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Feedback/Afteraction report

TL;DR - I had some fun, but experienced various bugs and other fun stuff.

On Friday evening I created a pilot and after a few false starts made it through the career and into a pod. Made it to a derelict with a reactor. Got the reactor started, and died trying to uninstall a battery for my pod. I wasn't wearing the space suit, only the helmet. I had right clicked on the space suit and got a message saying it was equipped, but I was only holding it in my hand. So yeah, cold extremities, hunger expanding, headaches, death.

I tried a new pilot on Saturday and made it out of career mode with just the starting $98 in cash. Still, that was enough for a light, a crowbar and one food pack. Ate the food and got rid of the starting hunger. I did a little better with salvaging after figuring out how to actually wear the space suit. Still, I managed to open the airlock the first time without the helmet on, which lead to a permanent state of hunger expanding from that point on. I ate so much food and never lost the hunger tag or the expanding tag.

I managed to dock with a "coffin" derelict, no reactor, but it did have some batteries. Liberated one of those and installed it on my pod. Undocked from the "coffin" and then docked with a freighter. Didn't find a reactor, but it did look like it had the fuel tanks for one? Maybe it had already be stripped out? Picked up some fire extinguishers and some data cards for loot. Salvaged three full batteries and picked up a couple of crates for storing stuff.

During this process the character got into a bad state on several occasions while doing various things. Sometimes it would get stuck in the walking animation and then not be able to do anything else. Other times I'd be in the process of doing something like installing/uninstalling a battery and the process would hang. One of those activities displays a progress bar and I could tell it was in a bad state because the bar would disappear and the animation would continue. The other one I'd just realize it was bad because too much time had elapsed and hovering over the job would show no further progress being made. I was able to fix these bad states temporarily by exiting and restarting the game. However, as time went on I encountered this more and more frequently to the point where would have to exit and restart the game after attempting pretty much any action.

One note about the data cards, in previous games I would be able to hover over them with the mouse and see that they said things like "door (open) PIN 1234" or something like that. I was not able to see that with character, but they had poor eyesight as a flaw, so maybe that's by design? If I stood on the data card and brought up the inventory then I could sometimes read the text by hovering over the card in the inventory ground display. I also noticed that after reloading the game many of the cards became unreadable, they'd just say "Data card, $30" or something like that.

Anyway, I returned to the pod with the loot from the freighter and replaced my three dead batteries with two full ones. I somehow managed to lose one of the three full ones that I'd looted from the freighter, no idea where it went. I was installing it, that activity got into a bad state, I restarted the game and was attempting to move the battery with the inventory screen and it just disappeared.

I undocked from the freighter and headed for the station to sell some of the salvage and buy some food and hull patches. I came in a bit hot and while the nav/docking screen showed me as still two clicks from the station I managed to ram it and rupture my pod, dumping my air. I was in the space suit, but the helmet was off. I left the docking screen and put my helmet on, which really didn't help much I still had zero pressure of course. Went back into the nav/docking screen, had to redo the docking request, but managed to dock with the station and get off the pod before dying?!

Some things to note about that.

Protip - wear your suit AND helmet when docking.

Also, the game is pretty darn forgiving about lack of air and high CO2 levels. While running around in the derelict freighter in the spacesuit my CO2 level got up to like 20 kPa which I'm pretty sure should have triggered at least headaches if not unconsciousness and death? Of course I was already tagged hungry expanding by this point so maybe that state overrode anything else?

Okay, so I did manage to dock with the station and get out of the pod successfully before passing out. I got the airlock doors closed on my breached ship and then went into the station to pick up food and other supplies. On the way in I saw piles of clothing and PDAs on the floor, so I picked those up to sell too. The two other people I saw on the station had apparently decided to drop those for some reason? Maybe because I docked with a breached pod and caused the station to lose some air before I closed the airlock doors?

Sold stuff to the store and bought a bunch of food, some drink pouches, a laser cutter, hull patches and some conduit. Tried eating a bunch of food to clear the hungry tag but no success. Had to exit and restart a lot during this process, the activity of eating seemed especially prone to triggering a bad state. Drank one of the drink pouches and it said that I drank some vodka? Would be nice to know what kind of drink is in the pouches. I did see some pouches were .04 kg and some were .24 kg, I think the former are alcohol/vodka and the latter are water?

Went back to my pod and patched the holes in the floor and walls to make it airtight again. Of course by this time one battery was drained, but the other is still full. Had to do a lot of quitting and restarting though because of getting into various bad states, so think it's time to abandon this attempt.

Some other thoughts.

It would be nice to have some documentation of some things, like the acronyms on the Nav and Reactor screens and the various states the character can get into. Hover text, PDA entries, external wiki, something. Maybe this is on the roadmap and we're just not there yet? I get the no hand holding thing and appreciate it, but the character presumably knows some of this info from the 5 - 10 year career of being a shipbreaker, yes?

Docking ranges seem to be suffering from "objects are closer than they appear" syndrome because I seem to run into things while still a thousand meters away or so. Particularly since my pod and the derelicts I've visited so far are sized in the tens of meters, not hundreds. I guess the station is bigger, but still.

Installing/uninstalling batteries. As items intended to be swappable - or maybe I'm wrong about this? - they take a significant amount of time to install/uninstall. Patching floors and walls/hulls happens faster I think.

Docking to the station should tie you into the local power grid shouldn't it? Or at least give you the option to if you want, for a fee. You should be able to top off fuel and gases too from a station connection for a fee too I would think? Maybe that's on the roadmap too?

Anyway, I had some fun and can see there's some good potential here!

It would be nice to have some documentation of some things, like the acronyms on the Nav and Reactor screens and the various states the character can get into. Hover text, PDA entries, external wiki, something.

The devs could start an official wiki, for example on Gamepedia. If I remember correctly, Gamepedia once offered to host an official NEO Scavenger wiki.

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Not even sure Gamepedia still exists (or if it does, it exists only as a brand subsidiary of Wikia/Fandom/whatever now), but yeah, an official wiki would be good.


Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool