Neo Scavenger is "EASY"!

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Neo Scavenger is "EASY"!

After years searching, I finally discovered it! Neo scavenger is too easy! Mainly the mobile game...

The game has everything explained on the Fandom Wikipedia's neo scavenger pages.
After planning a way to be a rich scavenger, I got Elusive and Unstoppable skills at ATN Enclave and got my way to Detroit.

The ATN Enclave can give you free food and medical assistance, but Detroit give you a "farm"! After using Elusive to get some tatical crap, scavenging buildings or using Dog-Be-Gone to get fur coats and cured meat were forgotten.

So, we need a harder game mechanic.

Actually the DMC guards use primitive weapons and gear (they usually get into fight with contaminated froggers or explore the Great Black Swamp without the gas mask protection). Their pistols were used at WWII and the shotgun... DMC is too big but poor to get a good arsenal?
The drones still working good but it's rare to one of the guards call for support.

The other NPCs... are all easy to deal with just a sling full of pebbles. The dogmen are a bit hard to deal, but if you scare them out with a clown head, they will try to threat their target and get exposed for an easy attack.

Well, I can't write more shit about this incredible good game but, at least, we need a harder game.

Idk where I am...
Well... At least I have cigarettes, yeah?

Neo Scavenger leaves very little room for maneuver to the player. We must survive, being almost naked, unarmed, and with special characteristics and weaknesses. We progress by monitoring each step, and build our adventure by learning more about what happened in this devastated world, in a complex adventure. On the other hand, the interface is very austere, in English, and only the bravest will go to the end. Try to support the developer, but be prepared to suffer to be strong.

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