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I'm in the newest version 1.2.8 (android moto g 5 _ 8.0-8.1) and I can't learn crafts.
For example, in my newest save, I got an arrow from an enemy (don't have ranged skill) and I deconstructed it to "learn" how to craft it later. It even got saved in my crafting recipes, but no matter what I put on (or even if I select it with all materials), it won't be made.
Idk if it's from the real game (pc) like a feature "lol u dumb" (even that I'm a old player) but I would like to know.

This is normal, though probably could be clearer. The problem is that you lack the ranged skill, so you cannot create ranged ammunition. One of the required "ingredients" of the recipe is the ranged skill.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games