How many reminders do you get for St. James?

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How many reminders do you get for St. James?

Is it just the 24 hours left one, or would you get like, a week one or something?

As far as I know, 24 hours. If you're gonna go scout around the far northwest of the map, don't leave stuff there. 24 hours isn't enough time to get back, regardless of your good luck/skills.

Unless you've got a mod that somehow allows you to do exactly that. In that case, tell me what mod so I can get it too.

Thank you for reading this.

Sepsis is the worst. How in the heck am I supposed to beat this. It is unbelievable. I now start off even better than I was when I wrote this post. I make a run to zom zoms at the beginning. I always play Athletic- for sprint and to keep distance, Botany- For berries, Strong- For searching, Mechanic, for Travois, Hacking- For extra money and to learn about the game world. I have myopic, feeble (probably the cause of the sepsis) and metabolism.