Mouse Changes

Hey Folks! Sorry for the late news today. Had a school function to attend with the family.

Most of the work today was administrivia anyway. But I did manage to rework the mouse controls to try an experiment with streamlining the user experience.

Previously, you could open the context menu by right clicking and holding over an item. And right clicking a tile would walk to it. Now, right clicking opens a context menu. No need to hold. And if the tile under the cursor is walkable, a "Walk To" context option appears.

Subtle change, but hopefully a little less tedious to click around and explore, which was one of the more common complaints with testers so far. That, combined with the game auto-assuming you have the captain selected unless another drafted crew is selected, should make it easier to navigate the ship. No more mis-clicking and losing focus, or waiting for menus!

Anyway, figured I'd let you know what I was up to today, even if briefly. Have a good weekend!


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Most players have 3 mouse buttons. I hope you aren't limiting yourself to 2 just because that's the least common denominator. Alt+Right click or something can always be an alternative middle mouse button click if you need it to be.