Connecting the Pieces (Conspiracies)

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Connecting the Pieces (Conspiracies)

I've done some digging, and I think I'm ready to start revealing what it is I've found in my detective work. Please feel free to suggest any interpretation for what follows.

About Agrasanto

Spoiler: Highlight to view
The following was taken from in-game news articles, not including only-headline articles: "Sowing the Seeds of Destruction" and "Vat's for Dinner, Mom? Why, Cloned Meat!"

"Agrasanto corporation successfully lobbied the dismantling of Svalbard Seed Vault last Tuesday. Arguing that the collection of seeds represented a contamination risk for its own line of genetically modified seeds, aggressive marketing and lobbying pressured the Norwegian government to dismantle the seed vault project. Agrasanto seeds are used in over 73% of global agriculture, and contamination of even a single strain of the Agrasanto seed could devastate food production worldwide."
As you can see, the genetic engineering giant Agrasanto had seed vaults legally dismantled. I believe that this was a main cause of the black swamp, since most of the plants wouldn't be immune to a certain disease- more on that later.

"Agrasanto broke ground today on its first animal-free meat-cloning facility. Detroit plays host to a revolution in food production, as cloned meat cells are grown within blocks of the families who will consume them. With a vastly reduced environmental and physical footprint, the cloned meat facility represents a leap forward in food production and infrastructure."
This is one of the few, if not the only, mentions of food cloning in the game. The article says that the new advancement would improve infrastructure. As we already know, this was not the case.

"Agrasanto Congealed Grease Popsicles: Meat without the heat!"
This was the headline of an article with no visible description. Agrasanto was indeed expanding its hold on the food market. I have reason to believe Agrasanto also owned (completely or large shares of) Corn-a-Cola and Wavs. In further articles, Corn-a-Cola is said to have abundant sugar and caffeine. What better way to secure a a market than to get all the consumers hooked.

"Hyperpreservatives: Bacteria are scared to eat it, so you don't have to be! Just one more way Mr. Johnson Company is watching out for you."
We now know that Agrasanto was a major food and genetics industry player. If they created such an advancement as cloned meat, why wouldn't they expand further? I believe that Agrasanto wanted more and more income, and making it so that harmful bacteria can't use your product would be a great way to increase the amount going to market. But as many of us probably know, the use of high end chemicals usually leads to the strongest bacteria living, and multiplying into supper bugs. More on this later.

I believe that the industry giant Agrasanto was a major player in the creation of the black swamp. I'll give more information on that later. Essentially, Agrasanto wanted to further its hold on the food market, but over expanded, and inevitably wiped the gene pool. However, Agrasanto is not the only suspect in this, as I will disclose later after further analysis.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Awesome, just looking for one of these threads.
Thanks a lot for your contribution.

Took me a while to found out about the lore, played about 20 times and only made noteworthy progress on 3 gameplays, reaching the endgame on only one of these.

Now, what I found about Phillip:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
From what I could understand, Phillip was a conspiracy nutjob obsessed with the paranormal. He not only investigated thoroughly paranormal phenomenon, he also kept record of them and tried to find logical patterns between such. The thing is, he did such an esplendid work, that what he found was pretty much true. It is implied that all the info he gathered and the way that he patched up everything together means that these doings were Phillip's lifework. Naturally, this upsetted government agencies that studied the paranormal and kept this info secret (which in many opportunities took down his online knowledge-sharing network, the NEO wiki, and also probably got him locked up on an asylum), and certain paranormal entities (the Merga Wraiths, which appear to be guardians of the occult. It is implied that they were behind the mysterious disappearence of many important people who knew too much.)
He turned to the anishinaabeg for help against the Wraiths (and to do further research about paranormal phenomenon), which crafted him a talisman that kept these entities at bay.
Apparently, he kept this source of knowledge well-hidden in the DeepWeb, and attracted the attention of many other afficionates of the paranormal, who helped to rebuild the wiki whenever it got shut down. One of these afficionates was Cale McAllen's father, who seemed to have suffered a similar fate than Phillip: he got trampled in a lifestyle of paranoia and disconnection with those who surrounded him, and also got locked in at the Saginaw Mental Institution.
I'm missing the piece of the story which explains why he was checked-in at the cryo facility or what Gyges is. I'm also curious about how the Saginaw Mental Institution became a church for a doomsday cult.

Of course, this needs to be backed by some other people who found more about Phillip too. I would love if someone could provide some pointers, such as further info, corrections, and the like.

I have to admit, I grew somewhat weary of playing the game over and over and over again, and some things that I want to know more about is the radical change of the enviroment, what role did the gov played on this, what is Camp Grayling, why do monsters roam freely in Michigan and what happend with Detroit.

heres a tip if you want to know all of the newspapers(headlines) go to the data folder of the game click headlines and tada all of the headlines not the encounter.

Edit:When you asked Michelle about the spirit(merga wraith) she says i dunno maybe it hates the internet
and then a few playthroughs later i killed the merga wraith i went inside the portal after grabbing all the items and then i went to that computer? which has the NEO website onwhich is proof that you are right about NEO members