Chargen Map, and Orange Jumpsuit

Hey Folks! Managed to get some gamedev done today, resulting in the new character generation room you see above.

As you may recall from a couple weeks ago, I want to try creating an in-game room for managing character creation. The player can walk around the room to various stations where they can edit their character before beginning a game, and this room is setup sort of like an airport waiting area before they board their ship.

I had the art for each kiosk already done, but today, I was able to add game data for each. Enough to add them to the layout you see above. I also got enough data setup for the sink to be interactive, and a quick-n-dirty UI for choosing pronoun and portrait.

That's where I hit a snag, however. It seems that once the player interacts with the sink, it doesn't know which UI to load. Something is deleting that data from the sink between when the ship is created, and when it gets loaded. (And duh, I think it just occurred to me why. Yay for rubber duck debugging?)

Anyway, I'll need to patch that up next.

You can also see the other bit of work I've been able to complete: the orange jumpsuit. This is one of the other designs Emily put together for characters. Sort of as a test for high-detail outfits on avatars. I really like it! It might end up having legibility issues due to the dark spots vs. the floor pattern, but I'm going to let it stay that way for now. It's just really refreshing to see a variety of outfits walking around now, in addition to different portraits. Starting to look like an actual crew!

So I'm going to go check that UI bug now that I have a clue, and hopefully more to report tomorrow!


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Looks more like an HEV suit straight from Half-Life than jumpsuit to me. :)
Could probably just change color of black shoulder pads to make it more distinct.
Then you'll just need a bunch of hair styles/colors, a different model for females and I'm sure they'll already look pretty presentable.

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They're waiting for you, Gordon. In the Test Chamber.

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Ha! I didn't even think of that, but you're right. Definite HL vibe with that color scheme.

And you are correct: the head/hair and hands will probably need to swap for different characters. Unfortunately, I baked the skin color into the lower arm sprites, but I think I reserved a slot for separate hand sprites just in case. So hopefully a minor fix!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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One more thing bugging me a bit: a cord phone style receiver in the future?
Even using it as an icon is questionable; those things are already pretty much non-existent. That'd be like someone using a candlestick phone ( icon in modern times.

PS. He also looks a bit like Hiya Poopy's distant relative!

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Re: old phone receiver icon, you'd think it was out of date, but it actually still gets a lot of mileage. It's is still pretty universal in places where a phone service can be found (including Android and iOS phone UI).

As for the kiosk, I agree most folks will have a handheld wireless unit (i.e. smartphone) for this type of stuff. Even interplanetary comms are likely handled like long-distance phone plans (your handheld connects to the backbone array and that transmits/receives on your behalf for a fee).

Still, you'll find occasional phone kiosks in places like airports and train stations. When you land in country X, your phone doesn't necessarily have a local plan or roaming setup, so you need a way to contact the local hotel/taxi/relative.

Plus, I needed some room-based or spaceport-based metaphor for selecting a homeworld :)

PS: This may be a necessary branding sponsorship now!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games