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Feedback, bugs, questions

Assorted thoughts after several hours of play:

The process of hunting down a derelict ship that you like the look of and then scavenging other derelicts for the parts to return it to working order is an awful lot of fun. I don't know how much of the game you ultimately want the initial scavenging run to comprise (NEO Scavenger in space actually sounds pretty amazing to me right now, but I don't think that was exactly your end goal), but since this is what we've got at the moment, here's my thoughts on ways in which it could be expanded:

- I'd like a much larger array of bits and pieces to find in a derelict - crew effects, crew logs, more and better tools, various furniture items for my ship, etc. Anything to make me excited to break open the next derelict.
- I'd love to have possible encounters in derelicts, including nasty ones - scavenging an unpowered derelict is beautifully atmospheric, and it would be a real shame not to capitalise on that. I'm really interested in potential combat encounters.

You've done a good job with the atmosphere (in the setting sense, I mean, not the gas sense). The work you've put into the modelling for oxygen, pressure etc. was worthwhile in this regard. I would say it could still be more unforgiving, but the potential to keep players in a state of tension every time they try to dock their ship, every time they walk into a derelict ship and whenever the resources they need just to keep their vessel operational and their captain and crew alive run short is there. I think the graphics and audio are great, too, though I've experienced some popping with the audio at high volume levels.

Some bugs, some things that I'm not sure are bugs, and some things that may be simply caused by my not knowing how to play the game properly:

- I just had a character die from hypoxia randomly when they should have been fine. They had plenty of oxygen and not much CO2 in their EVA, they were uninstalling a nitrogen tank from a derelict, and then very suddenly they got a barrage of random reports which added and removed a few traits - "x feels like they are too greedy, x can only tolerate tepid foods", they got the "hunger - bursting" status effect (I'm still not sure what this means?); a moment later they keeled over dead.
- Derelicts seem to sometimes drift off out of orbit on their own? When trying to get back to one that I was working on, I discovered that it had disengaged from its orbit of Ganymed and seemed to be on a heading to another planet or something. Am unsure about this.
- Sometimes when picking up an object, its graphic stays on the ground. I guess this is a graphical glitch as restarting the game fixes it.
- Sometimes when picking up an object that is too large for the inventory, its graphic stays on the ground, but the game no longer registers its existence, and it just seems to get deleted entirely.
- It seems like the proximity alarm should stop when a vessel is docked. Sometimes it seems to, sometimes it doesn't. Can't tell if this is bugged.
- At the moment it seems like you can rotate an object you're installing, but not loose items, unless I just don't understand how.
- Any vessel larger than a tin can seems to use up a lot of N2 very quickly when employing RCS thrusters. I assume this is working as intended, but is there an easy way to refuel, and/or can we get bigger N2 tanks?
- Could we have a toggle similar to the power distribution display for leaks in the hull?
- Do the police interceptors do anything right now? I've had a few alerts saying that I've been spotted by the system authorities but that they've decided to ignore me or similar.
- Is it currently possible to get from Ganymed/OKLG to another station in the system? I tried plotting a course for Earth, but can't figure out a way to get the game to accelerate beyond 16x (which would still take an immense amount of real time), and it seems like every time I close the nav computer it forgets where I wanted to go and plots a new course to some other fixed point in the system.

Thanks for the great feedback! I think a lot of what you talk about here is very much in line with where I want to take the game. More stuff to find, more treacherous encounters, and generally, grow the game outward from this meager scavenging experience into something more like space life :)

I've made notes on most of your bugs, but I'll add a few bits here to elaborate:

The sudden hypoxia thing does sound fishy, and I wonder if a nearby item was either pumping into or out of your suit? (It shouldn't be, of course!) Was there a pump over your character? Or maybe something nearby that might sample air from you instead of the floor tile?

Derelicts drifting-off orbit after docking is not intended, though not 100% undesirable! I've made a note to look into this a bit more and figure out what they *should* do.

Items getting stuck in inventory are definitely bugs, and hopefully the majority of those are solved now. If they still come up, let me know!

Prox alarm desperately needs a "mute" or "okay, I get it!" switch :) That said, it ignores the thing you dock with, and it may be triggering after you dock because another derelict is very close.

Either way, I'd eventually like to have a "dismiss" type function on it until a new threat emerges. Or at the least, a mute switch.

Rotating items in inventory is coming!

Rapid N2 use is by design, but probably needs tweaking (or maybe additional equipment to help).

To display leaks, I may be adding a visual effect wherever air is currently leaking. So you might see some particles near holes. But probably only if air is actually in the room to leak (i.e. not empty rooms).

Police interceptors are currently more for atmosphere than a threat. They will be eventually, though :)

Flying to another planet is possible, but as you found out, a very long trip. Long-term, I plan to have a fast-forward for really-long jumps in time (e.g. "until next interesting thing happens"). Short term, assume it doesn't work.

Thanks again for all the great feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Sorry, I probably should've updated this post a bit.

- Sudden onset hypoxia: I haven't had this happen for a while now fortunately (or maybe unfortunately from a debugging point of view). I can't remember 100% but I think I was grabbing an N2 tank out of an RCS intake rather than an air pump when this happened, though the thought of the air pump inadvertently sucking the atmo out of my EVA suit as I walk past it is pretty funny. The rapid changing of multiple traits definitely did occur, though, and I think the gaining of the Weak Stomach trait has been responsible for the Hunger Bursting status effect appearing on my characters and staying there indefinitely.

- I've had the drifting derelicts thing happen a few more times now. It seems like they don't "activate" as an object with regular space physics until you dock with them the first time, at which point they rapidly go off and do their own thing. They also seem to have a tendency to crash into Ganymed and then warp elsewhere (I recently watched a freighter hit Ganymed and then appear on the opposite side of it somehow). I feel like it'd be better from a gameplay point of view if the derelicts stayed in a relatively stable orbit around Ganymed after their discovery, but I'm not sure.

- Most of the problems with items getting stuck seems to be fixed, though I have still had problems in the latest patch ( with trying to pick up items with a full inventory resulting in the item entering a limbo-state and then being deleted from the game on save/reload.

- You're right about the proximity alarm, the issue I was experiencing was that if you're in the middle of a cluster of derelicts, it will continue to go off for derelicts that you aren't docked with even if you are docked with one of them. I was going to suggest just switching it off whilst docked, but as you don't necessarily appear to be static in space whilst docked (nevermind the NPC ships), that might not be a desirable solution...

- In hindsight I think the rapid use of N2 for larger vessels employing their RCS is completely fine - it does mean you need to be more judicious with use of the thrusters. But back when I wrote this post I hadn't yet twigged that I could take advantage of speeding up/slowing down time whilst using thrusters to avoid burning off all my N2 at 1x speed.

- I also noticed that interplanetary travel is currently marked as an experimental feature after the fact, whoops.