subject ???? story of a men

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subject ???? story of a men

part 1 the awakening
*feeling extreme cold sensation in my body* * trying to move but my muscle are etremely ankyloser* am just gonna wait here ( saying that to him self) * the sensation of pain come in his neck while he talk*.-after some time he start to unfreeze- *the trelling of ant walking all over his body* -when he open his eye he see a dark place,floor made of ceramic slab and wall made of wath it seem to be concrete.he can see 3 other tube in face of him 2 man with a blue hospital jacket-

if you find any grammar error or anything else just say it to me :P

part2 the frozen box

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who i am * i can't remember anything abouth me*-am starting to look around me i find out that in the room there is 6 ''frozen box '' 3 pipe that go in the the wall and console when i see the floor - there is something alive here * when is here a sound a a huge dog or maybe a bear* -looking around to find some thing usefull it when he see a small tree in the side of the window that look strong anought to support my weight but then the thing come in the room-*the thing was with 4 feet wolk like but the way was made the leg was in 3 part like the human arm distribution but with the thumb claw at the mid arm , teeth of a wolf bu the ear and all his body was cover with a verry thick fur * A WEREWOLF ! -the werewolf me with the small tree oil on my hand smell me and go away so i check the console after being sure that the werewolf don't gonna come back i see the name philip kindered at the box 5- i can't even remember if this is my name or not.