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Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We managed to sneak in some yard work before a freak snowstorm hit Seattle. And now it looks like a proper Rocky Mountain winter out there. Pretty!

Back at the office, I continued gearing-up for the announcement. I decided over the weekend that I should really publish the vast setting info Michael and I have been working on over the past year or so. It's exactly the kind of stuff I'd fawn over while awaiting a game launch, back in the days when I had time to fawn over upcoming games :)

So this morning, I figured out how to setup a new content type for wiki-like articles, and got started adding entries. It took pretty much all afternoon, but there are now 30 articles of setting info, each about a page or two long. They consist of mostly locations or companies/products in the System. And there's a lot of lore and history to pick from the collection.

I also briefly considered adding the super-sized Xinhua article, which is easily 4-6 pages long. However, there's some content in there which gets confusing, since it's not clear where Xinhua on Earth ends, and the off-world Xinhua begins.

Similarly, there's a working timeline of events leading up to the game's current day (2079). I would like to publish that, too, someday. However, there are some details in there which need working out.

Still, though, 30 pages of lore to peruse seems like a nice bonus for anyone who wants to dig into the game lore, and immerse themselves in the world!

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Too pristine! Needs coffee mug stains and cigarette butts.
Or at the very least apply some random noise to the texture.

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Are you mad! What self respecting space ship crew would put a coffee mug, presumably with coffee in it, on the reactor control panel?

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Uhhh...showroom model :)

Seriously, though. I can't wait to add distressing to everything in the game. Might have to make a fun side project for myself: procedural dirt, grime, and garbage generator.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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I like the possibility that the older the part is, the more distressed and grimy it becomes.

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Yes! And the longer the ship is in transit.
Maybe have it be an order, "clean up your filthy mess already".
And then it gets a little bit better but not by much. :) Until you get a new part and it's all shiny!
Then greasy again in a day or so.