Interactive Career History, and Administrivia

Hey Folks! Sorry for the lapse in news yesterday. I had a call run long, and then had to run for family stuff.

And today almost slipped, as well! Some errands late in the day, combined with some stuff I wanted to send out to unblock folks, meant I had to scramble at the last minute.

That said, I actually got a lot done this morning, and a fair bit yesterday. The screenshot today is a bit of a split-screen summary of that work.

First of all, I'm trying to get the character creation career history to be a bit more interactive. Previously, when a career was selected, you'd get one or more random events assigned. Things like "framed for a crime" or "gained a contact."

That was a good start, but there's an opportunity here for the player to participate more. So I changed things around such that we can give the player a choice during these events, and let them use their skills, character abilities, and plain old role-playing to proceed.

This screenshot shows the test scenario I made-up to see if it works. The player is approached by a coworker with a "shady deal," and they can choose how to proceed. They also get some special choices if they have the correct skill (in this case, Street Etiquette).

Below that, we can see the results of the career events. This character scored both a 4500USD prize for their street smarts, as well as starting savings from buying their first salvage pod. They can then use these funds at the beginning of the game.

This latter financial screen was the other thing I worked on. There were bugs in how I calculated totals, the current month, and some other issues. I also finally added the ability to change the month to see future and past financials.

So, despite my truancy, I actually have been getting a lot done! Just not so visibly :)


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If you are getting overwhelmed by work/life, feel free to drop posts to once or twice a week. Although I enjoy reading the day-to-day progress.

Alternatively, you could "hire" a volunteer tester or two from your horde of fans and allow them to submit progress posts through you.

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Coincidentally, I missed another post as you were typing this! stuff :)

Though, hopefully, most of the surprise interruptions are past us now.

You're right, though, that I should probably start thinking about ways for others to post updates. There are at least a few contractor folks helping me now, and maybe there are things they can say? We shall see!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games