Dogmen kicking my butt

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Dogmen kicking my butt

Almost every time I run into a dogman I can't get away and I get murdered. Have there been increases in difficulty in the past couple updates? It doesn't matter how much I try to escape! :(

Nope, the dogmen are suppost to rip you apart but Dan (Creator) is planing to make them found in certain areas so if you see one RUN

Official Trained Dogman

Dogmen should stay dangerous, but also be made more RARE.

Stun the world, with a good lead pipe. -Sugar Conny, swedish cartoon character.

I agree, but only after more creatures are created c: Because without dogmen, how much fun (and dangerous) would the game be?

Good point, we also need to run into a bad-ass scavenger now and again. A really tough one.

Maybe when companions are introduced, we'll also have gang-fights!