A playthrough and things I've lacked.

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A playthrough and things I've lacked.

After a long break, I've returned and played NEO Scavenger again till what I assume is the so-far end of the main plot. The game sure moved far since it's old days of magical all-healing device versions and I am sure that it will keep being even better. Still, I've decided to share a few things I've noticed during the gameplay that could benefit from some tuning as well as just a regular buyer, I'd like to offer a few humble suggestions for the sake of the game being, well, even more enjoyable by me. I apologize for grouping it all into one big 'pile of all kinds of things'. While I can be not overly fond of such myself, I think it's still better than making a dozen of different threads.

First, things that are fine but could use some work:

- While the healing system is fine, I'd like to be informed when my bandaged injuries will heal. Usually I take the bandages (clean rags) off because of them becoming dirty again and message associated with it.

- Use of botany on found plants is quite tiresome. Drag the plant, drag the botany skill, proceed and then if you want to identify the rest of the berries/mushrooms for the sake of stacking, keep on repeating, consuming action points. Funnily enough, you can also not proceed as in the result's window you'll see what kind of plant it is. Still, some streamlining would be good - for example, I don't think it would disturb the balance if the skill would be applied automatically whenever some plant is found, identifying it without one having to resort to clicking.

- Same with recipes. If I find them, I would appreciate them beign added to my list without me having to move them into my inventory especially as after then they're useless and I have to move them back onto location's window.

- More options for encounters. There were situations when I had clearly advantage against some poor guy whom I provoked by breaking into (presumably) his house. I'd like to be able to have more options aside from 'shoot/whack the bastard', 'run away' and 'scare him off'. Maybe some negotiation, truce etc in the future could be a possibility?

- Connected to this and the issue some users on the forum seem to have with early-game encounters, maybe there could be a chance for non-lethal encounters with bandits? A'la 'don't move, let me check your stuff and I may even spare your life'. I mean, from the bandit perspective there's no point in attacking and risking injury fighting some confused lunatic in hospital gown and with one falling-apart shoe on his foot who clearly seems to be lacking in useful goods or at least common sense.

- Speaking of breaking in. I find it somewhat strange that no citizen on the outskirt of DMC had any issue with me breaking into their sheds and buildings I suspect were actually someone's home. Also, at times my activities caught attention of dogmen which I'd think should really avoid any bigger population centres (though one of dogmen I found in the area was bleeding and coughing blood, so in the spirit of immersion, I've assumed he was found by some brave and angry civilians before running away). But yeah, I understand they're dilapitated hobo dwellings (presumably) yet still, even in such places people usually do care about criminal stuff going down (if only because they're worried that if nothing will be done, they may be next).

- And if presumably all burned, damaged building are really abandoned, I quite much would like a possibility of breaking into habitated places as a regular burglar with possible encounters/risks as mentioned above but also a chance for better loot.

- Food values should be looked at. Lots of foodstuff actually takes care of thirst seemingly far better than of hunger, and I am not talking here about stuff like ketchup packets, while even IRL actually most kinds of food, even things like sauces based on water usually need quite some of body's water to be metabolized. In game my character (despite having regular, trait-less metabolism) has to eat sizeable amount of cakes and several cans of soup to just stop being hungry, and it takes him several pots full (maximum of three 'droplets' allowed by the recipe) of boiled water to quench decent, but not unhealthy level of thirst.

- Small fires should be still enough to boil water in a pot, realistically, though I understand there has to be some reason for bigger ones.

- Tuning up flea market. From what I've seen it's actually far easier to find good quality rifle on it than an actual bullet for it. Also, while I understand they may be somewhat luxury good, selling jelly bears one by one seems somewhat weird.

- Putting on rifle with a strap attached is weird. Somehow I expected to be able to just drag said rifle onto character's paperdoll to put it on his back yet I couldn't. Being able to add strap onto other things, like for example binoculars and hang them around the neck together with the amulet doesn't strike me as weird either.

I should end this post here. There are of course other things I hope to see in the future - more variey in items, more plot developments etc but of need for such I am quite sure everyone is already aware.

Whole list seconded.

I like this list, I think It clearly defines times where the game's engine is clunky or needs work.

I do feel, however, the food and thirst rates are good. As it stands your character needs abut 4-5 bottles of water a day. Assuming these are liter bottles, thats right in line with the strenuous activity your character is doing. As for food, it drops slowly enough that 2 cans of soup and maybe some snacks here and there keep you going pretty well. I can see how the bars look broken in the short term, especially when soup barely moves the food bar, but if you compare it the long term, it seems to work.

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I agree with this list and would like to add the following:

-I'd like to be able to empty containers without having to equip them or consuming their contents. Say for instance that I have a bottle of dirty water and I want to fill it with purified water. As far as I know in the current version (0.959b) I have to drink the dirty water before filling up the bottle with purified water. Also, pill containers have two slots, but it doesn't seem possible to shake the pills out of one bottle and putting them in another, to save space. Simply adding an "empty" option when right-clicking would fix it, I think. The items that were in the container could then end up on the ground, and could then be put in whatever container the player wants.

Same goes for finding a plastic bag or something like that, and seeing that it contains something interesting. To get at those things I have to equip the plastic bag, empty it out on the ground and then move the things from the ground to my carried containers.

-I'd like to see the use of sleeping bags simplified. I appreciate that you can lose a sleeping bag if you are ambushed at night and have to run away, but having to move the bag to the "ground" and from the "ground" to the "campsite" is just clunky. Maybe just make the inventory accesible from the Camp-tab? Related to this is the issue of campfires. If you light a campfire and put it in the "campsite" it will warm you, but will make you easier to detect. If you put in the "ground" it will still warm you, it seems, but not make you easier to detect.

-I'd like to be able to sleep indoors. Even if I have scavanged a fully intact "Shack in the woods" it seems that I'll be sleeping in the woods outside if I decide to sleep in that hex.

All in all I have really been... well, I can't say "enjoying" because it is very bleak, ala The Road, but I have been very engrossed by this game and look forward to its continued progress!

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You can pick up a sleeping bag and switch tabs to campsite without putting it down on the ground. Still, for the sake of easy gameplay, right click menu should have "Add to campsite" option for items like sleeping bags or noise traps.

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I second the list. The one I really like is more encounter options. I wish the NPC's would have extra traits listed, like mechanic or lock picking. I think it would be cool of you could negotiate the use of their skills or take them hostage and force them to do work. I want lights and heating at the cryo-facility, but it really isn't worth carrying those traits. Wish I could ask or force some random NPC or maybe a specific NPC to do so. There could be consequences, like word gets out where it is or you could double cross them.

Great game though. I love the Shadowrun vibe I get playing it and the direction it seems to be going.