[Bug?] Heat Stroke 0.953b

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[Bug?] Heat Stroke 0.953b

I was playing the newest beta version. Everything was going well. I choose
Strong - Tough - Melee - Athletic

Got into some tight spots, survived two dogmen. Got myself patched up.
Everything was fine. No infections. No thirst. No hunger. No illnesses.
I was scavenging. Putting together my equipment.

Then I got tired. Went to camp. Set up alert. Used a camping. And couldn't sleep.
Finally I died of heat exhaustion after trying to sleep for days. I always had
problems falling asleep. So I was wondering if this is intended. As mentioned
before, there were no wounds, infections or the like. Everything was shiny.;-)

Kind regards,

I need to do another play-through to be sure, but I used to be able to wear 3 shirts under my hoodie which was great for when it was raining, but I found while trying to sleep at any enclosed camp while wearing all those shirts, or while using the most common large sleeping bag seemed to cause heatstroke 9 times out of 10. I'll try it out again in this build in a few minutes.

This could very well be another layer of complexity I wasn't aware of.
In any case thank you for your thoughts, I'll have an eye on this too
in my next try.

This has happened to me too, there's a thread about it in general here. Dan is actually looking for a save game with the overheating problem so he can investigate.

Ah, thank you! I'm sorry I haven't noticed that thread. So this one is obsolete and can be deleted I think.
I'll tune over to the other thread in general.

I think I've found it. There's a bug in the load game code which causes the camp items to be applied more than once, if the camp is not the hex's default camp.

So if the player had the cryo facility camp upgraded with the heater, and saved their game there, the heater effects were applied one extra time. This effect was cumulative for each time the game was saved in that hex with the heater.

And since the hex only removed the normal amount of heater bonuses when you leave (1x), it's possible that some advanced games had piled up so many heater bonuses that the player effectively fried no matter where they ran to. Whoops!

I think this may have been the case for some other camp items, too, though the effects may have been more subtle.

Temporary Workaround

In case I'm not able to get a build ready for this evening, you can save the game in hexes where the camp slot has the default camp installed (usually open ground or forest). It should avoid the problem until I can upload a patch.

Sorry about the burning!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

"Sorry about the burning!" should be added to your signature, Dan. =)

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Hi, just wanted to add to the bug: looks like it might not just be camp items, but other things as well. Just mentioning it because I tried to get around it by not upgrading the heater and I still died from naked combustion even as I ran out in the rain. At the time my character was quadruple-layered before I got the heat stroke warning.

I don't know about the OS, but I guess it saves after the end of each day as well? I've been playing the web version and haven't been utilizing the save feature unless I wanted to restart.

This is explains a lot, the one time I thought I'd got a save with the problem on I reloaded it to find my guy completely fine. Didn't occur to me that where I was saving made the difference. Glad it's solved anyway, good catch Dan :)

I have a feeling that there is more than one instance in the code where effects inadvertently stack when the game is reloaded. This can also explain how you can be strolling along perfectly healthy & suddenly poop yourself inside out from diarrhea.

"Principles have no real force except when one is well-fed." - Mark Twain

Yeah, stacking conditions are one of the sneaky bugs in NEO Scavenger. They're like time bombs.

Though, the diarrhea is a symptom of certain legit illnesses. Maybe I just need to make it start more gradually? Rather than flicking it on like a switch?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

My guy just died of heat stroke too. Had made camp by the Glow, and i hadn't really deviated from any of my other games, which usually last till something kills me, tend to stay pretty healthy (ahtletic, botany, trapping, hiding, fragile, medic). This time my guy's heat spiked every time it rained. So when it rained, he would automatically get heat exhaustion. I'd take off all his clothes and the heat would go down, and when it stopped raining his temp would go back to normal. Then when it rained and i stripped everything off, it didn't go down enough to make him comfortable while it rained, but went back down when it stopped raining. Then it rained and he got heat stroke and died. The trigger for the heat spike seemed to be the rain each time.

Also preceding all this was my guy having trouble getting to sleep, which i usually hadn't had trouble with in previous games.

Edit: So i started a new game with same traits and the same thing happened again. Had trouble sleeping near the beginning and through the playthough, more than usually happens. Things were fine though for a couple of hours. However, after a couple of hours when it started raining the outside temp would spike again and my guy would get heat exhaustion. Take off clothes etc. brought it down. However, it got to the point where every time my guy tried to sleep, he had trouble and couldn't no matter what. Would keep spamming sleep (trouble each time) till it rained, heat spiked etc. So then i consumed a nanorobot med thing and now everything is fine again. So maybe not a bug, just some kind of disease. Just not sure which disease increases temp when it rains.

Hm, that sounds like a bug. I don't have any diseases that raise temperature when it rains. There is a "wet" effect, though, which maybe is getting messed up.

What traits/skills did you have in your fresh game? Perhaps I need to test a fresh game for a longer period, and pay attention to special cases like rain and sleep. I thought this was the camp stacking bug, but maybe there's a second effect? Could it be toughness?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Traits and skills with the current game are the same as the 1st run through: ahtletics, botany, trapping, hiding, fragile, medic.

I had originally been rolling ahtletics, botany, trapping and hiding in ver. 0.953b on the desktop, but introduced fragile and medic when i started playing 0.954b on the browser version. In the two goes in 0.954b where i've had this issue take place it seems to occur after about 5-7 days of game time, with my char having trouble sleeping fairly regularly from the 1st night, climaxing with not being able to sleep at all after about 6 days (at a rough guess). The first guy died of heat exhaustion after 7 days and 16hrs. When i played 0.953b i lasted longer ingame time, didn't encounter this issue and din't have as much trouble sleeping. Since using the nanorobot medkit in the current game where i've had the problem, i haven't had any heat issues in the rain (or anywhere else) or trouble sleeping at my super comfy and sheltered campsite.

As far as fires go, with the setup i have once i get a squirrel snare, lighters and a cooking pot i'm pretty much lighting fires 2-5 times nearly everyday to cook squirrels and boil water or tea in forests which are scavengeable. I don't light fires at my campsite. Lighting all these fires hasn't seemed to effect outside or body temp by much, it's the massive spikes while it's raining that have caused issues. These spikes happen wherever i am when the rain comes down, whether in camp, cooking, crafting, or just trekking through the wilderness.

If i can get it to happen again i'll make a copy of the save file.

Okay, for the first time in awhile I got it to happen again. Before, I was avoiding use of the lab camp but decided to try again just out of curiosity. I noticed that, yes, it did seem to start up in the rain for some reason.

Even more curious, when I was switching camp sites, I could see my heat levels rise. This isn't from switching from outdoors to comfy indoors either, but from the exact opposite. It stopped raining afterwards and the heat levels went to normal, but once I walked around outside (where it said I was shivering!) it started raining again and I was approaching heat stroke again. I stopped the game from there just to see if I can extract the save file in some way.

I will also add that the indoors camp was totally unmodified: didn't add lights and didn't fix the heat. Didn't even light campfires on the space, either. I've done fires on that spot before discovering the lab on that space and it didn't do anything.

I'm starting to wonder if it's related to fire. I forget that fire adds heat comfort and usually as soon as night starts I start a fire and tinker away. Of course it also dies several turns later, but then the naked combustion starts to kick in.

Reviving the thread as unfortunately the bug resurfaced for me yesterday. At some point, my completely healthy, bought-edibles consuming character started getting warmer and warmer till he died of heat stroke quite far in the game. Taking off clothes and camping during rain was still not enough to save him. Also, amusingly - related bug or not - when I was taking off clothes the bar of outside temperature was changing for some reason.


Here is a savegame in which this bug seems to occur. I'm inexplicably overheating, and as others have mentioned, am forced to camp out in the rain naked. One notable thing: I haven't been camping in a non-default area. It's the city I'm currently in or next to. I have put a campfire in it at one point, and I have had multiple sleeping bags in it as well, though currently only have one.

Thanks for the savegame. I tried it out, but it looks like the save/load removed the issue, since everything was pretty normal in my testing (no overheating, even after putting clothes on, creating a fire, waiting for rain, etc.).

I'm starting to think that it might be best if I rewrote the body temperature code. As it stands, it uses a rather complex formula, and there are so many variables that it's possible a certain combination causes runaway body temperature. It might make sense to use something more simple, since it would be more reliable.

And since the issue has been coming and going for so long, it's probably due to the core formula anyway. I've made a "note to self" to try rewriting that section once I'm back on features and bug fixing again.

Thanks guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Saving and loading has had wonky effects before. I'm not surprised the issue went away; it went away for me too.

It might be bold of me to say, but I feel it'd be worth it to examine the saving and loading code before you mess with body temperature code. I've run into many anomalies; I'm fairly certain saving and loading once instigated this problem rather than fixing it; repeated loads made my character die of heat exhaustion within mere turns because it stacked up so much.

Hm, if loading a game actually causes it to happen, that's something worth investigating. That might point to a problem in the camp items, instead of the player. The way that player conditions are applied during load make it pretty unlikely that it's something the player carries around, but maybe the way campsite conditions are applied is causing it.

I've added that consideration to my note, so I'll check that too. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

No game loading at all, All of a sudden the temperature goes up and you get heat stroke four rounds later- I noticed It might actually be raining every time.

Might be a bug with the cryo facility too, standing there in just shoes and the hvac hasn't even been upgraded yet.

Hey Byzanthei,

Which version of the game are you using, and which browser/OS, if applicable? I thought I had fixed the heat stroke bug a few versions ago.

Also, is it possible that your save game was started in an earlier version of NEO Scavenger?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games