Getting There...

Hey Folks! We're finally starting to get somewhere with the navigation console. (Pun intended.)

Today was still a lot of behind-the-scenes type work. Fixing bugs in the code, improving functions, exposing data in one class that I need to reference from another. All with the aim towards letting the player direct an AI to the nav console, open it, plot a course, engage, and then continue on around the ship doing stuff.

I'm happy to say that as of this afternoon, pretty much all of that works! In the screenshot above, I've selected Akiko, directed her to walk to the nav console and open, it, and as you can see from the debug status info at the bottom, she's accessed it and is currently awaiting further instruction.

Here's where I would plot the course using the UI controls and some hotkeys, hit "Engage," and then close the UI, which releases Akiko to proceed living life aboard the ship.

So far, hitting "Engage" works, but it's really hard to tell since the ship barely moves on that map at realtime. I also need to test whether it resumes correctly when the UI opens again, and make sure the time on the UI matches time in the game.

And, of course, a heck of a lot of other stuff, too. But as of finishing that UI stuff, Akiko is technically underway towards the Sun! (Sorry, Akiko. It's for science.)

Some of the other things which might make sense to tackle next include:

  • The concept of being docked (locked to orbital object) vs not (under gravity/thrust effects).
  • Some more in-flight info in the UI, such as current thrust, ETD.
  • Reactors, fuel, thrust, and some other support systems to make this an actual ship and not a magic elevator.

Still not quite a game loop yet. But it's exciting to have two different prototypes now attached to each other in a meaningful way!

That's all for this week. Have a good weekend, all!

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Rovlad's picture

I think it'd be best if the game was more or less like RimWorld where your crew members do whatever they want but you can override their behavior by prioritizing tasks. You probably also shouldn't exist on board (as in, there is no character representing you personally), but realistically there should be a commanding officer of sort on any space vehicle unless the lot is outlaws or something. Or maybe for story reasons. Huh.
Also please give us something to listen to, you've been teasing it for quite some time already. :D

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Seems like you got the intro sequence to navigation part down!

Free Elusive Skill = Athletic x4 in ATN Enclave encounter

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@Rovlad, I think RimWorld-style crew management is probably where I'll start, and course-correct if playtesting suggests alternatives.

There's still a compelling case for the player being one character, since they have to trust whom they hire, and manage them like a real leader would. But it also leaves some gaps in the entertainment, such as when that character sleeps or is not near other AIs having dramatic moments.

That, and just about every story that inspires this game uses third person limited that shifts from character to character each scene/chapter. So it seems like it fits the bill better.

As for music, it'll come soon. My intention was to do a new YouTube video demonstration of this nav process Friday, but I didn't think it was quite ready. During that, I'll feature a new track.

@Marc, pretty much! I'm hoping the bare bones will all be working in a day or so, and I can show it off a bit more completely!

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