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Wow, I gave up trying to do the merging, as i found too difficult for me. Ill check your mod, good work!

@Kaaven there's a bug when you combine hardened spear with glass shard and small string to make a makeshift broad spear. After 4 strikes when it falls apart, you're left with a sharpened spear in hand and your hardened one is on the ground (it spawns the sharpened one)... that's why I don't use the makeshift broad spear, because I don't wanna use the sharpened one after 4 strikes (because it's so much weaker). I really don't know if someone already wrote about this "bug", didn't check. I need to get back to my session of playing your mod..

Hey man.. Thank you for this mod it really deepens the gameplay and adds to realism immensely, you're really awesome.

Magic all around...

It's sort of a byproduct of one of the core features of the mod, just use the hardened spear on it's own until you can produce a metal spear head as the logic behind it's tiny durability is that the glass fractures extremely quickly on use.

(probably going to be difficult to produce a knife spear in the latest version though as scrap has increased in rarity in the latest update to the mod, I would recommend playing version 0.99 unless kaaven returns from hiatus)

" The devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell. I told him I need no map for I know the darkness well "

Hello, I don't know if its a known issue but when I get to the administrative district and sign up for the program they only give me an empty flash drive without the app, is it a bug?

You are also using Extended NeoScav Mod aren't you?

Hi guys, I know this forum isn't as active as it used to be, hopefully someone can help out. Does anyone know where to find the HQ for the sanitation work in DMC?

Can you heal the Hurt Feet somehow? Edit: Ah, they heal automatically after a couple of days.

Hummm... So this happened: I was coming back to Gyges Cryo Facility from a longer scavenging run. When I returned, the game seemed to be forgotten part of the map that I had already been around, and additionally the camp site for Exam Room 17 in Gyges Cryo Facility just plain disappeared.

I'm also running the Depths of Gyges mod, as it brings the much needed additional story element to the area, and I love it. But after going back inside the facility and entering the Exam Room 17, it's still not usable as a camp site.

Any ideas what's the problem here?

Update this wonderful mod!

I've just noticed that with the new "flip flops" that are added using this mod, you cannot run while wearing them.

i feel as though this is incorrect, cause as a proud Australian, I can confirm that you can run in them

Hey Kittenz, do you mean the pink flerp flerps? I'm pretty sure they are Neo Scav vanilla. I also would say that running in flip flops is a pretty challenging task, and as Philip isn't Aussie I feel that he would definitely be losing them flerp flerps all the time. Also, think about running on uneven terrain.

Reuploading my fixes & edits from two pages back.


Basically fixes the grammar & spelling errors in a lot of encounters, tweaks a few items' values very
slightly for balance and consistency, and adds a few tasties to the Fields of Dead aspect of the game.

INSTALLATION involves dragging & dropping everything from NEO Scavenger folder into your NEO Scavenger folder, and overwriting. Make sure M(m)MoD is already installed before overwriting.


just a weird question... I think that the mod kinda made it impossible to dismantle DMC drones. anyone has advice for it?

nvm I'm an idiot just need a monkey wreng/hammer too

This is for anyone who have encountered the "You decide to not try scavenging for now" for MoD custom scavenging spots. This problem is likely that you have a mod that overwrites the original encounter id>42< from the MoDZero folder. To fix this, find the neogame.xml of a mod later in the getmods load order that did the overwrite and and add this to the end of aResponses:


For me, the issue was the Fishing mod that used the outdated merge with MoD