Writting at the bottom of screen, and crashes Android.

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Writting at the bottom of screen, and crashes Android.

Android version.


Not sure if it is something I did.

Also, when trying to load, sometimes it will crash. Hopefully you got the reports. Happens quite a bit. But after i reload again, usually it works fine.


Hi LucaNatoli,

The strange writing at the bottom of the screen is not your fault. It is an issue with the official website, where the news text comes from. I hope to have this solved soon.

As for the crashing, can you tell me a bit more about it? Is it crashing when you try to load a save file? Or during another time?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Sure, it is when i load the game, i press continue, it loads the blocks, then when it says game loaded, it freezes then crashes to back to the android ui (as shown in pics above).

Thanks for the details. And did you say that trying again sometimes solves it? Or do you have to start a new game?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Reloading will sometimes (80% of times fix it), but sometimes i have to reload twice then it seems to work (or reboot my tab). It also crashes sometimes when exiting the game, but that doesn't matter as it saved the game.
Besides that, there is nothing else. The rest runs flawless and great. Is there something I can do from my end to help or solve the issue?

Hm. That actually sounds a bit different than the save/load bug I've heard reported before. This one almost seems like it could be memory related. Like the app is running out of memory. (Particularly since it gets better after a reboot.)

Does this happen in every game? Or only on games where you explore more of the map?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Only happens on yours. My tab has 4GB of ram. I play multiple games, from yours to DayR and Sheltered. Even play the latest games like Last Day on Earth.
Zero lag on any of them, and no crashes, and they are heavier than your game. DayR for an example is pretty much identical to how your game operates, more graphic heavy and a very huge map, no lag or crashes on that game.

Hm. That is strange.

The fact that this is happening when loading a save game normally would mean ram or a corrupt save. But your device sounds pretty powerful, and you mention that the save file works if you try again.

Does this happen with save files that are small? Like near the beginning of a game? Or is it usually later on, when more of the map is discovered?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Sorry for the delayed response.

I really cant answer that, i am not very good at the game, i keep dieing lol. So i dont get to uncover much of the map :(

So i would say, yes, it is near the start or when the map is only a bit uncovered. Not to sure. Game is hard, still trying to work out the water, like water at worth $0.25 is crappy? Not too sure.

I am getting a new tab next month, samsung galaxy tab s4 (the latest that comes out this month) so if the game does the same thing on that device i will let you know. Unless you think clearing the cache and data might help?

I'd be interested to know if the change in tablets makes a difference. I would expect there to be a lot of talk about this bug if it was more common, and I'm a little bit hopeful it's just a quirk with that device :)

Clearing the data and cache is worth trying, but as I'm not sure what causes the bug, this is just a shot in the dark. Can't hurt, though!

As for the water, $0.25 water usually means it is impure. Or at least unidentified. Purified water is $5.00 per item (2x per bottle-full). It's always best to purify water before drinking it, unless you're sure it's safe.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games