanic or ranged skill, 5 lighter fluid and a large tree branch. The parts could be found in gun stores or anywhere else and they are much more common to find than an actual Sten Gun. Both the Sten Gun and the makeshift version of it can be bought from the Junk market outside of Detroit or the ZomZom's market. It can later be upgraded by attaching a knife or a scrap knife to the barrel of the gun, to make this you only need 1 duct tape (or any other object strong enough to hold something), 1 sharp edge (glass shardes are not included) and the gun itself. Same for the version above.

2- Stun Gun

Found inside apartments and gun stores, it can be found broken. the Stun Gun is the ranged weapon that deals the least damage in the game. But it makes up for it by stunning the enemy for 2 turns and has a chance to stun them for 3 or even 4 turns. This weapon uses batteries as clips and electric charges as ammo, the player can change the power of the shock the gun shoots but the more powerful it gets the more charges it will take. More powerful shock shoots also mean more chance to stun the enemy for more than 2 turns.

2.5- Makeshift Stun Gun

Can be made by players with the electronic skill, this weaker crude-made version of the Stun Gun can be made using a small battery sparker, broken Stun Gun, 3 small electronic parts, 1 nail, 3 small mechanical parts, screwdriver, pillers and the electronic skill. Keep in mind that this makeshift version is only able to stun for 1 turn and has a chance to stun the traget for 2 turns max.

That's really all the ideas I have for now. Please someone make this happen :,(


Stun guns actually sound like a neat idea!
But 4-turn stun sounds a bit too OP, since you can, theoretically, shoot the stun gun over and over.
Maybe a more powerful shock should deal some real damage also, unlike regular stunning one?

I may be stupid, but I'm not dumb.

Homemade guns and pistols please like those in fallout 4

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