Stuck in DMC unable to click anything V.1.13

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Stuck in DMC unable to click anything V.1.13

I seem to be stuck in DMC and i cant click on anything. I have tried reinstalling the game but that changed nothing somebody help!

this is the screen cap of what the game looks like...

Do you recall what was happening before you got stuck in the DMC? Were you in the DMC using it normally, or did it just load the DMC map suddenly?

Also, do you have a save file you can upload and share?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I entered the DMC after buying the watch from the market completely normally and have not been able to get the DMC map to load correctly ever since I bought the game. I will work toward getting there again and upload a save file after I do.

Definitely let me know if you have a save game where this happens, as I should be able to debug the issue with it. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

This has just happened to me on v1.21 Mobile b4400 for ios so i don't think this is a singular issue

I was able once to press the sleep button a couple times and i was able to move one tile out of the dmc and then went back in, thinking it would fix itself and now im completely stuck in there

EDIT: also i dont know how to copy a savegame file on my ipad

Update: it seems DMC is completely broken on ios as i just did a new run to get the two legendary traits and try to see if it was just once that dmc wouldnt work but it doesnt work at all, i got them then tried to enter dmc again and got stuck, while i was there i seemed to be able to kill the merga wraith while in there even though i didnt think anything was able to spawn inside the walls

@Owenito115, I apologize for the DMC issues.

Just to clarify, what is the issue exactly? Are the DMC location buttons completely missing? Or are they there and do nothing when you tap them?

I was able to complete the DMC story plots when I tested on my iPad 3, but I suspect the different screen size might be at issue here. What device are you using?

And regarding save files, there isn't an easy way to access those on iOS/Android, unfortunately. Though, if it's a screen size rendering error, the save might not be the problem.

Let me know some of the details above, and we can go from there. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It is a ipad mini so that may be the problem but basically, when i enter DMC the screen where the map of detroit should be is just grey, nothing at all and the only way to get out of it is to place a sleeping bag on the floor, press sleep a couple times and you are able to move a hex, another problem is the only place you can move to, is the gate so you just go right back to the detroit grey screen

Also i would show a screenshot but cant seem to show them on this forum

Interesting. That sounds distinct from Ebilkittie's bug (which was missing just the buttons), and is almost certainly a display issue. I'm thinking the map might be off-screen somewhere.

Which iPad mini do you have?

Re: screenshots, there isn't any image hosting here, so if you want to share a screenshot, you'll have to use an image-hosting site like and link to it here using BBCode image tags.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I have an ipad mini 3

Also a small bug i didnt think deserved its own page:

Ok, I think I'm now able to reproduce this on the iOS simulator. Thanks for the info, and I'll start looking into it!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

The DMC is still bugged on the steam version 1.15
The map for the DMC appears but there is nothing to click on. When the cursor is over the map a bar appears on the side saying "To Sprawl" but neither that or anything else on the map is interactive.
It just ends my game as there is nothing to do and no way to leave the DMC.
this has happened on 3 consecutive games now.