Concussion Effects on Player/NPC?

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Concussion Effects on Player/NPC?

In a recent game, I received a concussion from an out of combat scenario and was able to survive it without too much trouble. Afterwards, I was curious about the mechanical effects of the status actually were in the game since real world concussions have various effects that are harder to convey in the game. Is there any chance of getting at least a vague explanation of a concussion and maybe some other conditions and combat modifiers that affect the player and NPC's?

My research was only able to pull up some information from Dan regarding the duration of a concussion that did not incur further damage but not the effects. Another user on the Forums, @Kaavan, did sum up a lot of these details several years ago, but in my research, I also discovered the Wiki page for concussion didn't exist and thought perhaps a semi-official source of information would be best.

A concussion slightly increases detection level (how easy it is for enemies to detect you) by .06, decreases the turns you can take by 1, lowers morale by a bit (.15), and lowers defense slightly (.06). Concussions can stack, but are not permanent (having a duration of 100 turns), and are not fatal. Information from the conditions xml.

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