[WIP][Merge]NSE + MoD + Over + FishingMod + ShoulderMod + BottleMod + BackpackMod + Horses + DevKit + BlueRot + TrainingMod

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Did you at least receive the app in the flash memory? At least that it was supposed to be fixed.
As for the other issues, thank you for replying. I will try to address them after I finish coding a tool to help me out with this type of tasks.

I did receive the memory stick but not the app.

Since I fixed that on v0.6 (last one), for sure you've got the v0.5 installed or you forgot to replace the getmods.php file. I just checked the package with all the mods and the changes are there. In Mods\MasterOverride\MoDPatch\img there are the two new images for the app that basically reduces its size to fit on the memory stick.

I've reinstalled from the combined pack, 0.6 link, and the github page. The images are there but they're not showing in game.

That doesn't make any sense. But as a last resort replace the original images with mine at least this should do the trick.

That seems to have done it. Don't know why it wasn't working before. Thanks for the help and for making this pack!

No problem. Stay tuned since it will have more versions.

Quick question,

What mod or patch makes it where there is an interaction screen while "using" a forest? I'm trying to gather a ton of twigs and bark and the screen kicks you back onto the main map after one collection. Just looking for a way to make my life easier.

I know what you mean, I thought exactly the same thing. The behavior was added by the Extended NeoScav mod. Maybe I could do something about it after I finish coding a tool that will help me with merging and fixes.

Sure, that would be much appreciated! Thank you very much.

Forgive me for my computer illiteracy, but how exactly do I go about installing this? I download the mod folder and extract it into the neo scavenger folder but it seems to be nested in such a way (All mods being about three separate folders deep since 7zip creates a new folder on extraction) that it doesn't load up the mods, but when I look at all the folders there's so many different get mods and folders containing four or five mods and their overrides that I have no idea what needs to go where.

The trick was that newly created folder on extraction, you should have chosen to "Extract Here" instead of "Extract to AllModsPacked\", nevertheless, now just copy the getmods.php and Mods folder to be on the root of neo scavenger folder. It should ask to replace at least the existent getmods.php where you need to choose "yes".

This is a really great combination mod. The work you put into it really shows.

At the moment, I'm trying to reconcile the MoD cans in order to make them capable of being used in noise traps. I can see that the NSE cans can be used, but I'm not finding a reason why the MoD cans can't be used. They have the same vanilla properties as the NSE ones, so I don't get why it's not working.

Thank you for noticing that, I will merge can properties later on after coding my tool, the issue is that the vanilla recipe was overridden from <column name="strConsumed">1x13+1x77+1x25</column> to <column name="strConsumed">1x13+1x77+1xNSE:127</column> where the NSE:127 ingredient needs this properties 0:8&0:9&0:10&0:16&4 and so it means that the MoD cans need to have at least 0:8&0:9&0:10&0:16&NSE:4 on the vProperties field and it should work

Oh, that worked! Thanks so much!

I know that NSE removed the capability of plastic bottles to be used as noise traps from the vanilla game, so now I can add them back in.

This mod could really use an abbreviation, or some sort of short hand. I get that the name gives a full scope of the merge, but it's aggravating that part of my brain that likes order.
Actually, if you used spaces, it wouldn't take up so much space. It would be able to wrap instead of requiring one enormous line. Maybe put spaces between the mods and the plus signs.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Thank you for the feedback, I added the spaces on the topic title. As for the name, right now I called it MasterOverride since this in reality is not a mod, just overrides all other mods to solve the conflicts between them.

There is a bug I would like to point out, the training mod doesn't seem to work at the ATN Enclave when I click "Speak to the training master" it doesn't give me any option other than return to camp. I doubt that it's my game since I have a clean, unmodded game.

Yeah that kind of issues might happen, I did everything manually so it is prone to errors like this. Since this is a game breaker issue I will try to look into this ASAP. Although, can you help and share your save file with me so I can test the behavior? I never reached to the ATN Enclave on my gameplay because when I started playing I was on vacations and decided to make this merge and afterwards, I started coding a tool to help me visualize things and later on helping me editing them easily and I am still working on it on the free time I have.

Yes I would gladly share my save file but how can I share my saves? It's already in a .rar

Just sent you a DM.

After losing a considerable amount of time I can only conclude that the reason that it is not working is because of game limitation/bug on maximum amount of custom dialog choices not per screen but on all program. Since I have limited the scope to Extendend NeoScav Mod (not including the vanilla override) and Training mod, comment all itemtypes of Extended NeoScav and everything on Training side was working, started addind Extended NeoScav itemtypes (where the custom dialogs are defined) one by one and testing until something was wrong on the Training side and when I have reached to that point I comment the last itemtypes entry that broke the Training mod custom dialog choice and add another itemtypes with the 0:86 vProperties and it would happen again and that's the reason for the conclusion. Now, I am not sure if the developer will fix this ever but I will open a thread with this problem.

A bug that results in a maximum number of dialogue choices programmable into the game? That's a pretty major problem.

I am not 100% sure but from my point of view, that can be the only explanation and yes a major problem since mod merging will have a huge limitation. I opened this topic and now let's wait to see what will happen.

The fix that the developer gave works! Now, there's the question of fixing the Mmod shoes. They need the NSE condition 88, however I'm unsure of the exact syntax to make it work.

Also, all hail Dan Fedor. May he grace us with an expansion pack :)

I have just uploaded the fix to the training mod, please replace all files again, since there was another similar issue on another treasuretable item that could break the dialogs at some places.
Thank you, commode7x, for identifying the shoes problem and the right condition that they were missing. I added this condition (NSE:88) to all MoD itemtypes that had "(shoes)" in the name so it should be working.

Regarding the expansion pack, I am not sure if it will happen, I think he is working on Neo Scavenger 2 which hopefully will not use flash because it is very cumbersome and unnecessary CPU intensive.

He's working on a totally different game, based in space. Neo Scavenger makes brief mention of a spaceport and offworld locations, so he's been basing it on that. However, alot of the game's fans would really like a Neo Scavenger 2.

Also, I saw that the cans don't have the NSE:4 property in this version, so I went ahead and added it to my own setup.

Edit: Personally, I wouldn't mind looking into buying the rights to Neo Scavenger once the game's income stream drops enough.

I forgot about the can properties because it was on my to-do list after the coding of the tool, but since it is a relatively quick fix I have updated the mod now with the changes to hopefully change only the empty cans so they can work on the recipes.
Unfortunately, I am not able to accompany the news on all the projects that are being developed, have a lot of them at work and those I need to keep track :)
Also, if you do pick up the rights I wish you the best of lucks. I think that there is a space for a continuation and that the people would adhere if it was done right.

https://bluebottlegames.com/node/4925 Could you add Kaaven's Depths of Gyges mod to this as well?

Seems like there would have to be another compatibility patch, since NSE also edits some recipes that are in the Gyges facility.

Since this mod only have 10 vanilla overrides and only two of them had conflicts with other mods I decided to open an exception and add it right away. I am coding a tool that in the future will make mod merging really easy, instead of exponentially difficult with addition of more mods. When that's done I can merge all mods made for the game without loosing to much time, and fine tune their interaction with each other with the help of you guys. The tool first will work as a in game viewer but its really on early stages.

Another bug found. When i craft a reinforced sled (sled+15mech parts+mech skill) and then add strings to the sled, it loses the "reinforced" status, and i need to reinforce it again. I think it is related to overhaul mod.


works fine on the standalone version, seems to be a problem the OP created.

OverHaul Mod
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Thank you for pointing that out, I will fix it in the future.

I cannot train at the ATN :( Also, i can craft infinite broadhead arrows at the arrow crafting station, it doesn't use up any arrows, just small parts (it is to mention that my arrows were in a Greenwood bow in my hand, after crafting arrows, the bow dissapeared but my original arrows were still in my hand)

The ATN train issue should be fixed in this last version, it was a bug in the original training mod code. Try it and let me know afterward if it is still happening. About the crafting issue you mention, thank you for letting me know. I will fix it at some point later.

Little question... how to craft a crowbar with /w strap
the craft vanilla doesn't work.
Thanks for your help and thanks for your big job :) it's geat :)

Thank you, it will be even better when I finish coding the game editor and fix the current issues and merger more mods :)
Yes, Extended NeoScav changed the recipe to use
1x52 -> 1 Crowbar
1xNSE:37 -> 1 Strong tying object (quality strap, string rope, rawhide strap)

The quality strap can be obtained only by dismantling things (I think).
The rawhide strap:
Tool: 1x0:14 -> 1 Sharp edge
1x36 -> 1 RawHide

The string rope:
10x0:18 -> 10 medium thread

great ^^ thank you :)

I had a little trouble understanding at the moment because of "0:18, 0:14" ^^
but it's good I finally my crowbar with a strap ^^

At random I allow myself to ask you a question.
I have been working for a while on a translation of the game.
Overall it works pretty well ...
but alas the game does not include the letters "é à ù ..."
on a forum I was told that it will probably change the font of the game ... you can not do this by chance? :)

Thank you again for your answer and your work ^^.

You, me and everyone...looking for info on XML files is not trivial. The tool I am making will be a viewer at first because of that, so everyone can find what they want easily.

Now about the game translation, from my understanding of implementing Unicode compatibility within programs, it requires game code to be changed since XML files are on UTF-8 and Windows uses UTF-16 conversions need to be done, also the game was done in flash, not sure if it uses the same format as Windows, so changing fonts does not suffice (this doesn't seem to be possible also). By curiosity you speak Spanish or Portuguese? ("é à ù" are from Latin charset)

hi no ^^
i'm french :)

it's complicated ... and my knowledge is limited.
it's a shame because it's a very good little game, but the impossibility of translating it limits a lot of people. : /

Training mod still doesn't work. I cannot train at the DMC and still cannot train at the ATN. ( I installed the mod correctly)

You're right, I am sorry, I f****d up at some point making the package and used the older getmods.php file which basically ignored the fixes I had made on the training mod. Now it should be correct and working. Happy new year :)

Don't sweat it man! happy new year! Thanks!

ATN training works now, but training at Robert's is still glitched. Also, there is an infinite money glitch ( you go to the DMC at Johnny's Pawn Shop, and buy as many smartphones you can for 35$ each, and then sell them at the market for 60$)

honestly money is kinda easy to get anyway so that glitch is no big deal.

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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If you can, upload your save game at Robert's and share the link and I will check it out, maybe it needs a similar fix than the one done for ATN. About the money, thank you for mentioning it, I will not fix it for now but in the future, I will pick all the issues mentioned in this thread still unsolved and fix them.

Thanks for the greatest collection of mods ever ^_^, very much appreciated and surprised that people still mod and patch mods, I had some concerns though on some small things though seeing the grand size of this, it's not really big of an issue, but it seems there are 2 'hurt feet' conditions, or atleast one that says injured foot and one that says hurt feet, I was just hoping if one could get removed as it pretty much stacks 2 negative modifiers on movement :P, makes early game a bit more harder than it should be in my oppinion. Other than that, everything is great.

Thank you for your feedback, I will check and try to fix that later. If you find anything else continue reporting ;)

Got an issue to report. Please wrap the mod up in it's own folder and update the URL's in the getmod accordenly. Currently, installing this mod overwrites the standalone versions of other mods in my Mods folder.

This will prove problematic if your versions included in this pack, differ from the standalone versions on the users computer (like if an update comes out for MMoD and this mod hasn't done the same)

OverHaul Mod
DevKit is an upgraded BBC mod.
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