Quality of Life Inventory Management Issues

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Quality of Life Inventory Management Issues

I just read this post:


This inspired me to create a thread to ask for the following:

1) The ability to consolidate lighters by simply dropping a lighter on top of a another lighter, so I don't have 80 lighters, each with 5 fuel, and don't need to transfer the fuel manually.

2) Exact same capability for pill bottles, for the same reason.

3) The boiling water thing as in the thread posted above.

4) Do the same thing with tea, for the same reason.

Pretty simple. I don't mind shuffling stuff around, but there is a point beyond which it simply becomes pointlessly tedious.


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As for having to remove water from bottles: Just click the recipe for purified water/tea/anything else requiring water. That will automatically remove as many water droplets as neccessary from any containers containing unpurified water (choosing the ground last). It will even automatically put any resulting liquids back in if you then pick up a non-liquid item from the crafting result area.

Perhaps the game could explain better how recipes work; a lot of people seem not to be aware that they actually fetch items from containers for you.

Oh, abd do pill bottles actually serve a purpose? The way I see it they're two-slot containers that take up two slots themselves, making them pointless if you already have a larger container. Or do pills have a larger stack size in these things?

It would be good if pill bottles were more useful, but as it is they are simply used for visual aids in finding the right pills. Otherwise, it's always going to be easier to stack and fit in two 1x1 boxes than one 2x1. Likewise with the first aid box. It serves little purpose for the player. It only takes longer to access items with it as you have to shuffle more containers and it will add weight. If you want pills you could potentially have to:

*lift out the first aid box from the backpack
*drop it into a spare hand
*lift out the pill bottle
*drop it into another spare hand or ground
[*if the ground in the previous then put back first aid box into backpack and then put pill bottle in hand]
*consume pill
*now go back through the previous shuffling steps to get the containers back inside each other and in place

That's a heck of a lot of moves to eat a single pill when all you'd need to do if it was in your backpack as a loose item is click once with "consume" highlighted and the job is done in five seconds. No disadvantage to the fast method of carrying items in backpack alone either, it takes the same amount of space, is easier to slide around and fit around items and you're only going to be lighter in load and faster with the inventory.

These downsides could be solved by giving a stacking bonus (bandages and pills stacking in double amounts, perhaps) or a small inventory space increase/tardis effect (such as the first aid box having an extra column or row) to represent the improved item organisation and packing making better use of the space available.

*lift out the pill bottle
*drop it into another spare hand or ground

You know, you can click "consume" on the bottle with same effect as clicking the pill itself? But it still feel awkward. I agree, containers should give a small room bonus - with First Aid, I propose to keep space inside as it is but cut the size of it by one row (3x4). With small items like the pills, stacking twice as much is ok, but for sake of realism it could work different - if they are not stored in container like bottle but in backpack/pocket there is for example 5% chance each turn to loose some.

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It is made doubly worse when you are micromanaging the pills into one. Actually, pills don't trouble me as much though: not compared to consolidating lighter fluid since at least lighter fluid has to have the lighter in hand just to combine the fluid.

This topic is NOT about consuming the pills, as for that matter you can even "consume" the first aid kit to swallow one of each pills, however deeply stacked inside.

This is only about sorting several pill bottles with 1 pill each into 1 bottle containing all the pills.

Yeah, you are right mate. Sorry for off-topic.

There could be a new command cursor added (like consume) (called "Switch" or something like that), that would allow to pick one container and click on another to move as much of old one's contents as possible into the new one. That should work not only for pills but all containers as well (moving contents of a old, almost broken, backpack into new one, for example could be much less burdensome this way).

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I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Being able to move all stuff from one backpack to another with one click (well, two clicks) would be awesome.

+1 to the backpack idea, mate!