Adobe to End Support of Flash in 2020

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Adobe to End Support of Flash in 2020

These open web technologies became the default experience for Chrome late last year when sites started needing to ask your permission to run Flash. Chrome will continue phasing out Flash over the next few years, first by asking for your permission to run Flash in more situations, and eventually disabling it by default. We will remove Flash completely from Chrome toward the end of 2020.

Anthony Laforge
Product Manager, Google Chrome
Jul 25, 2017

I bought Neo Scavenger to play on my Chromebook but since Chrome is ending it's Flash support along with Adobe, what am I gonna do now? Go to work? That's dumb. If Blue Bottle said anything about this let me know.

Unfortunately, I don't have a good answer here.

A while back, I made some decent progress on moving NEO Scavenger out of Flash into HaxeFlixel for desktop users. I ran into a roadblock, though, and had to return to Ostranauts work. I've since come back to that, and have a contract developer who might be able to resume that effort.

However, that doesn't solve the problem of the browser version. Or on your case, Chromebook users. And as someone without a Chromebook, I'm not sure what alternatives there are to running Flash apps in the standard browser plugin.

Third party plugin? Maybe some virtual OS that can run inside Chromebook's browser? Like I said, I don't really have any good info. Sorry!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games