About to buy the game, some questions about the demo & edition differences

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About to buy the game, some questions about the demo & edition differences

Whats the difference between buying from the BB website and Desura? And are there feature differences between the full game and the demo? or does it cut you off at a certain point? If thats the case then I guess its obvious that I havent spent too much time before deciding to purchase. Its pretty much love-at-first-sight for me here :) And I can really appreciate the way Dan really listens to feedback and provides quick support and updates. Keep it up!

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With the full version you can explore the entire map and get to the glow plus there are some beta only updates that only go to the beta version they could be from new items to bug fixes plus buying it means you support Dan the more he gets the more he can add to the game so far the story is not complete yet but he plans on making it longer i don't wanna spoil anything though anyway i find it worth it i got the 25$ edition of the game and i love it there are some bugs but Dan fixed most of them but of course every time you fix something you brake something else so be sure to report bugs you find to Dan!

and the difference between buying it from BB or Desura well i can't help you there i don't really know the difference's.

Anyway if you do buy it hope you have fun and remember getting killed is all part of the experience. i can give you some tips on what builds kept me alive for 25 days if you want.

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -

Hey LpPoru,

Hunter1204 pretty much answered your main questions. The beta offers savegames, more encounters/plot, complete map access (including DMC junk store), and 1 or more feature votes.

As for Desura vs. BB website, both accounts will grant access to each other. Whichever one you choose, you can hook up access to the other one. However, this website is the only place to get the Yukon edition or extra feature votes.

Buying directly from this website also gives me a bigger percentage of the sales price.

In the end, though, it's more a matter of preference.

Thanks for the kind words, and glad to hear you're enjoying NEO Scavenger so far!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games