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Crowbar w/ strap can't be used as a blunt object in recipes e.g. creating Lockpicks.

When reversing the makeshift foil pot from 31%: foil scraps received have 67% condition.

The makeshift 308 rifle can only be created from 2 already-existing 308 makeshift rifles. Nothing else has the "rifle parts" vProperty

The recipe for revolver repair doesn't work: there is a mismatch between recipe/ingredient/vproperties for the 'revolver parts'

The recipe for removing strap from the makeshift shotgun doesn't function

What is fire extinguisher used for?

It's a decent melee bludgeoning weapon, and it's used in the recipe to make the makeshift air gun

I can't seem to get all the augmentations equipped on my character. I remember being able to on a previous save until I had to do a new game cause I messed up and wanted to redo. I haven't updated the mod at all, I'm still on the same version. Not sure what is happening.

I figured out what the problem was. Characters only have 24 positive trait slots and the game won't give you anymore if it's full.

Hope it's possible to mod it to accomodate more.

is it because of the number or the physical image size that's limiting it?

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The perks grid itself can only hold 24 positive perks since each perk is 2x6 tiles big, not sure if that can be modified. What happened to me was I cheated in all the postive perks from the base game + the DevKit/BBC perks, then I went for the NSE perks from the augmentation clinic at Detroit. It was all fine and I didn't notice anything until I went for the last augment at the clinic. It told me I was ineligible for the operation. I did some googling and found out I was ineligible because I was maxed out on perks. At that point I was still gonna go after the legendary perks I didn't have.

I've just discussed this on the discord with dcfedor, and it's possible to change both the traits container and the size of individual traits to make more of them fit.

Under itemtypes there's an entry id 501 that describes the abilities UI container, aCapacities is the column that would need changing there. I assume the traits are also under itemtypes somewhere.

Thanks! Will check this out asap.

Good stuff! increased the grid size to 24x14 and in turn increased the positive perk slots to 28 from 24.

Although it seems to have broken the software for phones and laptops. The apps tripled in size and no longer seem to use their image files.

The mod doesn't include that many perks, even with all the augs. Are you using other mods with NSE? This mod is highly incompatible with pretty much anything that messes with vanilla content, so if that's the case, then editing the grid space they use won't do anything.

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I'm using the Devkit mod with NSE Using Devkits compatibility patch. I downloaded both around five days ago so both should be up-to-date with each other.

I reverted the edit and loaded in my save. It didn't crash, the skill grid is back to normal although I now have a skill outside of the grid. Not sure if that skill still works, gonna have to test it out since It can't be selected on the skills tab.

The problem with the phone/laptop programs are still there even after I started a new game so I'll reinstall later and see what happens. I've also noticed that most/all of the grid slots some devices have are completely blacked out. Very weird.

How up to date is that mod, though? The last 2 updates I made for NSE don't just add stuff... I removed and replaced redundant and/or buggy pieces of xml code. I don't remember what the changes were but using the compare addon in notepad++ should reveal the changes.

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I'll be redownloading the mods and reinstalling the game later to make sure everything is smooth. Gotta get some other stuff done first.
No worries if I can't get what I want since at this point its just me scrambling to gather info and figure out how to mod someone elses mod for my own personalized use.
Thanks to all you guys for the help and constant feedback!

hey click on the discord like up-top of the webpage and join us there in the modding channel.

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DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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DevKit intentionally doesn't touch vanilla content, for the purpose of making it easy to merge.

this person changed the gridspace though, so they did alot more than just merge two mods.

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DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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Hey I think I managed to incease the skills grid without causing any unforseen issues!
I reinstalled everything and decided to increase the grid sideways (30X12 instead of 24X14) and so far I haven't encountered problems! the issue with the programs haven't returned, and while the laptops no longer have some/all of their grid blacked out, phones still have 1 or 2 blocks in the grid blacked out. I think it's a fair trade and doesn't affect gameplay much. This change increased the skill slots from 24 to 30.

I don't use Discord much, but all this tinkering has me interested in making my own mod. No plans on starting just yet, but being able to ask questions and potentially get an immediate response is very valuable indeed. I'll check it out.

First of all, quite happy this is still active.

Now, I have a question. I set up a tanning rack and made a sheet of leather. It says "Leather Sheet (tanning). Is there some time component that will change it when it's done? Cause I can't pick it up, can't put it in my shopping cart, I can't even put it in my hand?

How do you get leather patches? I assumed that you'd get them by carving the leather sheet but I can't find any information on doing so on the front page of the mod and putting the sheet and a sharp edge into the crafting field doesn't seem to work (used an open multitool).

Any assistance leading to me to figure out how to get the patches needed to repair my backpacks would be very appreciated. And thanks for the great mod.

PS: I was very confused at the rawhide quiver being worth significantly less than their source materials, seems like it should be worth more or at least the same given the work and extra materials that go into making it.

Edit: I have put the tanning leather sheet in the tanning rack and I am currently hoping it will change over time, I did notice another thing though. The tanning leather sheet doesn't even show up in the "available ingredients" slot when crafting. I was hoping that maybe combining it with the tanning rack and sunlight might do something but my hopes were shattered.

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You have to let the sheet finish the tanning process in the rack. You'll notice their condition will degrade over time. When it reaches 0, they are ready to be useable. They don't show up as a recipe and cannot be simply carried while this process is not finished.

Maybe using the leather + sun should speed up the process but I'm not sure how to implement that.

Also, the quiver selling for less than the materials is an oversight. They should indeed be worth more.

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Yeah I noticed the condition degrading and figured I just need to be patient.
Is there any way at all to speed it up? Will having a campfire in the same camp speed up the degradation cause it seems to only degrade one or two percent every hour.

Yeah I got kinda sad when I bought a sheet of rawhide for 75 bucks to test the quiver and found out it was worth 35 bucks and I didn't have a real use for it, haha.

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As I mentioned, I'm not sure how to speed up a process without making it turn into another item. There should be a way to implement something like that but I can't think of it right now.

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Fair enough, glad I have botany so I can just camp around the hex where the process is taking place.

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Heyo~ I've been a huge fan of your mod and have been playing for so long. But I have never been able to figure if there is a way to make the dogman pelt safe to wear removing that debuff you get from wearing it raw... I have a tanning rack and have tried to see if that works but it just turns it into a rawhide sheet @[email protected] I've gone through pages and pages of this forum threat trying to find answers but have come up empty.

I don't think there are any negative effects of wearing dogman pelt

Yeah, that's not in this mod. I think Mighty Mod of D00M implemented that feature.

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Repairing a gas mask cartridge returns the spent cartridge instead of consuming it

Woops. I probably put that as a tool instead of as an ingredient in the recipe... It's the only think I can think right now that should cause that issue.

Pew pew pew!

I tried the recipe again and I might have just had a bunch of spares? It doesn't seem to be an issue any more..

Is the temperature reading being weird or are deer pelts actually warmer than dogman pelts?
Cause given the larger size and thicker looking coat of fur I would imagine the dogman pelt would provide more warmt but the HUD says the deer pelt provides more?

Just want to know which one is warmer cause nights are getting colder and I would prefer to have as much defense against hypothermia as possible.

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Good question. I'm reading the stats right now but I remember nothing about how this stuff worked. It's been a while, lol.

Imma post the stats for both coats:

MinSafeTemp: -42
MaxSafeTemp: -15
BodyInsulation: -2.5

MinSafeTemp: -21
MaxSafeTemp: -8
BodyInsulation: -1.5

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Dang it, googling didn't really reveal anything helping to decipher it.
From intuition I would guess the dogman coat is better for colder weather but can leave you exposed to overheating but that is just speculation.

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Another question, is there a way in this mod to "refill" spent gas mask cartridges?

Neo Scavenger is one addicting game

There is, yeah. You will need the spent cartridge + activated charcoal + other stuff I don't remember right now.

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I would guess pliers to pry it open, maybe rags.
Haven't found any cartridges yet but preparedness is always good.

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You can dismantle any% filters with a pliers, or you can make activated charcoal with a Still (requires Botany or Medic to make), some charcoal lumps + a couple other tools needed

Well, when the time comes, make sure to check your known recipes first. Every recipe you pick up will be saved so chances are, you might already have the recipe to make them.

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sorry but i am having a difficult downloading it, i keep trying to copy and paste but it wont allow me and when i download it i get a notebook app with a whole bunch of words so im pretty much failing at downloading it

to be clear, it's not even on your computer yet?

iirc it's dropbox, you'll have a download as zip option somewhere, or a download all option somewhere. either way, you're able to download the whole thing as a .rar file.

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DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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sorry but i am having a difficult downloading it, i keep trying to copy and paste but it wont allow me and when i download it i get a notebook app with a whole bunch of words so im pretty much failing at downloading it

i just found out about this game and its amazing, just trying to install this mod and i cant :(
When i try to open the rar file , an error message pops up saying file is damaged, can you check it ?,

try downloading again, I used it maybe a week ago without issue. i used 7-zip to extract it.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

How do you disassemble a bicycle? I put the bicycle on the crafting screen with a multitool and its not giving me options. I should note that I'm using that massive merged mod so it's probably that causing the issue but It might also be me doing it wrong.

Have you tried with more tools and maybe the mechanic skill? I don't remember the recipe but it wasn't as simple as to just put the bicycle and a multitool in the crafting screen.

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You need Mechanic, a Monkey Wrench, and screwdriver + pliers (multitool works for these two)

Thanks, that worked!

I've just had an idea , it's probably been said before but how about being able to order a pair of glasses from the clinic for 100$ or so to correct myopia.


Hmm... sure, I can do that. I'll add a new pair that can only be obtained like this. None of the current ones completely fix your miopia so pairs bought specifically for yours should almost completely fix it.

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no im very confused how to download it from dropbox

no im very confused how to download it from dropbox

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
Improve your mods.

Nice, thanks for the video. I'll add it along with the other one you made. :3

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So uh, how long is "Injured Foot" supposed to last?

I found a safe once, and my reward for cracking it was a bear trap around my foot. Awesome.

I have been hobbling around killing time for at least a month and it has not gone away. In the process my pansy little hacker dude has had to beat two dogmen to death with a freaking crowbar while suffering from Agent Orange and stomach flu after falling out of a tree twice and being shot three times.

I think I've earned my movement point back.

I plugged the save file into .minerva, but the whole thing is just numbers. I have no idea which integer contains my foot.

Side note: I'm sure this has nothing to do with your mod, but can someone please explain how I can blow someone's head open with a 12 gauge slug and they can happily continue to stab me?

like seriously I had to make a new email and now two usernames are basically dead cool stuff