The tale of the rifle

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The tale of the rifle

A man was walking around when he found an old storage shed in the woods, being naked, he happily looted it to find a rifle strap and a scope, along with tons of provisions and clothing. Further searching yielded twenty bullets for a rifle.

"Oh boy!" He shouted. "Now my marksmanship training can come in handy! Just gotta find a gun!" So the man built a home in a destroyed building, stashing tons of items, weapon straps and scopes and bullets in there.

Finally, he was walking through a town and he spotted a bandit with a rifle! The bandit had not seen him, so he snuck up to him with his trusty monkey wrench and mercilessly beat him upside the head with it until he was on the ground bleeding from his mouth and unconscious.

He was about to land the final blow and collect his prize, he had not been hit once! When he felt tired suddenly, so he lay down and fell asleep.

He never woke up.



I forgot the e in my name cause I am stupid!

Reminds me of this one time when i had found a looter with only his fists and i had a meat cleaver the second move i made suddenly " I MUST SLEEP NOW BYE ZZZZ" i died from thirst during my sleep that's what i get for not checking my stat's more often.

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -