Ostranauts PR, and Getting Back to Work

Hey Folks! I'm gradually clawing my way back out of the pile of notifications since launch. Between the various news posts, community sites, social channels, and my inbox, it's been hard to keep up. I'm trying to keep a personal touch, like I did with NEO Scavenger. I think fans appreciated it, and it's nice to know the creator of a game is human, too.

As for the results, by all accounts, it was a success! Steam wishlists are climbing, forums are spooling-up again, chatter is bubbling on various fronts. Just about 100% of the feedback so far is excited optimism, which is good. Lots of questions, still, but people are willing to give Ostranauts the benefit of the doubt.

So now that I'm officially out there, it's time to start looking at what's next.

Development has to resume, of course, and I'll have to prioritize what needs doing most. I still think I need to do more to close the loop. Probably more than anything else. I think the best way to summarize this is that the player should be able to do everything they need via game mechanics. So refilling O2 tanks, getting new food, refueling, recharging social needs...it can all be done now, but not reliably. So this could be a mix of tuning the in-game economy, but also adding more gameplay verbs.

I'm also starting to consider whether I should seek help. Not, like, psychological help. (Not yet, anyway.) But there's just so much to be done, and my bandwidth and skill may not be able to keep pace. Especially juggling all the other non-dev stuff. So this is weighing on my mind.

Ditto for artwork. Concept art, in particular. There's a bunch of cool visuals in the game already, but it could benefit from a few good concept pieces to spur imaginations.

Also, now that my design intentions are out there, I'm starting to get more specific feedback on certain design choices. One can't absorb and act on them all, but there are always some that are worth considering. So I might have to bring an open mind.

Anyway, so much for quiet development in my little corner of the web. Word's out, and people are excited!

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Great! I was wondering how the announcement went, whether it exceeded or fell short of your expectations, so I'm glad you already answered this. Since you mentioned the art, I remember that the menu art at the top of this very post was created by a particular artist. Wasn't there a concept image she created of an in-game view? Were you still planning to use some of her art for tile sets in the final product?

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Emily Siu? Yeah, she did a few ship mockups, too. And I love how they look, so I'll try to get some in-game art done in that style.

Unfortunately (for me, anyway), Emily took on some new work after that, so isn't available for the time being. If she does have time, though, I'd get her to do some more in a heartbeat!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Emily Siu, yes. I think her art is brilliant. And it seems (to me) to perfectly capture the spirit of the experience you're crafting here. I just love when art and design becomes so fantastically complementary. Even if you only end up using her art in the menu screen, it's still a nice attention grabber and a striking image for new players to see when they first start up the game.