Crew Duties, and Teaser Audio

Hey Folks! Split day today between coding and audio review, as James sent his first draft this afternoon.

The coding started with a handful of smaller bugs I've been meaning to fix. And then I dove into a larger feature that has been missing so far: crew duties.

Currently, I can hire crew in a really basic UI, and they become part of my crew. I can then dictate whether they have permission to leave the ship, dismiss them from the crew, and toggle certain hourly shift settings (sleeping/working/idle). The shift stuff isn't functional yet, but the data is saved per-character.

Crew duties refers to their actual responsibilities while in those shift designations. Things like cooking, cleaning, maintenance, and firefighting. Rimworld and Oxygen Not Included players will see a lot of similarities here, as the UI does the same thing here as in those games. When the AI is deciding what to do, it checks against its currently assigned shift, and then this priority board, and figures out whether it should do "work" or self-service stuff like chatting, coffee, etc.

So far, the UI is just a mock-up, and I'm starting to add code to it next. Fortunately, I could borrow some chunks of code from the Roster UI, since they are similar in behavior.

Then James sent his latest draft of the sound effects for the teaser, and it's sounding good! I had a bunch of feedback on specific time signatures, but I think he's doing a good job of focusing on areas where sounds can enhance the teaser, and avoiding areas where it muddles things. Some really good audio effects in there, too. Can't wait to see what he does next!

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An alternative approach to "duties" would be that each crew member would have multiple abilities (as you previously described), each a particular skill level. However, you would decide which ability they would use as their primary ability, and up to 2 secondary abilities as well. As long as they are on the ship, they would implicitly provide benefits from those abilities to the ship (with secondary abilities receiving only 50% bonus). You could still provide animation of them doing their duties periodically.

Examples: A crew member with "reactor engineer" primary ability at skill level 4 would automatically make the ship reactor run at e.g. 20% (4x5%) better efficiency than normal. A secondary ability of "communications technician" level 2 would decrease debris scanning time by 5% (2*5% / 2).

To make it more interesting, you could also choose secondary skills such as studying and leisure, which could have other obvious benefits, at the cost of some of their regular ability benefits. Once selected, rearranging of assigned primary and secondary abilities could come at a cost, such as taking time or negatively affecting the mood of the NPC.