Android version crashes when i press End Turn.

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Android version crashes when i press End Turn.

Hello people, I've been playing this game on android for a while now, got quite far into it but today, after playing for a while it just crashed a few times.
Then it worked for a while until a specific time where now it crashes constantly when i end my turn.
I got quite far into the game and i don't wanna reset my save ? Is there a way i could fix this ?

PS: I am using an average phone with 3 gigs of memory, it slows down sometimes because of memory overload but had no problem running Neo Scavenger, it just doesn't seem like a memory related issue as i have 1 gig free memory for the game to run in.

Hi Keaton,

I apologize for the crashes. It's hard to tell exactly what the cause is based on that info, but it kind of sounds like a null pointer bug. Especially since you mention the phone has ample free memory.

Was there anything suspicious happening in-game around the time of the bug, or shortly before? Some examples might be items appearing in weird places, or missing items, creatures glitching out, or encounters exiting early.

Typically, null pointer bugs result in some odd behavior with a crash occurring shortly thereafter. And unfortunately, they can corrupt a save file if bad data was recorded in the save file. In some cases, the game can limp on for a while despite the bad data and crash later (or not at all).

A null pointer just means the game was trying to operate on a thing that was either already deleted or the wrong type. And this can be a result of both player action and NPC actions (e.g. creature dropping items/looting, dying, degrading items in the wild, etc.).

Anyway, if you have any clues as to what might have caused it, I can sometimes reproduce the issue in the debugger, and usually fix it. But the older the game session is, the harder it can be to pinpoint the cause.

Let me know if you can think of any clues on how to reproduce the issue!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

So sorry about the late reply. I was checking every few days but i must have missed your answer.

I really didn't notice anything wrong happening recently except it once crashed after i was getting away from the Skybike.

It reverted the entire event but nothing seemed out of place and worked fine for quite a while.
I remember items getting lost but it seemed like an NPC picked it up after i dropped my hoodie with a knife in it and forgot about it, when i returned i couldn't find it. (Although this happened a while before the crashes)

And last but not least, the crash happened really shortly after i got the Army Base mission from the Hatter. Maybe it's related to it ?

Anyways mate, thanks for the help in advance even if i can't fix my save.

No worries! It's been pretty busy here lately, anyway.

As for the crash, nothing you mention sounds like a smoking gun. As you point out, the NPC might've taken that item.

Have you gone through either of those encounters since? My guess is that the encounters near the crash are probably more coincidence than cause, or else I'd be getting a lot of bug reports about those two.

Whatever the case, there probably isn't much life left in that save if it's crashing like this. And whatever killed it got away from us clean :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Seems like it !
Time for a replay then...

Might aswell try changing the starting points while I'm at it to spice it up a bit. The android files looked like they share the files as the PC version with the same files, notepads and etc.
Will see.. thanks for the help, and for founding this great game !