Weird Day

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I actually felt pretty refreshed at the end of mine. Spent pretty much the whole 3 days with my family, and decidedly not thinking about work. And it was a nice break. Which is probably a good thing, since today seems to have drained almost all of that energy :)

Today was pretty much wall-to-wall administrivia. However, some parts were more enjoyable than others.

One of the better parts was getting engaged with the NEO Scavenger Discord members off-and-on throughout the day. If you're into NEO Scavenger lore, there was a metric boatload of it dumped in the spoilers channel. It felt good to be interacting with fans, and seeing them enjoy exploring the world and it's implications, beyond what we see in-game.

Another cooler thing I did today was setup a live stream with IndieMegaBooth and (Today's screenshot.) is a live-streaming service for games that's spinning-up, and there are some cool artists showing up there. I'll be sitting-in for a let's play and Q&A with fr0toe on November 28th at 3pm Pacific Time. (Also, there may be a few Steam keys for NEO Scavenger given away, so I hear ;)

Let's see. I did some accounting stuff. Pinged Tiago about re-shuffling the next mobile patch contents, to see if we can get it out the door sooner. (In exchange for a later investigation into modding support.)

Oh! I added a widget to my site, so now if you purchase NEO Scavenger on via the link at my site, I get a bigger cut! Basically, an affiliate link, if you're familiar. It also shows real-time pricing info, like the Steam widget does, so folks coming to my site will always see the best deals. (I think. I'm pretty sure no other sites sell NEO Scavenger nowadays. They've all gone out of business.)

And I started applying for group health insurance! That feels weird. I mean, I'm a company of one employee, but I guess there are some group plans I'm eligible to try since I'm paying myself via W-2 forms (as opposed to a 1099 or sole proprietor, I guess). I hear that the rates might be better? I sure hope so. Health care is probably my #2 expense after mortgage, and that's for a bottom-tier plan that we hardly use!

Anything else? I think that was it. Just some emails. And me left with 45 minutes at the end of the day, unsure what to actually do. I think I was feeling a bit defeated about the space prototype again, but it could just be admin-drain. We'll see tomorrow. It's still a giant boulder to push up the hill, and I'm not sure the game is going to be fun yet. I'm still hoping it will be, and I'm enjoying making it, but I haven't enjoyed playing it yet. So that's got me a bit worried, and wondering if I should maybe spin-up a couple other prototypes to see if they have wings before continuing.

But let's see how tomorrow goes. Again, I think this could be low-energy dragging me down. Food, sleep, and back at 'er!


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I'll be looking forward to that stream!

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Could you please post a link to a video of Q&A after it's done if it's available? I won't be able to watch it live but would still like to see it.

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I'm going to try. I read that the IMB streams don't generate videos-on-demand (vods) automatically, so if I wanted one, I'd have to do it myself.

I've never really made a vod of a stream before, but I have some vidcap software. So we'll see!

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