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Has anything been done to the recipe for the foil poncho other than bumping it to 90 foil scraps? I've tried it with and without the Tailor skill, a sharp object/knife, basic needles and the sewing kit, large and small string, etc. I've even made sure all my components are 100%. Anyone else tried this? Haven't found the recipe on a paper in-game yet either, I'm wondering if mine is somehow missing.

I believe it's done with duct tape now.

I prepared Explosive Runes this morning!

It seems I only mentioned the changes in the update post but not in the main page. The recipe now is 90x Scraps of Foil and 10x Duct Tape.

I'll edit the main page with this info.

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Ahh, that'll do it. Thanks. :)

So, I drank 2 shots of whiskey and 1 full dog beer and now im an alcoholic wat even

Which version of the mod are you using? That bug used to be present in an old build of the mod. Also, are you using other mods?

Edit: I just tried it and everything is working fine.

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Fast question. Is it working with 1.15 version of Neo?

Yup! Version 1.15 was just a bugfix so I didn't have to do anything. The mods works with that.

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Thanks! Keep up the grate work Chiko!

How do you turn a rawhide sheet into a leather sheet? When I tried doing so it turned into a Leather Sheet (tanning) and I placed it on the tanning rack until that broke. Is there a certain amount of time it takes until the leather finishes tanning? also is there a way to make a rawhide sheet yourself, say from a dogman or deer pelt?

Yeah, you have to wait until that Leather Sheet (tanning) degrades completely and turns into Leather Sheet without the tanning condition. It will be useable once it does. It takes almost 3 days, which is little compared to about a week for most real life tanning. :P

Also, yes. You can turn a Dogman Pelt, Deer Pelt or a Patchwork Coat into a Rawhide Sheet with a simpler recipe than the one to make leather. You need a Tanning Rack, a Sharp Edge, 4x Water and a Large Pelt or Patchwork Coat. Rawhide needs a lot less time to be useable, like almost a day, if I remember correctly.

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One other quick question. Is this supposed to happen when hacking?
Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/g56727
I can't hack at all. when I try to use the program in the laptop it never pulls in any of the available phones/tablets.

Sorry about the delay. The screenshot doesn't show me much. It's just a shot of a memory stick with a thermometer app for an iSlab.

I just tried to hack and it works with no issues. Was the phone/tablet on when you tried? In addition to that, Both the Laptop and the device you want to hack need to have a lot of charges, otherwise it will consume the charges but the hacking will be unsuccessful due to lack of power.

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I may or may not be an idiot who can't read. Does this program run on a tablet or does it unlock a tablet? Because if it runs on a tablet then that might be my issue...

Well, software is color-coded. Orange is laptop software, green is smartphone software, purple is islab software and brown is media. The hacking software you need to unlock an islab should be an orange icon with a padlock in it and called iSI-AK iSlab cracking software.

All cracking software is exclusively for Laptops so if you see the padlock icon in a color that is not orange, then that's another software, like the one you have selected in that screenshot, which is the RF1:RFID spoofer sofware for a smartphone, which can be modded to work on an iSlab by hitting the confirm button there.

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How do you make Bark Solution? I found out how to make the tanning rack finally, but I can't use it.

10x tannin sources (twigs)
2x water
1x waterproof container
1x medium heat source
You can also use lighter fluid which is:
1x large drop of lighter fluid (40 small ones)
as a substitute for the tannin solution.

Chiko what other plans do you for the mod?

Those dogmen are a pain in the ass but hot damn if they aren't adorable

Lots. I have a text file with all the possible features I want to add. Also, if you check some pages back, you'll see I was working on a new enemy and new combat move behaviors for flying enemies but I stopped coz I ran out of willpower since it's a lot of work. :P

I'm currently modding other games now but I will come back to mod this game, eventually.

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Your dufflebag repair recipe might need a bit of correcting. I'm pretty sure that pistol mag shouldn't be there.

Woah. Imma add a bugfix for that into the next update. Thanks for reporting that one!

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Is there a way to repair damaged power outlets? Also what is the use of honeycombs? Also thanks for the clarification on hacking.
Where is the code for hacking located anyways; which file? I might try making a hacking mod.

Yeah, though I don't remember the recipe but it needs a soldering iron, solder, electronic scrap, mechanical parts, a laptop battery and some other stuff. I'll search for the files for the actual recipe when I get home from work.

Honey can be consumed, used as a weak antiseptic on wounds or distilled into alcohol if you have the skill, the tools and materials to do so.

The code for hacking is in a lot of things. Hacking works as an encounter so you'll find part of it in the encounter tables. The rest of it needed to work is in the itemtypes tables and treasuretable strings. You'll find the coding for that scattered in the neogame.xml of the mod and in the separated xml files in the data folder of the override files, which are the vanilla codes I had to change to make it work. It's kinda complicated stuff. :P

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Good guess work and a quick check of the recipe reveals this.

By any chance.... Will this mod be coming to the Android port of Neo Scavenger? I highly doubt it but nothing's impossible!

Free Elusive Skill = Athletic x4 in ATN Enclave encounter

I have no idea if there's a way to port mods. If it's possible then sure, I could try.

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I have made a simple addition to your mod in an effort to learn modding. I added a metal sled, however, while the crafting recipe works in so far as the result showing up in the output, I keep getting "Not enough room for output in ground/camp". This includes crafting it from a vehicle in a totally empty hex. Has this ever happened to you and what did you do about it?

Yeah, I had a similar issue when I modded the Bicycle. There seems to be a size restriction for items, even if they fit in the space. Another thing that can alsotrigger that is the nFormatID of the object. If you copied the Sled off the vanilla plastic one, then its aContentIDs are wrong and need to be corrected. compare an override vanilla vehicle with a mod vehicle to see the difference in their aContentIDs.

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yeah it was the nFormatID, forgot the 0:

I would like to make a mod that expands on this one. Is that alright with you?

Sure no problem, lad.

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by the way, is it possible to get rid of alcoholic and smoker by detoxing?

Nope, it's one of the things in the to-do list, along with more prosthetic and augmentations available in the DMC clinic.

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awesome, I always wanted more augs.

Awesome to see that it's still in development. Keep up the good work!

I understand you need to keep the Modification perfectly, That it's necessary to keep hardcore (Especially crafting of recipes) but this is a mod, not a game and to verify, to see all things simply does not work ... why not do it Crafting recipes from images? So in fact it was much, it would be easier to look at all the things that you need to create or improve (Like Raw Dogman Fur to not Raw)

I didn't quite get what you are asking. You mean making an image for every single object this mods adds or change the recipes posted in the thread for images instead?

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Since you are working on expanding the Clinic, How about adding a "Addict" flaw that requires the player to use pain killers in the same way that the Smoker and Alcoholic flaws work right now.

Maybe. I've got suggestions for another addict flaw like this but for morphine or corn-a-cola. I'll add it to the list.

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Free Elusive Skill = Athletic x4 in ATN Enclave encounter

I'll take a look but I have no idea if it's possible. I'm guessing I have to buy it to get it in my phone and see. :P

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Heyyy! Nothing is impossible!

Free Elusive Skill = Athletic x4 in ATN Enclave encounter

Suggestion, Spear Holder, Goes on shoulder and can hold 4 spears

I tried doing a spear holder but it's just too clumsy. It uses up like too much space in the inventory screen. It's why I allowed spears to be carried on the other shoulder too.

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Chiko when did you remove the dogman hat? That used to be my favorite bit of kit D:

EDIT: Oh nevermind. I feel silly. I was trying to craft it the old way of just using a bit of glass on the dogman coat. woops

Lol yeah. I would never remove the dogman headdress. It's the most awesome looking piece of clothing I've done for this game so far. xD

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That's why I was initially so distressed. As soon as I can make a patchwork coat I make my first one into a headdress immediately. It's just so cool looking. Also I don't know if it's a bug or not, but the electrician skill doesn't seem to allow me to repair damaged outlets for some reason.

Are you using the main page recipe? It might be outdated. If you are using an ingame recipe and it's not working then it's a bug. I'll check it out tomorrow morning and see if I can find something.

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I can't find it on the main page or in my crafting menu. I can't remember how to repair outlets in apartments in fact. >.<

Alright, I got home earlier so lets see:

-Electrician Skill
-Soldering Iron
-1x Broken Power Outlet
-1x Laptop Battery
-4x Solder
-4x Mechanical Parts
-8x Electronic Scrap

That should be the recipe, if I read the numbers correctly.

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