Chargen Continued & Emails

Hey Folks! Starting to make progress again, as chargen work continued in the latter half of the day.

Before that, however, I still had quite a few emails to address. Yesterday's absence from the office meant quite a few things were still awaiting my attention, and it took nearly all morning to get back on top of things. Though fortunately, more than a few of those were still development-related, as they discussed various topics like art, design, and development.

Anyway, once lunch was finished, it was time to dive back into character generation. And I managed to get some momentum again there. Today's screenshot shows part of the spreadsheet I'm using to map out the various stages of chargen. And the columns of note are the title, desc(ription), aInverse (possible choices), and objLootCTUs (stats we get).

First, a rough outline might be in order. The general flow of chargen is going to look something like this:

  1. Choose gender - he/she/they
  2. Choose birthplace/homeworld - aboard vessel, Tharsis Landing, Fort Simpson, Hangzhou Orbital, etc.
  3. Choose homeworld languages - English, Mandarin, Indonesian, etc. (Only if multilingual homeworld.)
  4. Choose genetics - strong, tough, intelligent, charismatic, etc.
  5. Choose social strata - how well-off the character was, growing up.
  6. Choose background skills - based on homeworld and social strata, choose from available starting skills.
  7. Choose career - decide what the character did for some block of years, granting skills, special events, flaws, money, items, etc.
  8. Repeat last step until character is done.

Most of the above are self-explanatory, I think. We're basically building a backstory for a character, and each step along the way defines what that character can do and what they are. Somewhere in there, I'm going to probably keep score as skills and traits are acquired, to maintain some balance. So if a particular step gives a lot of flaws, for example, that character can get extra good stuff to offset it.

I still have to work out the details for most of that, but you can see a good chunk of the homeworld selection in today's screenshot. E.g. starting in a low-g environment comes with a heap of flaws due to health effects of long-term microgravity, while stations and fast-haulers start with fewer flaws due to their sustained gs. Also, nationality and languages are assigned where they make sense, and offered as choices when more than one possible answer exists.

I'm starting to like how it's turning out! Hopefully, it's as fun to use as it seems like it will be.


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Things are coming along nicely...

Are colonies on actual solid earth (I.E. Not an Orbital Station) rare? It certainly appears so.

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Will past dead characters form the background story of new ones? I.e. legendary stays?

Also will the character portrait be [email protected] from @badnorthgame has been tweeting something similar recently.

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@Respawn, I don't think they're especially rare. Could just be the subset that's defined so far.

For example, there are terrestrial colonies on Mercury, Luna, Mars, Deimos, 1036 Ganymed, Ceres, Ganymede, Europa, and Titan. In fact, now that I list them, it might be the opposite. There are only 2 orbital facilities, and 3 aerostats listed. It could just be that the names sound more station-y than they are.

@matsy, it'd be cool to have that continuity. Almost like an homage to Rogue. I'll have to see if I can work that into the system once it's up and running.

The portraits are indeed going to be randomized. And in a manner very much like Oskar describes. One of Emily's next tasks is going to be mockups of the art style for those portraits.

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